United States Court of Federal Claims, Case No. 1:08-cv-00541-TCW
District Judge Thomas C. Wheeler, presiding
docket://gov.uscourts.cofc.1-08-cv-00541 (What is this?)

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No Logo Delhur Industries, Inc., Plaintiff

Toggle Switch Represented by Sussman Shank, LLP

Name Phone Fax E-Mail
Jason W. Alexander +1 503 227 1111 +1 503 248 0130
United States of America, Defendant

Represented by United States Department of Justice

Office COFC
Filed 7/25/2008
Jury Demand None
Demand $1981000
Nature of Suit 100 -
Cause Section 28 U.S.C. § 1491 Tucker Act
Jurisdiction U.S. Government Defendant
County None
Origin 1
Reopened None
Lead Case None
Related Case
Other Court Case None
Def Custody Status
Flag ECF
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PDF 6 Filed: 9/17/2008, Entered: 9/17/2008
Consent MOTION for Extension of Time until 11/7/2008 to File Answer re [1] Complaint,, filed by USA.Response due by 10/6/2008.(Dempsey, Jane)
PDF 5 Filed: 8/7/2008, Entered: 8/7/2008
NOTICE of Appearance by Jane C. Dempsey for USA. (Dempsey, Jane)
PDF 4 Filed: 7/25/2008, Entered: 7/28/2008 Notice of Designation of Electronic Case
NOTICE of Designation of Electronic Case. (dw1)
PDF 3 Filed: 7/25/2008, Entered: 7/28/2008 Notice of AssignmentCourt Filing
NOTICE of Assignment to Judge Thomas C. Wheeler. (dw1)
Blank 2 Filed: 7/25/2008, Entered: 7/28/2008 Disclosure Statement - Rule 7.1
Rule 7.1 Disclosure Statement filed by DELHUR INDUSTRIES, INC.. Service: 7/25/08.(dw1)
PDF 1 Filed: 7/25/2008, Entered: 7/28/2008 Complaint
COMPLAINT against USA (TRN) (Filing fee $250, Receipt number 068407) (Five copies to Department of Justice) filed by DELHUR INDUSTRIES, INC.. Answer due by 9/23/2008. (Attachments: # (1) Civil Cover Sheet)(dw1)


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