Salamacha v. UCHC-CMHC, GU
Connecticut District Court, Case No. 3:02-cv-01900-WWE
District Judge Warren W. Eginton, presiding
docket://gov.uscourts.ctd.3-02-cv-01900 (What is this?)

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No Logo Jane M. Salamacha, Plaintiff
No Logo UCHC-CMHC, GU, Defendant

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Name Phone Fax E-Mail
Jane D. Comerford +1 860 808 5210 +1 860 808 5385
Office New Haven
Filed 10/25/2002
Jury Demand Plaintiff
Demand $0
Nature of Suit 442 - Civil Rights: Jobs
Cause No cause code entered
Jurisdiction Federal Question
Disposition Judgment - Motion Before Trial
County Fairfield
Terminated 5/11/2004
Origin 1
Reopened None
Lead Case None
Related Case
Other Court Case None
Def Custody Status
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PDF 11 Filed: 5/11/2004, Entered: 5/13/2004 JudgmentCourt Filing
JUDGMENT in favor of defendant against plaintiff. Signed by Judge Clerk on 5/11/04. (Cody, C.)
PDF 10 Filed: 5/7/2004, Entered: 5/11/2004 Order on Motion to Dismiss/Lack of JurisdictionCourt Filing
ORDER granting [7] Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction . Signed by Judge Warren W. Eginton on 5/7/04. (Cody, C.)
PDF 9 Filed: 3/15/2004, Entered: 3/16/2004 OrderCourt Filing
ORDER of Notice to Pro Se Litigant, Set/Reset Deadlines as to Dismissal due by 4/15/2004. Signed by Judge Warren W. Eginton on 3/11/04. (Depino, F.)
Blank -- Filed: 3/15/2004, Entered: 3/16/2004 Set Motion and Rcmd Ruling Deadlines/Hearings
Set/Reset Deadlines as to [7] MOTION to Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction. Responses due by 4/12/2004 (Depino, F.)
PDF 8 Filed: 2/5/2004, Entered: 2/5/2004 Memorandum in Support of Motion
Memorandum in Support re [7] MOTION to Dismiss for Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction and Lack of Personal Jurisdiction filed by UCHC-CMHC, GU. (Simpson, T.)
PDF 7 Filed: 2/5/2004, Entered: 2/5/2004, Terminated: 5/7/2004 Motion to Dismiss/Lack of Jurisdiction
MOTION to Dismiss Complaint for Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction and Lack of Personal Jurisdiction by UCHC-CMHC, GU.Responses due by 2/26/2004 (Simpson, T.)
PDF 6 Filed: 2/5/2004, Entered: 2/5/2004 Notice of Appearance
NOTICE of Appearance by Jane D. Comerford on behalf of UCHC-CMHC, GU (Simpson, T.)
PDF 5 Filed: 1/13/2004, Entered: 1/16/2004 Notice
NOTICE re: L.R.41(a), response due 2/2/04 . Signed by Clerk on 1/13/04. (Cody, C.)
Blank 4 Filed: 9/24/2003, Entered: 9/24/2003 Summons Returned Executed
MARSHAL'S return of service on summons & complaint executed as to UCHC-CMHC, GU on 7/11/03 (Fazekas, J.)
Blank -- Filed: 6/27/2003, Entered: 6/27/2003 Summons Issued
NOTICE of Lawsuit and Request for Waiver of Service for Summons issued and handed US Marshal with USM285 forms for service in accordance with [3-1] order (Barrille, J.)
Blank -- Filed: 10/29/2002, Entered: 10/29/2002 Notice (Other)
US Marshal 285 forms and instructions, Notice of Lawsuit, Waiver of Service of Summons returned to plaintiff for completion (Sanders, C.)
Blank 3 Filed: 10/25/2002, Entered: 10/29/2002 Scheduling Order
ORDER on Pretrial Deadlines handed to counsel Discovery cutoff 4/26/03 ; Dispositive Motions due 5/26/03 Amended Pleadings due 12/25/02 Motions to Dismiss due 1/25/03 (Sanders, C.)
Blank 2 Filed: 10/25/2002, Entered: 10/29/2002 Complaint
COMPLAINT (Sanders, C.)
Blank -- Filed: 10/25/2002, Entered: 10/29/2002 ICMS - converted docket entry
Misc. Case # 3:02mc365 transferred to civil docket. Case assigned to Judge Warren W. Eginton (Sanders, C.)
Blank -- Filed: 10/25/2002, Entered: 10/29/2002 Order
ENDORSEMENT granting [1-1] motion to Proceed in Forma Pauperis ( signed by Mag. Judge Holly B. Fitzsimmons ) (Sanders, C.)
Blank 1 Filed: 10/22/2002, Entered: 10/22/2002, Terminated: 10/25/2002 Motion for Leave to Proceed in forma pauperis
MOTION by Jane M. Salamacha to Proceed in Forma Pauperis (Sanders, C.)


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