James Edward Holmes v. San Francisco Police Department Et Al
Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco, Case No. CGC 13 535534
Superior Court Judge Cynthia M. Lee, presiding

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Case Summary (Last Edited by Aaron Greenspan)

A San Francisco man unfortunate enough to share the name of the 2012 Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooter was senselessly beaten by the San Francisco Police Department in California shortly after the shooting took place in Colorado. He is suing the San Francisco Police Department. The case received notoriety after an another man was similarly beaten and then put into solitary confinement by the San Francisco police, and linked to Holmes's docket in his blog.
No Logo Holmes, James Edward, Plaintiff

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No Logo Does 1 To 8, Defendant
No Logo Eithne, Cummins, Defendant
No Logo Eric, Valentini, Defendant
No Logo Espinoza, Joshua, Defendant
No Logo Kiruchi, Ken, Defendant
No Logo Leung Erik, Defendant
No Logo Paramjit, Kaur, Defendant
No Logo Phillip, Frenkel, Defendant
No Logo Ralph, Kuger, Defendant
No Logo San Francisco Police Department, Defendant
Cause of Action Civil Rights
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Blank 3 Filed: 11/18/2013, Entered: 11/18/2013
Application For Waiver Of Court Fees And Costs Pursuant To G.c. 68633, Crc 3.51, 8.26, And 8.818 (confidential) Filed By Plaintiff Holmes, James Edward Order For Waiver Of Court Fees And Costs Granted Pursuant To G.c. 68634 (e), Crc 3.52
PDF 2 Filed: 11/18/2013, Entered: 11/18/2013 Notice To Plaintiff
Notice To Plaintiff
PDF 1 Filed: 11/18/2013, Entered: 11/18/2013 Complaint
Civil Rights, Complaint Filed By Plaintiff Holmes, James Edward As To Defendant San Francisco Police Department Espinoza, Joshua Eithne, Cummins Ralph, Kuger Kiruchi, Ken Leung Erik Phillip, Frenkel Paramjit, Kaur Eric, Valentini Does 1 To 8 Summons Issued, Judicial Council Civil Case Cover Sheet Filed Case Management Conference Scheduled For Apr-23-2014 Proof Of Service Due On Jan-17-2014 Case Management Statement Due On Apr-01-2014


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