Nevada Bankruptcy Court, Case No. 10-25501
District Judge MIKE K. NAKAGAWA, presiding
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PACER 11 Filed: 8/17/2010, Entered: None
Previous Dismissal. Chapter: 13. Case Number: 09-21285. Date Filed: 6/28/09. District: NV. Date of Previous Dismissal: 12/23/09. (anc) (Entered: 08/17/2010)
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PACER 10 Filed: 8/17/2010, Entered: None
Hearing Scheduled/Rescheduled. Confirmation hearing to be held on 11/4/2010 at 01:30 PM at Foley Bldg,Third Floor. (Related document(s) 2 Chapter 13 Plan #1 (BNC) filed by Debtor SHUNA D HOLLOMAN) (scl) (Entered: 08/17/2010)
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PACER 8 Filed: 8/17/2010, Entered: None
Receipt of Filing Fee for Voluntary Petition (Chapter 13)(10-25501) [misc,volp13pb] ( 274.00). Receipt number 9210267, fee amount $ 274.00. (U.S. Treasury) (Entered: 08/17/2010)
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