Judy Congress Smith
New York Southern Bankruptcy Court, Case No. 11-22691
District Judge Robert D. Drain, presiding
docket://gov.uscourts.nysb.11-22691 (What is this?)

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No Logo Judy Congress Smith, Debtor

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Judy Congress Smith
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PACER 4 Filed: 4/12/2011, Entered: None
Request for Deficiency Notice. (Vargas, Ana) (Entered: 04/12/2011)
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PACER 3 Filed: 4/12/2011, Entered: None
Certificate of Credit Counseling, Certificate Number: 12459-NYS-CC-014507548 filed by Judy Congress Smith. (Vargas, Ana) (Entered: 04/12/2011)
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PACER 2 Filed: 4/12/2011, Entered: None
Exhibit D Re: Credit Counseling Requirement for Judy Congress Smith, Stating Full Satisfaction of Requirement Credit Counseling Certificate due: 4/12/2011. (Vargas, Ana) (Entered: 04/12/2011)
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PACER 1 Filed: 4/12/2011, Entered: None
Voluntary Petition (Chapter 11). Order for Relief Entered.Fee Amount $ 1039, Chapter 11 Current Monthly Income Form 22B Due 4/26/2011. Schedule C due 4/26/2011. Schedule E due 4/26/2011. Schedule H due 4/26/2011. Incomplete Filings due by 4/26/2011, Chapter 11 Plan due by 8/10/2011, Disclosure Statement due by 8/10/2011, Initial Case Conference due by 5/12/2011, Filed by Judy Congress Smith . (Vargas, Ana) (Entered: 04/12/2011)
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