Capital One Bank v. George W Wolff Et Al
Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco, Case No. CGC 03 419765
Superior Court Judge Sue M. Kaplan, presiding

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Capital One Bank (USA) NA, Plaintiff

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Hunt, Michael Scott
No Logo Does 1 To 5, Defendant
No Logo Wolff, George W, Defendant
Cause of Action Common Counts/open Book Account/collections
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PDF 7 Filed: 8/7/2003, Entered: 8/7/2003 Order That Hearing Is Off Calendar
Case Management Conference Of Aug-22-2003 Is Off Calendar. Dismissal Filed. Notice Sent By Court.
PDF 6 Filed: 7/21/2003, Entered: 7/21/2003 Dismissal Of Entire Action Without Prejudice
Dismissal Of Entire Action Of All Parties And All Causes Of Action Without Prejudice
Blank 5 Filed: 7/18/2003, Entered: 7/18/2003
Before Hearing, Order To Show Cause Is Ordered Off Calendar By Court. (212)
Blank 4 Filed: 7/10/2003, Entered: 7/10/2003
Case Management Statement Filed By Plaintiff Capital One Bank Estimated Time For Trial: 1.0 Hours
PDF 3 Filed: 7/1/2003, Entered: 7/1/2003 Order To Show Cause Re: Proof Of Service
Added To Proof Of Service Order To Show Cause Calendar Hearing Set For Jul-22-2003 At 09:00 Am In Dept 212
PDF 2 Filed: 4/24/2003, Entered: 4/24/2003 Notice To Plaintiff
Notice To Plaintiff
PDF 1 Filed: 4/24/2003, Entered: 4/24/2003 Complaint
Common Counts/open Book Account/collections, Complaint Filed By Plaintiff Capital One Bank As To Defendant Wolff, George W Does 1 To 5 Summons Issued, Judicial Council Civil Case Cover Sheet Filed Case Management Conference Scheduled For Aug-22-2003 Proof Of Service Due On Jun-23-2003 Case Management Statement Due On Aug-07-2003


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