Maksym Pashanin v. David Tamboury
Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco, Case No. CSM 12 842246
Superior Court Judge Pro Tem, presiding

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No Logo Pashanin, Maksym, Plaintiff
No Logo Tamboury, David, Defendant
Cause of Action Money
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PDF 7 Filed: 2/21/2013, Entered: 2/21/2013 Small Claims Order Of Dismissal Of Entire ActionCourt Filing
The Court Orders Dismissal Of The Entire Action With Prejudice, Per Progress Report Of 12/13/12. No Appearances By Both Parties. No Exhibits Retained. Judge: Donald S. Mitchell. Clerk: P. Natt. Not Reported. (506)
PDF 6 Filed: 12/13/2012, Entered: 12/13/2012 Small Claims - Continue OrderCourt Filing
Small Claims Hearing Of Dec-13-2012 - Continued For Progress Report To Feb-21-2013 At 8:30 Am In Dept. 506. " If No Appearances, Case Dismissed With Prejudice. Case Settled. Parties Agree That Plaintiff's January 2013 Rent Will Be Paid By Security Deposit Held By Defendant. Parties Agree That Plaintiff Will Not Be Responsible For Damages Upon Move-out If Less Than $250; Plaintiff Responsible Only For Damages In Excess Of $250.00", Judge Mileff. Appearances By Both Parties. Plaintiffs Exhibits Not Retained. Defendants Exhibits Not Retained. Judge Pro Tem: Jean Mileff. Clerk: P. Natt. Not Reported. (506)
Blank 5 Filed: 12/13/2012, Entered: 12/13/2012
Declaration Of Change Of Address Filed By Plaintiff Pashanin, Maksym
Blank 4 Filed: 12/13/2012, Entered: 12/13/2012 Court Filing
Stipulation For Hearing Before Pro Tem Judge Jean Mileff. Filed By Pashanin, Maksym Tamboury, David
Blank 3 Filed: 12/5/2012, Entered: 12/5/2012
Answer To Complait Filed By Defendant Tamboury, David
PDF 2 Filed: 11/2/2012, Entered: 11/2/2012 Proof Of Service On Claim
Proof Of Service Filed On Claim Of Plaintiff (service Fee $35.00) Served Oct-31-2012, Substitute Service On Natural Person On Defendant Tamboury, David
PDF 1 Filed: 10/26/2012, Entered: 10/26/2012 Claim Of Plaintiff
Money Claim Of Plaintiff For $10,000.00 Filed By Pashanin, Maksym As To Defendant Tamboury, David Order Setting Trial Issued For Dec-13-2012 At 08:30 Am In Dept 506


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