Judge William Matthewman
Florida Southern District Court

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Type: Magistrate Judge
Status: Active

William Matthewman has presided over the following cases:

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Space Sort Descending Date Filed Case Number Title Space
8/13/2013 9:13-mj-08367 USA v. Poyner

8/13/2013 9:13-mj-08369 USA v. Mateo-Santiago

8/12/2013 9:13-mj-08365 USA v. Ochoa-Agalvez

7/12/2013 9:13-mj-08325 USA v. Alcantara-Mendez

7/11/2013 9:13-mj-08326 USA v. Sealed Search Warrant

7/9/2013 9:13-mj-08328 USA v. Ham et al

7/9/2013 9:13-mj-08327 USA v. Gomez-Rodriguez

5/30/2013 9:13-mj-08276 USA v. Mecses

5/29/2013 9:13-mj-08271 USA v. Sjogreen-Gutierrez et al

5/23/2013 9:13-mj-08267 USA v. Chumachenko

5/22/2013 9:13-mj-08264 USA v. Martinez

4/19/2013 9:13-mj-08212 USA v. Brown

4/19/2013 9:13-mj-08213 USA v. Rodriguez-Torres et al

4/18/2013 9:13-mj-08210 USA v. Pop

4/17/2013 9:13-mj-08209 USA v. Wilson

4/17/2013 9:13-mj-08205 USA v. Cesaire et al

4/17/2013 9:13-mj-08206 USA v. Mcginnis

4/15/2013 9:13-mj-08207 USA v. Brown-Rodriguez

4/10/2013 9:13-mj-08202 USA v. Goldman

4/10/2013 9:13-mj-08201 USA v. Gould

4/10/2013 9:13-mj-08200 USA v. Gurian

4/10/2013 9:13-mj-08199 USA v. Lasso-Barraza

4/9/2013 9:13-mj-08185 USA v. Charles

4/9/2013 9:13-mj-08177 USA v. Davis

4/8/2013 9:13-mj-08178 USA v. Martinez-Gonzalez

3/6/2013 9:13-mj-08139 USA v. Sanchez

3/1/2013 9:13-mj-08114 USA v. Schuina et al

3/1/2013 9:13-mj-08121 USA v. Saintil

3/1/2013 9:13-mj-08120 USA v. Vaughn

2/28/2013 9:13-mj-08118 USA v. Goldberg

2/28/2013 9:13-mj-08113 USA v. Clark

2/28/2013 9:13-mj-08116 USA v. Benoit

2/28/2013 9:13-mj-08115 USA v. Spicer

2/27/2013 9:13-mj-08111 USA v. Pitter

2/27/2013 9:13-mj-08109 USA v. Belle

2/27/2013 9:13-mj-08110 USA v. Sharma

2/26/2013 9:13-mj-08107 USA v. Wise

1/25/2013 9:13-mj-08039 USA v. Johnson

1/25/2013 9:13-mj-08038 USA v. Groover

1/24/2013 9:13-mj-08035 USA v. Nelson

1/22/2013 9:13-mj-08031 USA v. Stone

1/18/2013 9:13-mj-08029 USA v. Sandoval-Ramirez

1/15/2013 9:13-mj-08023 USA v. Rodriguez-Aguilar

1/14/2013 9:13-mj-08024 USA v. Sheppard

12/14/2012 9:12-mj-08486 USA v. McDonald et al

12/13/2012 9:12-mj-08484 USA v. Maldonado-Lara

12/13/2012 9:12-mj-08485 USA v. Torres

12/11/2012 9:12-mj-08482 USA v. Castaneda-Jaimes

12/5/2012 9:12-mj-08477 USA v. Jean-Louis

12/3/2012 9:12-mj-08470 USA v. Lopez-Perez

11/1/2012 9:12-mj-08424 USA v. Hernandez

10/30/2012 9:12-mj-08422 USA v. Sepulveda-Hidalgo

10/30/2012 9:12-mj-08421 USA v. Polanco-Flores

10/22/2012 9:12-mj-08418 USA v. Oakley

9/21/2012 9:12-mj-08379 USA v. Solis-Alonzo

9/19/2012 9:12-mj-08378 USA v. De Passos

9/19/2012 9:12-mj-08375 USA v. Neto

9/19/2012 9:12-mj-08376 USA v. Pereira

9/19/2012 9:12-mj-08377 USA v. Hornung

9/17/2012 9:12-mj-08374 USA v. Morales-Sevilla

9/14/2012 9:12-mj-08370 USA v. Boatley

9/14/2012 9:12-mj-08372 USA v. Guzman

9/13/2012 9:12-mj-08367 USA v. Moss

9/13/2012 9:12-mj-08369 USA v. Bean

9/13/2012 9:12-mj-08369 USA v. Bean

9/12/2012 9:12-mj-08365 USA v. Russell

9/12/2012 9:12-mj-08366 USA v. Cedillo

9/12/2012 9:12-mj-08364 USA v. Hernandez

9/10/2012 9:12-mj-08351 USA v. Fernandez

8/10/2012 9:12-mj-08322 USA v. Rodas-Santos

8/8/2012 9:12-mj-08315 USA v. Murray

8/7/2012 9:12-mj-08313 USA v. Rodriguez

8/7/2012 9:12-mj-08312 USA v. Gomez-Gomez

8/1/2012 9:12-mj-08306 USA v. Gomez-Rodriguez

7/31/2012 9:12-mj-08304 USA v. Chiaramonte

7/31/2012 9:12-mj-08305 USA v. Hoskins et al

7/30/2012 9:12-mj-08299 USA v. Mathurin et al

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