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Intelligent Name Grouping Useful Statistics Tags & Favorites
Intelligent Name Grouping Statistics Tags

PlainSite Pro helps you comb through gigabytes of government data without having to construct obscure search query strings. Whether names are misspelled, from foreign countries, or simply incomprehensible in their original form, PlainSite standardizes entity names so that you find what you're looking for.

Have you ever wondered how long a judge takes to rule on a motion to dismiss on average? Now you can find out, along with minimum and maximum timeframe values for each type of motion, with statistics available only with a PlainSite Pro subscription.

Keep track of the cases, statutes, firms and attorneys that matter to you with flexible tags. And flag the cases you're involved in so that you can come back to them quickly.

Discounted Printing Free Document Requests Intellectual Property Extras
Print Button Document Requests Intellectual Property

Formatting and printing legal briefs can be time-consuming and expensive. With PlainSite Pro, get access to helpful templates, and get guaranteed pricing on legal print services of cost plus 30%. Just mention that you're a PlainSite Pro subscriber.

When you subscribe to PlainSite Pro Se, you can request up to three (3) documents or dockets per month, subject to on-line availability, at no additional charge.

PlainSite Pro subscribers can view intellectual property assignments for patents and trademarks in advanced ways. Take a look at a particular law firm's patent work, or use filters to find all of the active granted patents for a particular company.

Get noticed.

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When PlainSite users search for attorneys, make sure you show up near the top. Featured profiles allow attorneys to list their specialties, a biography, and a photograph next to your contact information.

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When you share your legal insights throughout PlainSite using comments, you'll be highlighted with the PlainSite Pro icon.


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Everything you already love about PlainSite. Only more.

More Data

When you sign in with PlainSite Pro, you'll see additional statistics for companies, judges and cases to help guide you in the right direction.

More Features

We're just getting started. With features involving e-discovery, intellectual property and case citations on the way, your monthly subscription will help put you and PlainSite way ahead of the curve.

Less Money

PlainSite Pro is far cheaper than plans from LexisNexis and Westlaw. (And it provides legal data free for non-lawyers, too.)

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Issues Laws Cases Pro Pro Se Articles Firms Entities
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