United States Department of Justice

Gregory Thomas Jaeger (Attorney)

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Gregory Thomas Jaeger has practiced before the following judges:

Space Last Name First Name Middle Name No. of Cases Space
Miller Christine O.C. 7

Margolis Lawrence S. 6

Firestone Nancy B. 5

Bruggink Eric G. 4

Block Lawrence J. 3

Baskir Lawrence M. 2

Braden Susan G. 2

Lettow Charles F. 2

Merow James F. 2

Smith Loren A. 2

Wiese John P. 2

Allegra Francis M. 1

Bush Lynn J. 1

Coster Mary Ellen 1

Damich Edward J. 1

Futey Bohdan A. 1

Hewitt Emily C. 1

Sweeney Margaret M. 1

Turner James T. 1

Yock Robert J. 1

20 Rows Total
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Issues Laws Cases Pro Articles Firms Entities
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