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12/4/2019 Maryland District Court 1:19-cv-03468-ELH Breza & Associates, LLC v. Tesla Motors, Inc.

12/17/2018 North Carolina Western District Court 3:18-cv-00669 Johns v. Allura USA LLC

12/3/2018 California Southern District Court 3:18-cv-02727 Lovette v. Zale Delaware, Inc.

11/28/2018 Illinois Northern District Court 1:18-cv-07839 Thomas v. Tesla, Inc.

11/26/2018 District Of Columbia District Court 1:18-cv-02820 CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS v. TRUMP

11/15/2018 California Northern District Court 3:18-cv-06926 Bailey v. Rite Aid Corporation

11/8/2018 Missouri Eastern District Court 4:18-cv-01902 Williams Patent Crusher and Pulverizer Company, Inc. v. Clyd...

10/29/2018 Washington Western District Court 2:18-cv-01581 Chen v. Sierra Trading Post, Inc.

8/31/2018 District Of Columbia District Court 1:18-cv-02047 FAHEY v. DEOLEO USA, INC.

8/16/2018 California Southern District Court 3:18-cv-01912 Cordaro v. Ford Motor Company

8/13/2018 Massachusetts District Court 1:18-cv-30133 Three R LLC v. Cynosure, Inc

8/10/2018 California Central District Court 2:18-cv-06883 Christopher E. Peck v. Ford Motor Company

6/26/2018 Ohio Northern District Court 1:18-cv-01450-DCN Tanruther v. Tesla, Inc.

6/18/2018 Massachusetts District Court 1:18-cv-11269 WBM Medical Associates, LLC v. Cynosure, Inc.

6/15/2018 California Central District Court 2:18-cv-05342 Raul Alarcon v. Ford Motor Company

5/24/2018 Texas Western District Court 1:18-cv-00438 Klebba v. Netgear, Inc.

5/24/2018 California Eastern District Court 2:18-cv-01479 Davis v. Ford Motor Company

5/17/2018 California Eastern District Court 1:18-cv-00680 Cavale v. Ford Motor Company

4/20/2018 Oregon District Court 3:18-cv-00691 Zog, Inc. v. Intel Corporation

4/12/2018 California Central District Court 2:18-cv-03097 Cindy Baker v. Nestle S.A.

4/6/2018 Oregon District Court 3:18-cv-00591 Reis v. Intel Corporation

3/16/2018 New York Southern District Court 1:18-cv-02345 Schirripa v. Big Heart Pet Brands, Inc.

3/9/2018 California Northern District Court 3:18-cv-01510 Hayden v. Ford Motor Company

3/8/2018 California Southern District Court 3:18-cr-00509-DMS United States v. Avila

3/8/2018 California Northern District Court 3:18-cv-01491 Joe v. Ford Motor Company

3/7/2018 California Northern District Court 7:18-cv-01471 Silva v. Ford Motor Company

3/6/2018 California Northern District Court 5:18-cv-01461 Fooshee v. Intel Corporation

3/5/2018 California Northern District Court 3:18-cv-01418 Jweainat v. Ford Motor Company

2/26/2018 California Central District Court 2:18-cv-01546 Israel Hernandez v. Ford Motor Company

2/23/2018 California Northern District Court 5:18-cv-01216 Artesia General Hospital v. Intel Corporation

2/22/2018 California Central District Court 2:18-cv-01465 David Ortiz v. Ford Motor Company

2/21/2018 California Northern District Court 3:18-cv-01129 Robinson v. Ford Motor Company

2/16/2018 California Northern District Court 5:18-cv-01026 Johnson v. Ford Motor Company

2/14/2018 Michigan Eastern District Court 4:18-cv-10507 Jenkins v. General Motors Company

2/5/2018 California Northern District Court 5:18-cv-00768 Kolodziej v. Samsung Electronics America, Inc.

2/5/2018 California Northern District Court 5:18-cv-00760 Ford v. Apple Inc.

1/31/2018 Oregon District Court 3:18-cv-00211 Kintz v. Intel Corporation

1/29/2018 California Northern District Court 5:18-cv-00633 Young v. Intel Corporation, a Delaware corporation

1/18/2018 California Northern District Court 3:18-cv-00405 Martin v. Ford Motor Company

1/18/2018 West Virginia Southern District Court 5:18-cv-00064 Arch Coal, Inc. v. Peters Equipment Company, LLC

1/17/2018 California Northern District Court 5:18-cv-00352 Pascarella v. Intel Corporation

1/12/2018 California Northern District Court 3:18-cv-00298 Zog, Inc. v. Intel Corporation

1/9/2018 California Northern District Court 5:18-cv-00187 Bahcevan v. Intel Corporation

1/8/2018 California Northern District Court 5:18-cv-00148 Grillo v. Apple Inc., a California Corporation

1/5/2018 California Northern District Court 5:18-cv-00105 Carl Jones-v-Intel Corp

1/5/2018 California Northern District Court 5:18-cv-00111 Rinn v. Intel Corporation

1/4/2018 California Northern District Court 3:18-cv-00074 Reis v. Intel Corporation

1/3/2018 California Northern District Court 5:18-cv-00046 Garcia v. Intel Corporation

12/19/2017 California Central District Court 8:17-cv-02208 Wallace Coats v. Hyundai Motor Company, Ltd.

12/6/2017 California Central District Court 2:17-cv-08793 Richard Conn v. LG Electronics, U.S.A., Inc.

11/30/2017 Pennsylvania Western District Court 2:17-cv-01554 NEW CASTLE SCHOOL DISTRICT v. FIELDTURF USA, INC.

11/22/2017 Illinois Northern District Court 1:17-cv-08513 Rivo USA Co., Ltd. v. Arro Corporation

11/20/2017 Hawaii District Court 1:17-cv-00566 Gentry Homes, Ltd. v. Simpson Strong-Tie Co., Inc.

11/6/2017 Mississippi Southern District Court 2:17-cv-00179 Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd. v. Howard Industries, Inc.

10/26/2017 Pennsylvania Eastern District Court 2:17-cv-04812 AETNA, INC. v. INSYS THERAPEUTICS, INC.

10/19/2017 Florida Southern District Court 0:17-cv-62051 Ohio State Troopers Association, Inc. v. Point Blank Enterpr...

10/16/2017 California Northern District Court 3:17-cv-05925 Estrada v. Ford Motor Company

10/12/2017 California Northern District Court 3:17-cv-05864 Jenkins v. General Motors Company

9/27/2017 Massachusetts District Court 1:17-cv-11850 Plastic Surgery Associates, S.C. v. Cynosure, Inc.

9/26/2017 New York Northern District Court 1:17-cv-01075 Chizniak v. Certainteed Corporation

9/19/2017 California Northern District Court 3:17-cv-05436 Bodley et al v. KitchenAid, Inc.

9/13/2017 California Southern District Court 3:17-cv-01865 Safransky v. Fossil Group, Inc.

9/8/2017 California Eastern District Court 2:17-cv-01874 Swank v. Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

9/1/2017 District Of Columbia District Court 1:17-cv-01787 CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS et al v. TRUMP

8/30/2017 New York Eastern District Court 2:17-cv-05115 Jastrzebski v. Tesla Motors

8/8/2017 California Central District Court 8:17-cv-01365 Christopher Stanczak et al v. Kia Motors America, Inc.

8/3/2017 Massachusetts District Court 1:17-cv-11435 Vita 4 Life, Inc. v. Cynosure, Inc.

6/27/2017 California Central District Court 2:17-cv-04735 Anthony Oliver v. Scram of California, Inc.

6/5/2017 New Jersey District Court 3:17-cv-03997 HALL v. WELCH FOODS, INC., A COOPERATIVE

5/12/2017 California Southern District Court 3:17-cv-00989 Gaines v. Cadillac Automobile Company et al

4/24/2017 Florida Southern District Court 0:17-cv-60794 Ramsaran v. Tabatchnick Fine Foods Inc.

4/17/2017 New York Eastern District Court 1:17-cv-02290 Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company v. BRG Sports, Inc.

4/14/2017 California Northern District Court 5:17-cv-02096 Williams v. Netgear, Inc.

4/13/2017 Virginia Eastern District Court 1:17-cv-02804 Bible et al v. Lumber Liquidators, Inc. et al

4/3/2017 New York Southern District Court 1:17-cv-02370 Blair et al v. Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc.

3/31/2017 Washington Western District Court 3:17-cv-05239 Carroll v. Central Intelligence Agency Office of Public Affa...

3/31/2017 California Northern District Court 3:17-cv-01834 Carlos Reyna v. Arris International plc

3/16/2017 Ohio Northern District Court 1:17-cv-00550 Bryan v. Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

3/7/2017 Illinois Northern District Court 1:17-cv-01790 Simons Trucking Inc et al v. Navistar Inc

2/28/2017 Illinois Northern District Court 1:17-cv-01530 Cowen v. Lenny & Larry's, Inc.

2/21/2017 New York Southern District Court 1:17-cv-01299 Siegel v. Dualit Ltd et al

2/21/2017 Texas Southern District Court 4:17-cv-00556 Bible v. Lumber Liquidators, Inc.

2/15/2017 Minnesota District Court 0:17-cv-00474 Kerkhoff Cattle Co., Inc. v. Sioux City Truck Sales, Inc. et...

1/24/2017 Florida Southern District Court 0:17-cv-60178 Blair v. Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc.

1/17/2017 California Northern District Court 3:17-cv-00231 Fasching v. FCA US LLC

1/11/2017 New York Southern District Court 1:17-cv-00211 Moore v. Thomson Reuters (GRC) Inc.

1/6/2017 Montana District Court 9:17-cv-00002 Martinez v. Stryker Corporation

1/4/2017 Massachusetts District Court 1:17-cv-10015 Nasta v. Ford Motor Company

11/18/2016 Washington Western District Court 3:16-cv-05966 Masin v. Porsche Cars North America Inc

11/16/2016 California Eastern District Court 2:16-cv-02716 (PS) Ruiz v. Stamper

10/13/2016 Texas Western District Court 5:16-cv-01023 TEU Services, Inc. v. Inventronics USA, Inc.

9/27/2016 Florida Northern District Court 1:16-cv-00314

9/16/2016 Alaska District Court 3:16-cv-00217 Bedwell v. Braztech International LC

8/12/2016 New Jersey District Court 2:16-cv-04966 MOORE v. SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS AMERICA, INC.

7/25/2016 Wisconsin Eastern District Court 1:16-cv-00975 Protein 2o Inc v. Langlade Springs LLC

7/11/2016 New York Southern District Court 7:16-cv-05511 Erie Insurance Company v. Broan-Nutone, L.L.C.

7/7/2016 Florida Southern District Court 0:16-cv-61617 Banegas v. The Procter & Gamble Company

6/27/2016 New Jersey District Court 1:16-cv-03766 FOUR QUARTERS PLUMBING, HEATING & AIR CONTITIONING, INC. v. ...

6/22/2016 California Central District Court 2:16-cv-04501 Oscar Zamora et al v. General Motors LLC

5/31/2016 California Central District Court 2:16-cv-03780 Nina Pedro v. Millennium Products, Inc.

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