355 - Personal Injury: Motor Vehicle Product Liability Cases 355 - Personal Injury: Motor Vehicle Product Liability Cases
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6/26/2019 California Northern District Court 5:19-cv-03734-EJD Marlen Mesutovich Izzetov v. Tesla Inc.

12/19/2018 Maryland District Court 8:18-cr-00633 United States v. Segura-Ventura

10/4/2018 Utah District Court 2:18-cv-00775-HCN Lommatzsch v. Tesla Inc

6/7/2018 Missouri Western District Court 2:18-cv-04115 Andrews v. Ford Motor Company

6/6/2018 Virgin Islands District Court 3:18-cv-00035 Coates v. Ford Motor Company

5/18/2018 Michigan Eastern District Court 2:18-cv-11574 Hudson v. General Motors, LLC

4/30/2018 New York Southern District Court 1:18-cv-03829 Smith v. General Motors LLC

4/23/2018 Michigan Eastern District Court 2:18-cv-11266 Vazquez v. General Motors LLC

4/19/2018 South Carolina District Court 3:18-cr-01073-CMC United States v. Navarro-Zuniga

3/30/2018 Kentucky Eastern District Court 2:18-cv-00051 Meehan v. General Motors, LLC

3/20/2018 Florida Southern District Court 1:18-cv-21039 Papasan v. Dometic Corporation

3/19/2018 Michigan Eastern District Court 2:18-cv-10892 Minarik v. General Motors LLC

3/5/2018 California Northern District Court 5:18-cv-01417 Bustamante v. Ford Motor Company

2/28/2018 California Central District Court 2:18-cv-01616 Lautner v. Ford Motor Company

2/28/2018 California Central District Court 2:18-cv-01622 Clark v. Ford Motor Company

2/20/2018 Michigan Eastern District Court 2:18-cv-10601 Matanky v. General Motors LLC

2/14/2018 California Northern District Court 3:18-cv-00954 Horne v. Nissan North America, Inc.

1/10/2018 California Northern District Court 3:18-cv-00238 Jewell v. Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.

12/14/2017 Massachusetts District Court 1:17-cv-12462 Kashper v. Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A, Inc

12/14/2017 Michigan Eastern District Court 2:17-cv-14032 Miller v. General Motors LLC

11/20/2017 New Mexico District Court 1:17-cv-01150 Carrillo v. Toyota Motor Corporation

10/30/2017 Washington Western District Court 2:17-cv-01615 Minarik v. General Motors LLC

10/30/2017 California Northern District Court 5:17-cv-06284 Jasper v. General Motors LLC

10/27/2017 California Northern District Court 3:17-cv-06201 Olazabal et al v. Ford Motor Company

10/17/2017 Nevada District Court 2:17-cv-02674 Khiabani et al v. Motor Coach Industries, Inc. et al

10/16/2017 Michigan Eastern District Court 2:17-cv-13327 Willis v. FCA US LLC

10/13/2017 California Central District Court 2:17-cv-07509 Stephanie Yasuda v. Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC

10/12/2017 California Central District Court 5:17-cv-02089 The Estate of Shelley Carol Mott et al v. FCA US, LLC et al

9/28/2017 Louisiana Western District Court 6:17-cv-01243 Broussard v. Ford Motor Co

9/27/2017 Indiana Southern District Court 1:17-cv-03453 GRANT v. KTM NORTH AMERICA, INC.

9/26/2017 Florida Southern District Court 9:17-cv-81080 Howey v. Pirelli Tire, LLC

9/25/2017 Illinois Central District Court 2:17-cv-02216 Grant v. KTM North America Inc et al

9/25/2017 North Carolina Eastern District Court 7:17-cv-00186 Willis v. FCA US LLC

9/22/2017 Arizona District Court 2:17-cv-03297 Llanas v. Navistar International Corporation

9/18/2017 Pennsylvania Western District Court 2:17-cv-01221 JELLEY v. COLTON AUTO, INC.

9/15/2017 Tennessee Middle District Court 1:17-cv-00086 Kingsbury v. General Motors, LLC

9/14/2017 Louisiana Western District Court 5:17-cv-01171 Davis v. LeBlanc

9/8/2017 Kansas District Court 2:17-cv-02522 Tracy et al v. General Motors LLC et al

9/5/2017 Virginia Eastern District Court 1:17-cv-00986 Huleatt v. Nissan North America, Inc. et al

9/1/2017 Ohio Southern District Court 3:17-cv-00309 Hancock v. General Motors LLC dba General Motors Company dba...

9/1/2017 Ohio Southern District Court 1:17-cv-00579 Hancock b/n/f April Hollon and Tia Maynard v. General Motors...

8/28/2017 California Central District Court 2:17-cv-06342 Kevin Fong v. Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.

8/24/2017 Illinois Southern District Court 3:17-cv-00900 Whitley, Jr v. General Motors LLC

8/24/2017 Michigan Eastern District Court 2:17-cv-12794 Wozniak et al v. Ford Motor Company

8/23/2017 Texas Southern District Court 4:17-cv-02571 Owens v. Kia Motors America

8/17/2017 California Northern District Court 3:17-cv-04809 Arriaga v. Ford Motor Company

8/14/2017 Texas Southern District Court 2:17-cv-00278 Ismail et al v. Volvo Trucks North America, Inc. et al

8/10/2017 Texas Eastern District Court 2:17-cv-00585 Evans v. FCA US LLC

8/10/2017 Alabama Middle District Court 2:17-cv-00542 Finch v. General Motors LLC (JOINT ASSIGN)(MAG2)

7/24/2017 Wyoming District Court 2:17-cv-00126 Flickinger v. FCA US LLC

7/13/2017 West Virginia Northern District Court 3:17-cv-00082 Javage v. General Motors, LLC

7/7/2017 Maryland District Court 8:17-cv-01877 Bowles v. Wilson

6/30/2017 Connecticut District Court 3:17-cv-01091 Simerlein v. Toyota Motor Corporation

6/20/2017 Michigan Western District Court 1:17-cv-00562 Jaiyeola v. Toyota Motor North America, Inc.

6/9/2017 Pennsylvania Middle District Court 3:17-cv-01006 Kostro et al v. Hyundai Motor America et al

5/11/2017 Georgia Northern District Court 1:17-cv-01701 Amin et al v. Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC et al

5/9/2017 New York Southern District Court 1:17-cv-03436 DEARDEN et al v. FCA US LLC et al

4/6/2017 Maine District Court 2:17-cv-00123 ABDULLAHI v. TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION et al

4/3/2017 South Carolina District Court 7:17-cv-00879 Goodrich et al v. Power Products LLC et al

3/20/2017 Texas Western District Court 1:17-cv-00247 Aggarwal v. Toyota Motor Corporation et al

3/15/2017 Georgia Northern District Court 1:17-cv-00953 Caldwell v. American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

2/27/2017 Texas Southern District Court 2:17-cv-00076 Gomez v. Isuzu Motors Ltd

2/23/2017 Nevada District Court 2:17-cv-00578 Matamoros et al. v. General Motors, LLC

2/7/2017 Michigan Eastern District Court 2:17-cv-10351 Maneotis v. FCA US LLC

2/7/2017 Michigan Eastern District Court 2:17-cv-10352 Rivera et al v. FCA US LLC

2/7/2017 Michigan Eastern District Court 2:17-cv-10353 Malone v. FCA US LLC

1/27/2017 Illinois Northern District Court 1:17-cv-00658 Lile v. General Motors LLC

1/26/2017 California Southern District Court 3:17-cv-00161 Franco v. Ford Motor Company

1/18/2017 Georgia Northern District Court 1:17-cv-00209 Fox v. General Motors LLC

1/13/2017 Alabama Northern District Court 1:17-cv-00066 Mays v. General Motors LLC

1/4/2017 Louisiana Middle District Court 3:17-cv-00004 Weams v. FCA US LLC

12/15/2016 Illinois Northern District Court 1:16-cv-11388 Price, Mikiea v. Adam Auto Sales

12/12/2016 Illinois Northern District Court 1:16-cv-11276 Burley v. Hyundai Motor of America et al

11/9/2016 Illinois Northern District Court 1:16-cv-10456 Stokar v. Audi of America, LLC

10/21/2016 Massachusetts District Court 1:16-cv-12120 Duncan et al v. Nissan North America, Inc. et al

10/18/2016 West Virginia Southern District Court 2:16-cv-09851 Hill v. Ford Motor Company

9/29/2016 Illinois Northern District Court 1:16-cv-09345 Slimene v. Porter Installations, Inc.

9/2/2016 Maryland District Court 1:16-cv-03057 Danzi et al v. American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

8/23/2016 Oklahoma Western District Court 5:16-cv-00961 Faust v. General Motors LLC

8/12/2016 Colorado District Court 1:16-cv-02048 Maneotis v. FCA US LLC

8/3/2016 Texas Eastern District Court 1:16-cv-00316 Brown v. General Motors, LLC

8/3/2016 Pennsylvania Middle District Court 3:16-cv-01603 Yuhas v. Toyota Motor Corporation

8/1/2016 Kentucky Eastern District Court 3:16-cv-00052 Bailey v. Kohn et al

7/21/2016 Kentucky Western District Court 3:16-cv-00472 Mayer v. David Graham Trucking, LLC

7/15/2016 Michigan Eastern District Court 2:16-cv-12645 Rosenbaum v. Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.

7/6/2016 Wisconsin Western District Court 3:16-cv-00480 Busse, Tamara v. General Motors, LLC

7/6/2016 Mississippi Southern District Court 1:16-cv-00251 Clark v. General Motors, LLC

7/5/2016 Texas Eastern District Court 2:16-cv-00705 Ware v. General Motors, LLC

7/5/2016 New York Southern District Court 1:16-cv-05305 Thomas et al v. General Motors, LLC.

7/1/2016 Texas Eastern District Court 2:16-cv-00699 Slovak v. General Motors, LLC

7/1/2016 New York Southern District Court 1:16-cv-05251 Scovil et al v. General Motors, LLC

7/1/2016 Georgia Northern District Court 1:16-cv-02400 Elliott v. Nissan North America, Inc.

6/30/2016 California Northern District Court 5:16-cv-03693 First National Insurance Company of America v. Ford Motor Co...

6/30/2016 Texas Northern District Court 1:16-cv-00126 Knight, Jr. et al v. Toyota Motor Corporation

6/23/2016 Georgia Northern District Court 1:16-cv-02171 Reichwaldt v. General Motors LLC

6/22/2016 Utah District Court 2:16-cv-00663 Kole v. Ford Motor Co.

6/20/2016 Illinois Southern District Court 3:16-cv-00673 Webb v. General Motors LLC

6/7/2016 Missouri Western District Court 4:16-cv-00532 Sisemore v. Dolgencorp, LLC

6/2/2016 Pennsylvania Eastern District Court 2:16-cv-02706 DEARDEN et al v. FCA US LLC et al

5/27/2016 Missouri Eastern District Court 4:16-cv-00755 Brown et al v. Kia Motors America, Inc.

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