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3/16/2012 Michigan Eastern District Court 2:12-cv-11192-GCS-MAR Jones v. Harrison

3/5/2012 Connecticut District Court 3:12-cv-00324 Briggs v. Bremby

1/9/2012 Connecticut District Court 3:12-cv-00039 Shafer et al v. Bremby

11/8/2011 Pennsylvania Middle District Court 1:11-cv-02091 Marks v. United Parcel Service, Inc.

10/14/2011 Maryland District Court 8:11-cv-02938 Daniels v. Housing Authority of Prince George's County et al

9/30/2011 Michigan Eastern District Court 2:11-cv-14298 Case et al v. Corrigan

8/1/2011 Florida Southern District Court 1:11-cv-22833 Perales v. United States of America et al

6/16/2011 Connecticut District Court 3:11-cv-00972 Gale et al v. Bremby

5/3/2011 Georgia Southern District Court 2:11-cv-00074 Keele v. Glynn County, Georgia et al

4/21/2011 Hawaii District Court 1:11-cv-00266-LEK -RLP Kolio et al v. State of Hawaii et al

1/20/2011 Washington Western District Court 2:11-cv-00119 Navarro Pimentel v. Dreyfus

10/1/2010 Ohio Northern District Court 1:10-cv-02237 M. A. v. Strickland et al

7/16/2010 Idaho District Court 1:10-cv-00361 Leitter v. Armstrong

7/1/2010 California Northern District Court 3:10-cv-02918 Chaffon v. AAA Tech Support et al

3/24/2010 Massachusetts District Court 1:10-cv-10497 Finch et al v. Jane Doe 2 et al

10/1/2009 California Northern District Court 4:09-cv-04668-CW Oster et al v. Wagner et al

8/21/2009 Illinois Northern District Court 09-C-4857 Johnson v. City Of Chicago et al

7/2/2009 Washington Western District Court 2:09-cv-00908 Washington State Long Term Care Ombudsman et al v. Dreyfus

7/1/2009 Texas Southern District Court 1:09-cv-00158 United States of America v. Lima

6/17/2009 Illinois Central District Court 3:09-cv-03154 Perks v. County of Shelby et al

5/20/2009 New York Southern District Court 1:09-cv-04737 Spencer v. Doar et al

4/10/2009 Florida Southern District Court 0:09-cv-60540 Harty v. Greenberger

12/8/2008 Hawaii District Court 1:08-cv-00551 G. v. State of Hawaii, Department of Human Services

11/20/2008 Virginia Eastern District Court 4:08-cv-00114

8/12/2008 New York Southern District Court 1:08-cv-07198-SAS The New York and Presbyterian Hospital v. Colas

8/4/2008 Illinois Northern District Court 3:08-cv-50162 Miller v. Maram et al

7/1/2008 California Northern District Court 3:08-cv-03151-SI Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. Cadit Company, In...

5/30/2008 Illinois Northern District Court 1:08-cv-03127 Mack v. Maram et al

3/27/2008 Illinois Northern District Court 1:08-cv-01783 Thomas v. Circuit Court of Cook County

1/25/2008 Illinois Northern District Court 1:08-cv-00589 Al-Bareh v. Chertoff et al

1/22/2008 New York Southern District Court 1:08-cv-00535-WHP Abreu et al v. Mattingly et al

1/17/2008 New York Southern District Court 1:08-cv-00432-PAC Miles et al v. Leavitt

4/11/2007 New York Southern District Court 1:07-cv-02900-KMW Schoon v. Diamond

1/25/2007 Illinois Northern District Court 1:07-cv-00473 Andreu v. United Parcel Service, Inc.,

9/14/2006 California Eastern District Court 1:06-cv-01260 Sconiers v. California Department of Social Services et al

6/21/2006 New York Southern District Court 1:06-cv-04778 Shakhnes v. Robert Doar

4/25/2006 New York Eastern District Court 1:06-cv-01913 Carmichael v. City of New York et al

3/28/2006 District Of Columbia District Court 1:06-cv-00568-UNA BELLAMY v. LAWRENCE COUNTY JAIL

3/23/2006 District Of Columbia District Court 1:06-cv-00552-UNA BARRON v. CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES

11/28/2005 District Of Columbia District Court 1:05-cv-02281-UNA MISU v. USA et al

8/11/2005 Alabama Middle District Court 2:05-cv-00765-MHT-VPM Threatt v. Regions Bank

6/27/2005 Pennsylvania Eastern District Court 2:05-cv-02870 HENDERSON v. PHILADELPHIA HOUSING AUTHORITY et al

5/17/2005 Iowa Southern District Court 1:05-cv-00017 Martin v. Schultz

3/29/2005 Vermont District Court 2:05-cv-00078-wks Smith v. Morse

3/4/2005 Delaware District Court 1:05-cv-00127-GMS Duffy v. Meconi et al

1/18/2005 Vermont District Court 1:05-cv-00016-jgm Payette v. Morse et al

1/7/2005 Vermont District Court 1:05-cv-00006-jgm Roach et al v. Morse et al

1/7/2005 Vermont District Court 2:05-cv-00005-wks Houston v. Morse et al

8/26/2004 Hawaii District Court 1:04-cv-00527-SOM-BMK Mobil Oil Corporation v. Fuelman, Inc.

5/3/2004 Colorado District Court 1:04-cv-00903-PSF-MJW Ruiz v. Reinertson

3/16/2004 Pennsylvania Western District Court 1:04-cv-00082-SJM S. v. ERIE CITY SCHOOL

3/11/2004 Arizona District Court 2:04-cv-00490-EHC Spranger v. AZ Physicians IPA, et al

2/2/2004 Oregon District Court 3:04-cv-00150-HU Ellis v. Multnomah County et al

1/30/2004 Virginia Eastern District Court 1:04-cv-00096-LMB Levy v. County of Fairfax, et al

12/19/2003 Arizona District Court 2:03-cv-02506-EHC Newton-Nations v. Betlach

10/20/2003 Pennsylvania Western District Court 1:03-cv-00344-MBC DOLAK v. DOLAK, et al

10/6/2003 New Jersey District Court 1:03-cv-04742-JEI-AMD GAYLE v. CAMCARE HEALTH CORP., et al

9/22/2003 Pennsylvania Western District Court 1:03-cv-00301-SJM-SPB WARREN COUNTY SCHOOL v. C.

4/23/2003 Hawaii District Court 1:03-cv-00189-SPK-KSC Cutrell v. Human Services, Dept

3/5/2003 Pennsylvania Western District Court 1:03-cv-00076-MBC TYLICKI, et al v. RICHMOND

2/27/2003 Connecticut District Court 3:03-cv-00353-JCH Horan, et al v. Social Services

2/20/2003 Oregon District Court 3:03-cv-00227-JE Watson v. Weeks

1/15/2003 Hawaii District Court 1:03-cv-00018-ACK-KSC Free v. Sato

11/29/2002 Pennsylvania Western District Court 1:02-cv-00347-SJM-SPB EMERSON v. COMMUNITY RESOURCES, et al

11/6/2002 Connecticut District Court 3:02-cv-01968-CFD Pragano, et al v. Wilson-Coker

8/22/2002 Hawaii District Court 1:02-cv-00533-SOM-BMK Free v. Sakumoto

8/12/2002 Hawaii District Court 1:02-cv-00508-SOM-KSC Free v. Sakai, et al

8/6/2002 Colorado District Court 1:02-cv-01527-WYD-BNB Simon v. CO Dept Health Care, et al

6/17/2002 Hawaii District Court 1:02-cv-00364-DAE-KSC Free v. Weinberg, et al

6/4/2002 Maryland District Court 1:02-cv-01897-AMD Lewis v. Social Services

2/14/2002 Oregon District Court 3:02-cv-00181-JE Mace v. Kitzhaber et al

11/26/2001 Minnesota District Court 0:01-cv-02141-JNE-JGL Lavela v. Goodhue, County of, et al

10/24/2001 Pennsylvania Eastern District Court 2:01-cv-05387 COOK v. WIKLER, et al

10/10/2001 Colorado District Court 1:01-cv-02008-ZLW Westbrooks v. Denver Cty Soc Serv, et al

9/4/2001 New York Southern District Court 1:01-cv-08272 Williams v. The City of New York, et al

7/3/2001 New York Southern District Court 1:01-cv-06014 Acevedo, et al v. Turner, et al

6/1/2001 Pennsylvania Western District Court 1:01-cv-00182-SJM GAZAROV, et al v. THE DIOCESE OF ERIE, et al

6/1/2001 Maryland District Court 8:01-cv-01596 Housing Unlimited, et al v. Homesure Services, et al

5/1/2001 Michigan Eastern District Court 2:01-fp-71695 Baker v. Chambers, et al

3/16/2001 Minnesota District Court 0:01-cv-00486-JMR-SRN Ferrick, et al v. O'Keefe

2/6/2001 Oregon District Court 3:01-cv-00182-HA Tracey v. Oregon et al

12/7/2000 Pennsylvania Western District Court 2:00-cv-02396-DEZ-KJB DIXON v. PA. DEPARTMENT OF, et al

12/5/2000 Colorado District Court 1:00-cv-02442-WYD Tatum, et al v. Rizzuto, et al

11/14/2000 Virginia Eastern District Court 1:00-cv-01899-GBL Commonwealth of VA v. Robinson

8/22/2000 Arizona District Court 2:00-cv-01603-SMM Zela, et al v. Biedess, et al

8/16/2000 Pennsylvania Western District Court 2:00-cv-01627-WLS DESALLE, et al v. HOUSTOUN, et al

8/1/2000 Connecticut District Court 3:00-cv-01443-JBA Fogerty v. Sikorsky Federal, et al

7/18/2000 Connecticut District Court 3:00-cv-01342-DJS Reno v. Rivera, et al

7/17/2000 Connecticut District Court 3:00-cv-01334-GLG Pastor v. Boy Scouts, et al

6/23/2000 New Jersey District Court 1:00-cv-03101-SMO SIEGEL v. GUHL, et al

6/23/2000 Virginia Eastern District Court 1:00-cv-01048-CMH Nester, et al v. Calomiris

5/18/2000 Maryland District Court 1:00-cv-01445-JFM Ellis v. Anne Arundel County

5/15/2000 Virginia Eastern District Court 2:00-cv-00360-JBF Tinsley v. Martin

4/19/2000 Oregon District Court 6:00-cv-06112-HO Hildebrand et al v. Corvallis School District 509J et al

4/18/2000 New Jersey District Court 1:00-cv-01851-JHR BANDA v. BARFIELD, et al

3/6/2000 Oregon District Court 6:00-cv-06057-TC Henderson v. USA

2/10/2000 New Jersey District Court 2:00-cv-00633-NHP RICHARDSON v. CITY OF NEWARK, N.J., et al

2/3/2000 Pennsylvania Western District Court 2:00-cv-00240-WLS FANNING, et al v. ANDREAS

2/2/2000 Pennsylvania Western District Court 2:00-cv-00235-WLS FANNING v. UNITED STATES DISTRI

1/5/2000 Minnesota District Court 0:00-cv-00024-DWF-AJB Wilson, et al v. Dryden, et al

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