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12/21/2018 Massachusetts District Court 1:18-cv-12625 Ali v. Nielson

12/18/2018 Massachusetts District Court 1:18-cv-12600 Diaz Ortiz v. Tompkins

12/14/2018 Georgia Middle District Court 7:18-cv-00201 Carrillo Carrillo v. BICKHAM

12/13/2018 Nevada District Court 2:18-cv-02367 Sanchez-Cazares v. Nielsen

12/13/2018 Ohio Northern District Court 4:18-cv-02870 Berhe v. Whitaker

12/10/2018 Texas Western District Court 3:18-cv-00373 Farah Aden v. Nielsen

12/10/2018 California Northern District Court 3:18-cv-07429 Reyes v. Bonnar

12/7/2018 California Central District Court 2:18-cv-10221 Edvard Gasparyan v. Matthew G. Whitaker

12/6/2018 Wisconsin Eastern District Court 2:18-cv-01923 Jihad v. Department of Homeland Security - Immigration and C...

12/3/2018 Texas Western District Court 3:18-cv-00371 Tunkara v. Witte

11/27/2018 Massachusetts District Court 1:18-cv-12452 Ramirez v. TOMPKINS

11/26/2018 New Hampshire District Court 1:18-cv-01093 Chaleunphong v. Strafford County Department of Corrections, ...

11/26/2018 Texas Western District Court 5:18-cv-01241 Khan v. Castro

11/25/2018 Massachusetts District Court 1:18-cv-12437 Escobar Barrera v. Mcdonald

11/20/2018 Texas Western District Court 5:18-cv-01209 Ortiz Corrales v. Castro

11/6/2018 New York Southern District Court 1:18-cv-10332 Duchitanga v. Lloyd

11/5/2018 Pennsylvania Middle District Court 1:18-mc-00639 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau v. Genuine Title

10/30/2018 Massachusetts District Court 1:18-cv-12266 Doe v. Smith

10/25/2018 New York Western District Court 6:18-cv-06773 Villafuerte-Morales v. Sessions

10/22/2018 Texas Western District Court 5:18-cv-01116 Kubrom v. Castro

10/19/2018 New York Western District Court 1:18-cv-01154 Hemans v. Searls

10/17/2018 District Of Columbia District Court 1:18-cv-02392 VELASQUEZ MOLINA v. U.S. IMMIGRATION AND CUSTOMS ENFORCEMENT

10/2/2018 New York Southern District Court 1:18-cv-08993 Paz v. Lloyd

9/27/2018 New York Western District Court 1:18-cv-01066 Sankara v. Holder

9/26/2018 District Of Columbia District Court 1:18-cv-02231 MARTINEZ-MARTINEZ v. U.S. IMMIGRATION AND CUSTOM ENFORCEMENT

9/20/2018 Texas Western District Court 3:18-cv-00276 Hernandez Argujo v. Witte

9/13/2018 Ohio Northern District Court 4:18-cv-02101 Ni v. Sessions

9/12/2018 New Jersey District Court 2:18-cv-13942 WEAH, JR v. TSOUKARIS

9/11/2018 Michigan Eastern District Court 2:18-cv-12821 Damus v. Director, Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforce...

9/7/2018 California Central District Court 5:18-cv-01904 Charleston Edward Dacoff v. Kirsten Nielsen

8/29/2018 Ohio Northern District Court 4:18-cv-01993 Ibarra v. Sessions

8/27/2018 Arizona District Court 2:18-cv-02729 Van Nguyen v. Lucero

8/23/2018 Texas Southern District Court 4:18-cv-02944 Pierre v. Nielson Case transferred to S...

8/23/2018 California Eastern District Court 1:18-cv-01140 (HC) Mudung v. ICE

8/23/2018 New York Southern District Court 1:18-cv-07680 SNC v. Sessions, III

8/21/2018 District Of Columbia District Court 1:18-cv-01958 GUTIERREZ v. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY

8/10/2018 Wisconsin Eastern District Court 2:18-cv-01233 Solache Morales v. Department of Homeland Security

8/6/2018 Texas Southern District Court 4:18-cv-02702 Cureno v. Lacy

8/3/2018 Texas Southern District Court 4:18-cv-02678 Trinh v. Sessions

7/31/2018 New Hampshire District Court 1:18-cv-00674 Tham v. Adducci

7/31/2018 Illinois Northern District Court 1:18-cv-05233 Vidinski v. Sessions

7/30/2018 Virginia Eastern District Court 1:18-cv-00944 A.R.D.A., a minor, by and through his next friend Nestor Ros...

7/20/2018 District Of Columbia District Court 1:18-cv-01700 LOPEZ-SALES v. SESSIONS

7/17/2018 Arizona District Court 2:18-cv-02261 Martinez v. Sessions

7/16/2018 Massachusetts District Court 1:18-cv-11474 Rodas Lizama v. Souza

7/13/2018 Texas Southern District Court 4:18-cv-02423 Nguyen v. Sessions

7/4/2018 New Jersey District Court 2:18-cv-11359 GALLINA v. SESSIONS

7/3/2018 Georgia Middle District Court 4:18-cv-00136 JULES v. SESSIONS

7/3/2018 Massachusetts District Court 1:18-cv-11401 Nkojo v. Nielson

7/2/2018 California Eastern District Court 1:18-cv-00901 (HC) Mudung v. DHO-ICE

7/2/2018 Washington Western District Court 2:18-cv-00973 Alvarez v. ICE Field Office Director

7/2/2018 Massachusetts District Court 1:18-cv-11388 Aligaweesa v. NIELSEN

7/2/2018 Illinois Northern District Court 1:18-cv-04591 Paixao v. Sessions III

6/28/2018 California Central District Court 8:18-cv-01142 Hung Pham v. Thomas Homan

6/28/2018 Pennsylvania Middle District Court 1:18-cv-01301 Zheng v. Sessions

6/27/2018 Massachusetts District Court 1:18-cv-11339 Basil Gomes v. Smith

6/26/2018 Texas Southern District Court 4:18-cv-02154 Truong v. Sessions

6/22/2018 Oregon District Court 3:18-cv-01098 Innovation Law Lab v. Secretary of the Department of Homelan...

6/19/2018 California Central District Court 5:18-cv-01317 Gustavo Rodriguez v. Kirstjen Nielsen

6/19/2018 District Of Columbia District Court 1:18-cv-01445 MEJIA-MEJIA v. U.S. IMMIGRATION AND CUSTOMS ENFORCEMENT

6/18/2018 Georgia Middle District Court 7:18-cv-00091 DIBBA v. SESSIONS

6/15/2018 Texas Southern District Court 4:18-cv-01984 Le v. Sessions

6/11/2018 New York Southern District Court 1:18-cv-05222 Villavicencio Calderon v. Sessions

6/11/2018 Texas Southern District Court 4:18-cv-01923 Alexis v. Sessions

6/8/2018 Massachusetts District Court 1:18-cv-11204 Kumah v. Moniz

6/8/2018 Illinois Southern District Court 3:18-cv-01220 Diouf v. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

6/7/2018 Louisiana Western District Court 6:18-cv-00756 Tran v. Sessions

6/6/2018 California Northern District Court 3:18-cv-03313 Badawi v. Jennings

6/4/2018 Texas Southern District Court 4:18-cv-01833 Jovel-Jovel v. Contreras

6/1/2018 Washington Western District Court 2:18-cv-00801 Khliu v. Sessions

5/22/2018 New York Southern District Court 1:18-cv-04514 Isabel Alanya Paz de Tlaczani v. Decker

5/21/2018 Massachusetts District Court 1:18-cv-11036 Nguyen v. Sessions

5/21/2018 Massachusetts District Court 1:18-cv-11056 Matias v. Tompkins

5/15/2018 California Eastern District Court 2:18-cv-01228 (HC) Nguyen v. Homan

5/10/2018 New York Southern District Court 1:18-cv-04189 Arevalo Lopezs v. Sessions III

5/7/2018 New Jersey District Court 2:18-cv-08725 OJO v. RODRIGUEZ

5/7/2018 Texas Western District Court 5:18-cv-00422 Benitez-Gray v. Department of Homeland Security

5/4/2018 Florida Southern District Court 1:18-cv-21788 Jimcale v. SESSIONS

5/2/2018 Virginia Eastern District Court 1:18-cv-00524 O.D.T.M., a minor, by and through his next friend Juan Telet...

4/27/2018 Washington Western District Court 2:18-cv-00619 Karboau v. ICE Field Office Director

4/25/2018 California Central District Court 8:18-cv-00706 Son Hoang Nguyen v. Thomas Homan

4/20/2018 New Hampshire District Court 1:18-cv-00313 Herrera Milanes v. Strafford County Department of Correction...

4/6/2018 Washington Western District Court 2:18-cv-00515 Al-Maliki v. Sessions

4/5/2018 Massachusetts District Court 1:18-cv-10663 Diouf v. Sessions

4/4/2018 Alabama Northern District Court 4:18-cv-00527 Nguyen v. Nielsen

4/2/2018 Alabama Northern District Court 4:18-cv-00515 Mirza v. U.S. Attorney General of America

4/2/2018 Massachusetts District Court 1:18-cv-10635 Alvarez Vargas v. Tompkins

3/29/2018 Massachusetts District Court 1:18-cv-10608 Me v. Hodgson

3/26/2018 Massachusetts District Court 1:18-cv-10579 Pinguil Loja v. Souza

3/26/2018 Georgia Middle District Court 4:18-cv-00060 JALLOW v. PETERSON

3/22/2018 California Eastern District Court 2:18-cv-00619 (HC) Phan v. Homan

3/22/2018 Ohio Northern District Court 4:18-cv-00665 Braimah v. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

3/22/2018 Massachusetts District Court 1:18-cv-10552 Soares De Barros v. Moniz

3/21/2018 New Hampshire District Court 1:18-cv-00226 Vo v. US Attorney General

3/20/2018 Georgia Middle District Court 4:18-cv-00056 SALLAH v. SESSIONS

3/19/2018 New York Southern District Court 1:18-cv-02447 Sajous v. Decker

3/19/2018 California Central District Court 5:18-cv-00557 Phann Pheach v. Kirstjen Nielsen

3/13/2018 Ohio Northern District Court 4:18-cv-00582 Ntihebuwayo v. Attorney General

3/9/2018 California Northern District Court 3:18-cv-01521 Felix Castanon v. Sessions

3/6/2018 Texas Western District Court 3:18-cv-00072 Gutierrez-Soto v. Sessions

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