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9/8/2005 New York Eastern District Court 1:05-cv-04254 United States v. American Airlines, Inc.

12/14/2004 Hawaii District Court 1:04-cv-00729-SPK-LEK United States of Ame v. Ryan Internl Airline

2/5/2004 Massachusetts District Court 1:04-cv-10247-DPW United States of America v. MHPG, Inc.

8/13/2003 Oregon District Court 3:03-cv-01106-HU United States of America v. Williams

9/19/2001 Oregon District Court 3:01-cv-01385-KI USA v. Melton

3/29/1999 Virginia Eastern District Court 2:99-cv-00443-RBS USA v. Nolan

4/24/1997 Oregon District Court 3:97-cv-00653-ST USA v. Heisler

2/18/1997 Rhode Island District Court 1:97-cv-00075-L USA v. Butterworth

12/8/1995 Virginia Eastern District Court 1:95-cv-01709 USA v. USAir, Inc.

11/22/1995 Rhode Island District Court 1:95-cv-00611-L USA v. Drake, et al

3/1/1995 Maryland District Court 1:95-cv-00594-AMD USA v. Eckardt

2/27/1995 Oregon District Court 3:95-cv-00238-JO USA v. Francis

12/9/1994 Oregon District Court 3:94-cv-01493-ST USA v. Kissler

11/8/1994 Oregon District Court 3:94-cv-01363-BE USA v. McCann

9/9/1994 Oregon District Court 3:94-cv-01091-FR USA v. Doane

9/9/1994 Oregon District Court 3:94-cv-01092-RE USA v. Haufle

8/19/1994 Oregon District Court 3:94-cv-01010-BE USA v. Gampbell

9/29/1993 Oregon District Court 3:93-cv-01198-BE USA v. Simmons

9/29/1993 Oregon District Court 3:93-cv-01199-MA USA v. Newlands

9/29/1993 Oregon District Court 3:93-cv-01200-BE USA v. Powers

9/24/1993 Oregon District Court 3:93-cv-01177-MA USA v. Newlands

1/22/1993 Alaska District Court 3:93-cv-00024-HRH United States of America v. Eaddy

8/24/1992 Oregon District Court 3:92-cv-01041-PA USA v. Bailey

5/29/1992 Oregon District Court 3:92-cv-00674-MA USA v. Martin

4/30/1992 Alaska District Court 3:92-cv-00362-JKS United States of America v. Smith

1/17/1992 Oregon District Court 3:92-cv-00057-JU USA v. Eisele

1/17/1992 Oregon District Court 3:92-cv-00058-MA USA v. Debattista

12/4/1990 Illinois Central District Court 2:90-cv-02398-HAB-RJK USA v. Benoit

11/20/1990 Texas Southern District Court 1:90-cv-00209 USA v. Waller

5/18/1990 Florida Southern District Court 0:90-cv-06401 Securities & Exchang v. Nadel, et al

8/10/1989 Illinois Central District Court 1:89-cv-01180-MMM-RJK USA v. Harris

10/7/1988 Maryland District Court 1:88-cv-03010-JCH v. Knight

9/15/1983 Oregon District Court 3:83-cv-01378-BU USA v. Mayfield

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