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12/26/2018 New York Eastern District Court 1:18-cv-07371 Piccione v. Maimonides Medical Center

12/26/2018 Indiana Southern District Court 1:18-cv-04050 PEGG v. BETHANY CARES, INC.

12/21/2018 North Carolina Western District Court 1:18-cv-00367 Jones v. Trustees of Isothermal Community College

12/21/2018 Ohio Southern District Court 1:18-cv-00898 Bader v. The Home Depot, Inc.

12/21/2018 Ohio Northern District Court 5:18-cv-02943 Brogan v. Childs

12/20/2018 Washington Western District Court 2:18-cv-01840 Lillywhite v. AECOM

12/19/2018 Oregon District Court 3:18-cv-02195 Fulgencio v. Lam Research Corporation

12/19/2018 Pennsylvania Eastern District Court 2:18-cv-05471 JUMPER v. ST. MARY MEDICAL CENTER

12/18/2018 New York Eastern District Court 1:18-cv-07216 Leefook v. New York City Transit Authority

12/18/2018 Ohio Northern District Court 1:18-cv-02902 Kolar v. United of Omaha Life Insurance Company

12/16/2018 Ohio Northern District Court 1:18-cv-02885 Kirner v. Providence Healthcare Management, Inc.

12/13/2018 Texas Western District Court 5:18-cv-01309 Gregston v. Columbia HCA Healthcare Corp.

12/13/2018 Ohio Northern District Court 5:18-cv-02868 Wingenroth v. Mercy Medical Center, Inc.

12/12/2018 New York Eastern District Court 1:18-cv-07066 Inganamorte v. Long Island Rail Road Company

12/11/2018 Minnesota District Court 0:18-cv-03364 Gegner v. Admiral Merchants Motor Freight, Inc.

12/11/2018 Oregon District Court 2:18-cv-02121 Cole v. Kraft Heinz Food Company LLC

12/10/2018 Kentucky Western District Court 3:18-cv-00809 Maultsby v. Norton Healthcare, Inc.

12/10/2018 Vermont District Court 2:18-cv-00221 Conrad v. Brennan

12/7/2018 Illinois Northern District Court 1:18-cv-08064 Singleton v. Amita Health

12/7/2018 Louisiana Middle District Court 3:18-cv-01068 Delahaye v. AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP

12/7/2018 Wisconsin Eastern District Court 1:18-cv-01932 Compo v. Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding

12/6/2018 Virginia Western District Court 7:18-cv-00605 Safewright v. Atsumi Car Equipment, Inc.

12/6/2018 Virginia Western District Court 7:18-cv-00606 Johnson v. Atsumi Car Equipment, Inc.

12/6/2018 Pennsylvania Eastern District Court 2:18-cv-05284 SMITH v. KEYSTONE QUALITY TRANSPORT COMPANY

12/5/2018 West Virginia Southern District Court 2:18-cv-01493 Higginbotham v. Red Roof Inns, Inc.

12/5/2018 Indiana Northern District Court 3:18-cv-00978 Desmith v. Verizon Wireless Services LLC

12/5/2018 Michigan Eastern District Court 2:18-cv-13775 Boas v. Delta Airlines, Inc.

12/5/2018 Texas Southern District Court 4:18-cv-04592 Pava v. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

12/5/2018 Tennessee Eastern District Court 3:18-cv-00515 Adamson v. Exedy America Corporation

12/5/2018 Texas Southern District Court 4:18-cv-04572 Reilly v. Harris Health System

12/4/2018 Tennessee Middle District Court 1:18-cv-00082 Simbeck v. Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

12/3/2018 California Northern District Court 3:18-cv-07312 Waters v. Genentech, Inc.

12/3/2018 New York Eastern District Court 1:18-cv-06856 Cacace v. Optum, Inc.

12/3/2018 Iowa Northern District Court 1:18-cv-00128 Davenport v. Caledonia Haulers, LLC

11/30/2018 Texas Southern District Court 4:18-cv-04530 Arias v. CHI St. Luke's Health Baylor College of Medicine Me...

11/30/2018 South Carolina District Court 3:18-cv-03227 Tolles v. Corporate Solutions, LLC

11/29/2018 District Of Columbia District Court 1:18-cv-02788 SMITH v. GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY

11/28/2018 Ohio Northern District Court 1:18-cv-02745 Bilski v. Beam Team, Inc.

11/13/2018 Ohio Northern District Court 4:18-cv-02613 Siverling v. Falcon Transport Co.

10/22/2018 Wisconsin Eastern District Court 2:18-cv-01676 Schofield v. Potawatomi Casino Hotel

10/17/2018 Missouri Western District Court 6:18-cv-03345 Arnold v. Lowe's Home Center, LLC

10/11/2018 Texas Western District Court 3:18-cv-00301 Baeza v. Verizon Wireless Texas, LLC

10/9/2018 Michigan Eastern District Court 2:18-cv-13151 Schaar v. United States Steel Corporation

10/4/2018 Michigan Eastern District Court 2:18-cv-13112 Stang v. Delta Airlines, Inc.

10/2/2018 South Carolina District Court 7:18-cv-02688 Anderson v. Brose Spartanburg Inc

9/27/2018 West Virginia Southern District Court 3:18-cv-01322 Ginn v. CSX Transportation, Inc.

9/19/2018 Pennsylvania Western District Court 2:18-cv-01240 STILL v. LIFESPACE COMMUNITIES, INC.

9/12/2018 New York Eastern District Court 1:18-cv-05134 Cruz v. Henick Lane HVAC, Inc.

8/31/2018 Ohio Northern District Court 1:18-cv-02014 Bickel v. Deloitte & Touche, LLP

8/23/2018 Nebraska District Court 8:18-cv-00403 Ruser v. Liggett Vector Brands L.L.C.

8/13/2018 Ohio Northern District Court 5:18-cv-01848 Hylton v. Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services Inc

8/9/2018 Nebraska District Court 4:18-cv-03111 Henne v. Lincoln County School District No. 56-0001

8/8/2018 Ohio Northern District Court 1:18-cv-01827 Cordaro v. Cuyahoga County Executive

8/1/2018 New York Eastern District Court 1:18-cv-04351 Lozama v. Samaritan Daytop Village, Inc.

7/30/2018 Massachusetts District Court 4:18-cv-40127 Lamothe v. Pathway Vet Alliance LLC

7/25/2018 Georgia Northern District Court 1:18-cv-03566 Andrews v. The Paradies Shops, LLC

7/13/2018 Virginia Eastern District Court 3:18-cv-00486 Booker v. Dominion Packaging, Inc.

7/9/2018 Arkansas Eastern District Court 4:18-cv-00450 Price v. Pulaski County Arkansas

7/6/2018 Texas Southern District Court 4:18-cv-02323 Robertson v. ACADEMY LTD.

6/29/2018 Texas Southern District Court 4:18-cv-02224 Perales v. SFM, LLC

6/28/2018 Nebraska District Court 8:18-cv-00305 Wiese v. Waste Management of Illinois, Inc.

6/26/2018 Ohio Northern District Court 1:18-cv-01445 Collymore v. Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater C...

6/20/2018 New Mexico District Court 1:18-cv-00578 Montoya v. Retiree Health Care Authority

6/14/2018 North Carolina Eastern District Court 5:18-cv-00279 Callaway v. Reservoir International LLC

6/12/2018 Wisconsin Eastern District Court 2:18-cv-00888 Suazo v. Mahler Enterprises Inc

5/16/2018 Georgia Northern District Court 1:18-cv-02209 Lackey v. SSMG, LLC

5/16/2018 Georgia Northern District Court 4:18-cv-00114 Gayton v. Ahern Rental, Inc.

5/15/2018 Maryland District Court 1:18-cv-01421 Mitchell v. Cellco Partnership

5/14/2018 Alabama Northern District Court 2:18-cv-00738 Scarbrough v. Virginia College, LLC

5/10/2018 Idaho District Court 1:18-cv-00209 Gewalt v. Idaho Statesman Publishing, LLC

5/10/2018 Washington Eastern District Court 1:18-cv-03073 McMinimee v. Yakima School District Number 7

5/8/2018 Kentucky Eastern District Court 5:18-cv-00353 Osborne v. NPC International, Inc.

5/3/2018 Nevada District Court 3:18-cv-00205 Shaffmaster v. Barrick Goldstrike Mines, Inc.

4/30/2018 Texas Eastern District Court 1:18-cv-00195 Wilson v. Beaumont Independent School District

4/30/2018 Texas Eastern District Court 1:18-cv-00196 v. Wilson

4/23/2018 Alaska District Court 3:18-cv-00102 West v. Alaska Airlines, Inc.

4/18/2018 Illinois Northern District Court 1:18-cv-02778 Campos v. Cook County States Attorney's Office

4/17/2018 Georgia Northern District Court 1:18-cv-01626 Weeks v. Wal-Mart Stores East, LP

4/17/2018 Pennsylvania Eastern District Court 2:18-cv-01586 SALONE v. THOMAS PUBLISHING

4/13/2018 Mississippi Southern District Court 3:18-cv-00230 Thomas v. Jackson State University

4/12/2018 Texas Southern District Court 4:18-cv-01160 Couch v. Union Pacific Railroad Company

4/9/2018 Pennsylvania Middle District Court 1:18-cv-00774 Bruaw v. Assurant, Inc.

4/9/2018 Georgia Northern District Court 1:18-cv-01519 Long-Daniels v. Enterprise Leasing Company of Georgia, LLC

3/29/2018 Maryland District Court 1:18-cv-00915 Jones v. BMC Stock Holdings, Inc.

3/27/2018 Florida Northern District Court 4:18-cv-00166 WILLIAMS v. TALLAHASSEE MEMORIAL HEALTHCARE INC

3/26/2018 Alabama Northern District Court 2:18-cv-00468 Thomas v. T-Mobile USA Inc

3/23/2018 Florida Middle District Court 8:18-cv-00692 Terry v. Interim Healthcare of the Gulf Coast, Inc.

3/22/2018 Pennsylvania Middle District Court 1:18-cv-00644 Warner v. Snyder's Lance, Inc.

3/20/2018 Alabama Northern District Court 2:18-cv-00436 Ward v. Wells Fargo Bank

3/20/2018 Oklahoma Northern District Court 4:18-cv-00156 Armbruster v. AAON, Inc.

3/20/2018 Maryland District Court 1:18-cv-00820 Hobbs v. Sonesta International Hotels Corporation

3/16/2018 California Southern District Court 3:18-cv-00554 Lacerna v. United Technologies Corporation

3/14/2018 Oklahoma Western District Court 5:18-cv-00225 Carey v. W&W-AFCO Steel LLC

3/13/2018 Pennsylvania Eastern District Court 2:18-cv-01062 KEENAN v. SRS DISTRIBUTION INC.

3/12/2018 Texas Southern District Court 4:18-cv-00778 Byrd v. City Of Houston

3/12/2018 Pennsylvania Western District Court 1:18-cv-00079 SEABROOKE v. THE PNC FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP, INC.

3/8/2018 Texas Southern District Court 4:18-cv-00735 Riley v. City Of Houston

3/6/2018 Texas Southern District Court 2:18-cv-00064 Green v. Christus Spohn Health System

3/6/2018 Georgia Northern District Court 1:18-cv-00985 Grier v. Nurock Management, Inc.

3/2/2018 Pennsylvania Middle District Court 1:18-cv-00510 Trevenen v. Cresline Plastic Pipe Co., Inc.

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