862 - Social Security: Black Lung Cases 862 - Social Security: Black Lung Cases
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8/16/2005 District Of Columbia District Court 1:05-cv-01655-RCL BOUIE v. BARNHART

12/27/2000 Pennsylvania Western District Court 2:00-cv-02515-WLS CHILLSON v. COMMISSIONER

6/19/1991 Maryland District Court 1:91-cv-01695-JFM Edwards v. Sullivan, et al

7/24/2007 California Northern District Court 5:07-cv-03782-RMW Foster v. Astrue

None Michigan Eastern District Court 4:12-cv-13308-GAD-LJM Fucinari v. Social Security, Commissioner of

9/29/1992 Maryland District Court 1:92-cv-02733-MJG Greco v. USA

11/9/1998 Puerto Rico District Court 3:98-cv-02266-CC-ADC Machado v. Commissioner of SS

None Mississippi Northern District Court 2:11-cv-00144-JMV Mills v. Astrue

7/6/2010 Kentucky Eastern District Court 6:10-cv-00184 Mills v. Straight Creek Coal Resources

9/6/1990 Virginia Eastern District Court 1:90-cv-01218 Norman E. Mullins v. Secretary Of Health

9/17/2002 New Jersey District Court 2:02-cv-04506-GEB SANTIAGO v. COMM SOCIAL SECURITY

10/12/1976 West Virginia Southern District Court 2:76-cv-00596 Svet v. HEW

4/4/2008 California Southern District Court 3:08-cv-00426-LAB-RBB Thompson v. Social Security

7/27/2000 Pennsylvania Middle District Court 1:00-cv-01330-WWC Tuggle v. Apfel

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