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8/19/2009 District Of Columbia District Court 1:09-cv-01570 COUNTY BOARD OF ARLINGTON VIRGINIA v. UNITED STATES DEPARTME...

7/7/2008 California Northern District Court 3:08-cv-03267-SI California Water Service Company v. PPG Industries, Inc. et ...

11/16/2007 District Of Columbia District Court 1:07-cv-02092-JR INSTITUTE FOR PUBLIC REPRESENTATION v. FEDERAL COMMUNICATION...

12/19/2005 District Of Columbia District Court 1:05-cv-02426-RBW HICKMAN v. DUDAS

4/29/2005 California Eastern District Court 2:05-cv-00856 California Sportfishing Protection Alliance v. Stockton Stee...

7/21/2004 Texas Southern District Court 1:04-cv-00123 Enedelia Gonzalez v. Jo Ann B. Barnhart

3/16/2004 Texas Southern District Court 1:04-cv-00049 Sauceda v. Barnhart

7/7/2003 Texas Southern District Court 1:03-cv-00122 Recio v. Barnhart

6/9/2003 Texas Southern District Court 1:03-cv-00107 Leal v. Barnhart

5/1/2003 Texas Southern District Court 1:03-cv-00082 Morales v. Barnhart

9/19/2002 Texas Southern District Court 1:02-cv-00179 Delgado v. Barnhart

4/29/2002 District Of Columbia District Court 1:02-cv-00810 NEW YORK STATE BAR v. FTC

6/29/2000 Ohio Southern District Court 1:00-cv-00530-HJW USA v. AK Steel Corporation

5/9/2000 Pennsylvania Western District Court 2:00-cv-00895-GLL WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRI v. USA, et al

6/6/1997 Oregon District Court 3:97-cv-00850-FR Brown v. Social Security Adm

4/4/1994 Oregon District Court 3:94-cv-00331-MA FJM Development v. Nygaard, et al

3/16/1990 Connecticut District Court 2:90-cv-00241-AVC Cantro Petroleum v. Energy, et al

4/12/1983 Delaware District Court 1:83-cv-00204-RRM Sun Co Inc v. USA

None Texas Northern District Court 3:04-cv-02580-K McLachlan v. Barnhart

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