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9/19/2019 New York Southern District Court 1:19-cv-08694-VM Trump v. Vance, Jr. et al

5/24/2019 Alabama Middle District Court 2:19-cv-00365-MHT-SMD Robinson et al v. Marshall et al

2/21/2019 Wisconsin Western District Court 3:19-cv-00142-jdp The Democratic Party of Wisconsin et al v. Vos, Robin et al

12/27/2018 Maryland District Court 1:18-cv-03988 Johnston v. Lamone

12/18/2018 Texas Western District Court 1:18-cv-01100 Pluecker v. Paxton

12/18/2018 New Hampshire District Court 1:18-cv-01180 Frese v. NH Attorney General

12/16/2018 Texas Western District Court 1:18-cv-01091 Amawi v. Pflugerville Independent School District

12/14/2018 Oklahoma Western District Court 5:18-cv-01219 Hatton v. Combs

12/13/2018 Oregon District Court 3:18-cv-02139 Crowe v. Oregon State Bar

12/11/2018 Arkansas Eastern District Court 4:18-cv-00914 Arkansas Times LP v. Waldrip

12/6/2018 Guam District Court 1:18-cv-00044 Schaller v. U.S. Social Security Administration

11/30/2018 Massachusetts District Court 4:18-cv-40200 Vigeant v. Stalin

11/14/2018 Washington Western District Court 3:18-cv-05931 Mitchell v. State of Washington

11/13/2018 California Northern District Court 5:18-mc-80193 VSLI Technology LLC v. Intel Corporation

11/2/2018 New Jersey District Court 1:18-cv-15628 FISCHER v. NEW JERSEY EDUCATION ASSOCIATION

11/2/2018 Texas Western District Court 3:18-cv-00334 Draper v. Commonwealth of Virginia Chesterfield Police Dept....

10/24/2018 New York Southern District Court 1:18-cv-09830-KPF SpecGx LLC v. Underwood

10/18/2018 Vermont District Court 2:18-cv-00167 American Cable Association v. Scott

10/10/2018 Massachusetts District Court 1:18-cv-12119 Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance v. Sullivan

10/2/2018 Texas Southern District Court 4:18-cv-03555 Marlon v. Abbott

9/24/2018 Illinois Northern District Court 1:18-cv-06466 Gaca v. City of Naperville, Illinois

9/7/2018 New York Southern District Court 1:18-cv-08180 Association for Accessible Medicines v. Underwood

9/5/2018 Maryland District Court 1:18-cv-02731 Segal v. Maryland State Board of Elections

8/17/2018 New York Eastern District Court 1:18-cv-04667 Doyle v. Cumulus Media Inc.

8/7/2018 Oklahoma Northern District Court 4:18-cv-00408 Doe v. Hunter

7/29/2018 Texas Western District Court 1:18-cv-00637 Defense Distributed v. Grewal

7/23/2018 New York Eastern District Court 1:18-cv-04167 Young Advocates For Fair Education v. Cuomo

7/18/2018 Massachusetts District Court 4:18-cv-40121 MORIN v. Lyver

7/17/2018 New York Southern District Court 1:18-cv-06427 State Of New York v. Mnuchin

7/6/2018 New York Southern District Court 1:18-cv-06168-KPF Healthcare Distribution Alliance v. Zucker

7/3/2018 Arizona District Court 2:18-cv-02089-DLR Knox v. Brnovich

7/3/2018 Arizona District Court 2:18-cv-02089-DLR Knox v. Brnovich

7/2/2018 Connecticut District Court 3:18-cv-01114 Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency v. Perez

6/29/2018 South Carolina District Court 3:18-cv-01795 South Carolina Electric & Gas Company v. Whitfield

6/27/2018 Texas Southern District Court 4:18-cv-02183 Davis v. State Of Texas Case remanded t...

6/25/2018 Ohio Northern District Court 1:18-cv-01420 Lee v. Ohio Education Association

6/18/2018 Minnesota District Court 0:18-cv-01686 Hoekman v. Education Minnesota

6/11/2018 New Jersey District Court 1:18-cv-10381 SMITH v. NEW JERSEY EDUCATION ASSOCIATION

6/7/2018 Ohio Northern District Court 1:18-cv-01295 People of the State of Ohio v. Reed

6/5/2018 California Central District Court 8:18-cv-00994 Georgia Babb v. California Teachers Association

5/31/2018 Idaho District Court 1:18-cv-00239 Almerico v. Denney

5/23/2018 Arkansas Eastern District Court 4:18-cv-00342 Cave v. Martin

5/18/2018 Arkansas Eastern District Court 4:18-cv-00333 Committee to Restore Arkansans' Rights v. Rutledge

5/9/2018 Montana District Court 6:18-cv-00063 Pierce v. Stapleton

5/3/2018 Florida Middle District Court 8:18-cv-01062 Roberts v. Bondi

4/12/2018 Maryland District Court 1:18-cv-01064 Malpasso v. Pallozzi

4/10/2018 Kentucky Western District Court 3:18-cv-00224 EMW Women's Surgical Center, P.S.C. v. Meier

4/10/2018 Nevada District Court 2:18-cv-00642 U.S. Bank National Association v. Saticoy Bay LLC Series 191...

4/4/2018 District Of Columbia District Court 1:18-cv-00770 PENNSYLVANIA HIGHER EDUCATION ASSISTANCE AGENCY v. PEREZ

4/4/2018 Massachusetts District Court 1:18-cv-10651 Air Transport Association of America Inc. v. Healey

3/20/2018 District Of Columbia District Court 1:18-cv-00640 STUDENT LOAN SERVICING ALLIANCE v. TAYLOR

3/15/2018 Pennsylvania Middle District Court 1:18-cv-00608 Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association, Inc. v. Penn...

3/6/2018 California Eastern District Court 2:18-at-00264 United States v. State of California

3/5/2018 Michigan Western District Court 1:18-cv-00229 Spencer v. Schuette

2/21/2018 Texas Western District Court 5:18-cv-00175 League of United Latin American Citizens v. Gregory Wayne Ab...

2/21/2018 California Central District Court 2:18-cv-01422 Paul Rodriguez v. Jerry Brown

2/12/2018 District Of Columbia District Court 1:18-cv-00325 KASPERSKY LAB, INC. v. United States

2/2/2018 New York Northern District Court 1:18-cv-00134 New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Beach

1/16/2018 New Jersey District Court 2:18-cv-00650 WATERFRONT COMMISSION OF NEW YORK HARBOR v. PHILIP MURPHY, i...

1/11/2018 New Mexico District Court 1:18-cv-00032 Santa Fe Alliance for Public Health and Safety v. City of Sa...

1/2/2018 District Of Columbia District Court 1:18-cv-00003 PETWORTH HOLDINGS, LLC v. BOWSER

12/15/2017 Texas Western District Court 1:17-cv-01167 Republican Party of Texas v. Pablos

11/29/2017 Texas Southern District Court 5:17-cv-00244 Palacios v. Martinez

11/24/2017 Massachusetts District Court 1:17-cv-12328 Igo v. Clerk of Court, U.S.D.C. District of Massachusetts

11/15/2017 California Eastern District Court 2:17-cv-02401 National Association of Wheat Growers v. Zeise

11/15/2017 California Eastern District Court 2:17-at-01224 National Association of Wheat Growers v. Zeise

11/9/2017 Pennsylvania Eastern District Court 5:17-cv-05054 DIAMOND v. TORRES

10/26/2017 Puerto Rico District Court 3:17-cv-02261 Cruz v. Union Independiente Autentica de Empleados de la Aut...

10/25/2017 Michigan Eastern District Court 2:17-cv-13482 Lotus Industries, LLC v. City of Detroit

10/10/2017 Iowa Southern District Court 4:17-cv-00362 Animal Legal Defense Fund v. Reynolds

10/6/2017 New York Southern District Court 1:17-cv-07694 UnitedHealthcare of New York, Inc. v. Vullo

9/28/2017 Illinois Northern District Court 1:17-cv-07002 Matthew D Wilson v. Cook County

9/15/2017 District Of Columbia District Court 1:17-cv-01901 KIMBERLY-CLARK CORPORATION v. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA et al

9/14/2017 Tennessee Middle District Court 3:17-cv-01266 Tennesseans For Sensible Election Laws v. Tennessee Bureau o...

9/11/2017 Washington Western District Court 2:17-cv-01361 Edge v. City of Everett

9/7/2017 Massachusetts District Court 1:17-cv-11688 Brown v. Healey

9/6/2017 Texas Northern District Court 3:17-cv-02361 Patterson et al v. Rawlings et al

9/1/2017 Nevada District Court 2:17-cv-02315 Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America et al v...

8/28/2017 Pennsylvania Middle District Court 1:17-cv-01541 Dougherty v. Dupes

8/20/2017 Michigan Eastern District Court 2:17-cv-12726 Lauve v. Winfrey

8/18/2017 Texas Western District Court 1:17-cv-00806 City of Austin v. State of Texas

8/15/2017 Pennsylvania Middle District Court 1:17-cv-01454 Deon, Sr. v. Barasch

8/11/2017 Florida Southern District Court 0:17-cv-61617 MEJIA v. UBER TECHNOLOGIES, INC.

8/3/2017 Nevada District Court 2:17-cv-02100 Bank of America, N.A. v. Lake Las Vegas Master Association

7/20/2017 Washington Western District Court 2:17-cv-01102 Khazali v. United States of America

7/14/2017 New York Southern District Court 1:17-cv-05324 National Association of Convenience Stores et al v. New York...

7/14/2017 West Virginia Southern District Court 2:17-cv-03609 West Virginia Cable Telecommunications Association, Inc. v. ...

7/14/2017 California Northern District Court 5:17-mc-80090 v. In Re: Ex Parte Application of Sony Mobile Communications...

7/11/2017 Washington Western District Court 2:17-cv-01042 Rynearson v. Ferguson et al

7/11/2017 Washington Western District Court 3:17-cv-05531 Rynearson v. Ferguson

7/7/2017 West Virginia Southern District Court 2:17-cv-03560 Frontier West Virginia Inc. et al v. Justice et al

7/6/2017 Utah District Court 2:17-cv-00748 Disability Law Center v. State of Utah, The

6/27/2017 Michigan Eastern District Court 2:17-cv-12100 Davis v. Detroit Public Schools Community District

6/20/2017 Arkansas Eastern District Court 4:17-cv-00401 Planned Parenthood Arkansas & Eastern Oklahoma v. Smith

6/14/2017 Nevada District Court 2:17-cv-01667 Deutsche Bank National Trust Company v. Saticoy Bay LLC Seri...

6/1/2017 Michigan Eastern District Court 2:17-cv-11742 Davis v. Detroit Downtown Development Authority

5/31/2017 Washington Western District Court 3:17-cv-05411 State of Washington v. Eyman et al

5/22/2017 Illinois Northern District Court 1:17-cv-03784 HomeAway.com, Inc. v. City Of Chicago

5/17/2017 California Southern District Court 3:17-cv-01017 Duncan et al v. Becerra et al

5/11/2017 California Northern District Court 3:17-cv-02723 Book Passage v. Xavier Becerra

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