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9/20/1951 Alabama Middle District Court Civ. 636 Chappell v. Goltsman

1/24/1951 Alabama Northern District Court 6417 Glasgow v. United States

3/21/1951 Alabama Northern District Court Civ. A. No. 801 Tennessee Valley Authority v. United States

12/14/1951 Alabama Northern District Court Civ. No. 6758 AMERICAN TRUCKING ASS'NS v. United States

3/13/1951 Alaska District Court A-6496 Reese v. Fultz

9/24/1951 Alaska District Court 2890 Mortensen v. Lingo

10/5/1951 Alaska District Court A-5930, A-6531, A-6554, A-6599 Haasman v. Pacific Alaska Air Express

11/30/1951 Alaska District Court A-7309 Ex Parte Pickens

12/12/1951 Alaska District Court A-6401 Northern Commercial Co. v. United Airmotive

12/26/1951 Alaska District Court A-6763 Born v. Cease

3/30/1951 Arizona District Court 18,112 Gonzales v. Sheely

1/16/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5241 Armstrong v. Armstrong

1/18/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5161 In Re Monaghan's Estate

1/22/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5367 State Tax Commission v. Quebedeaux Chevrolet

1/29/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5145 Glad Tidings Church of America v. Hinkley

1/29/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5038 Cecil v. Gila County

2/5/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5343 Bentley v. Industrial Commission

2/13/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 1007 Stanley v. Moan

2/19/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5240 Hamilton v. McDaniel

2/26/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5462 United States Fidelity & Guaranty Co. v. Frohmiller

3/5/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5007 Stephens-Franklin Motors v. Lambros

3/12/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5352 Kinnison v. Hulett

3/26/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5324 Maish v. Valenzuela

3/26/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5262 Ray v. Tucson Medical Center

4/2/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5408 State v. Thomas

4/9/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5339 Martin v. Wood

4/16/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5271 City of Phoenix v. Mubarek Ali Khan

4/16/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 1008 Tiller v. Von Pohle

4/23/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5311 Findlay v. Board of Sup'rs of County of Mohave

4/24/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5350 Kuts-Cheraux v. Wilson

4/30/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5283 Dungan v. Brandenberg

5/10/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5356 Arizona Conference Corp. v. Barry

5/14/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 1011 Drane v. Avery

5/22/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5209 Horn v. Ruess

5/28/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5264 Curlee v. Morris

6/12/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5414 Bianco v. Firemen's Fund Indemnity

6/18/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5282 Wood v. Town of Avondale

6/25/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5349 Gusick v. Boies

7/2/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5206 Etz v. Mamerow

7/12/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5285 Barker v. General Petroleum Corp.

9/24/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 1012 Wilson v. Metheny

10/1/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5416 Strode v. Sullivan

10/8/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5346 Bassett v. Ryan

10/9/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5234 Paxton v. McDonald

10/22/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5355 Smith v. Phlegar

10/29/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5542 State v. Gee

11/14/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5539 Junker v. GLENDALE UNION HIGH SCHOOL DIST.

11/19/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5498 English v. Industrial Commission

11/26/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5537 Ex Parte Rubens

12/3/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5388 In Re Hughes

12/10/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5544 State v. Harris

12/17/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5518 Meyer v. Killingsworth

12/24/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5385 In Re Graham's Estate

12/31/1951 Arizona Supreme Court 5338 Corporation Commission v. Equitable Life Assur. Soc.

6/22/1951 Arkansas Eastern District Court Civ. No. 353 Kimble v. Willey

10/30/1951 Arkansas Eastern District Court Civ. A. No. 2322 Beneficial Loan Corp. v. Personal Loan & Finance Corp.

12/13/1951 Arkansas Eastern District Court Civ. A. No. H-412 United States v. Haynes School Dist. No. 8

12/17/1951 Arkansas Eastern District Court 16575 Continental Grain Co. v. Simpson Feed Co.

1/27/1951 Arkansas Western District Court Civ. No. 928 Green v. Equitable Powder Mfg. Co.

3/22/1951 Arkansas Western District Court Civ. No. 452 American Casualty Co. v. Harrison

4/20/1951 Arkansas Western District Court 35,353 Dinkelspiel v. Garrett

5/25/1951 Arkansas Western District Court Civ. No. 937 Fletcher v. Felker

6/30/1951 Arkansas Western District Court Civ. No. 268 Owens v. United States

7/20/1951 Arkansas Western District Court 14381 In Re Watson

8/2/1951 Arkansas Western District Court Civ. 505 Henderson v. Rounds & Porter Lumber Co.

8/9/1951 Arkansas Western District Court Civ. A. No. 856 Philippe v. Window Glass Cutters League of America

8/10/1951 Arkansas Western District Court Civ. No. 928 Green v. Equitable Powder Mfg. Co.

8/23/1951 Arkansas Western District Court Civ. No. 963 Brownlee v. Malco Theatres

12/27/1951 Arkansas Western District Court Civil No. 203 Sequoyah Feed & Supply Co. v. Robinson

3/15/1951 California Court of Appeals 33347 Perry v. Fowler

4/13/1951 California Court of Appeals 35,260 Siffert v. McDowell

4/18/1951 California Court of Appeals 379 Mulligan v. Wilson

5/21/1951 California Court of Appeals 4-9503 Taylor v. Continental Southern Corp.

6/27/1951 California Court of Appeals 1073 Krull v. Krull

7/10/1951 California Court of Appeals 34082 In Re Kosh

7/18/1951 California Court of Appeals Crim. No. 4610 Andrews v. Cunningham

7/25/1951 California Court of Appeals Civ. No. 18257 People v. Hopkins

7/30/1951 California Court of Appeals Civ. No. 7886 Ona v. Reachi

10/31/1951 California Court of Appeals A-11460 Milstein v. Turner

3/9/1951 California Northern District Court Civ. No. 29612 Mitchell v. United States

3/14/1951 California Northern District Court 26981 Western Well Drilling Co. v. United States

4/10/1951 California Northern District Court 29470, 29471 Cole v. Smyth

5/24/1951 California Northern District Court 25252 Toy Teung Kwong v. Acheson

5/28/1951 California Northern District Court 39977 Parker v. Lester

6/11/1951 California Northern District Court 37973 Wallace v. Southern Pac. Co.

6/18/1951 California Northern District Court 29448 Ex Parte Wells

6/20/1951 California Northern District Court 29964 Hunt Foods v. O'DISHO

6/21/1951 California Northern District Court 30640 O'DONNELL v. Great Northern Ry. Co.

7/23/1951 California Northern District Court 39166 In Re Pagliaro

9/6/1951 California Northern District Court 22469 Kennedy v. Seaboard Oil Co. of Delaware

9/21/1951 California Northern District Court 15263 United States v. Two Obscene Books

10/3/1951 California Northern District Court 30407 United States v. Dollar

10/16/1951 California Northern District Court 33042 United States v. Lerner

10/16/1951 California Northern District Court 29272 Metropolitan Laundry Co. v. United States

10/18/1951 California Northern District Court Crim. Nos. 32883, 32986 United States v. Steffen

11/14/1951 California Northern District Court 25081, 25083, 25123, 25266, 25 Gerardo v. United States

11/20/1951 California Northern District Court 30849 Brown v. National Union of Marine Cooks and Stewards

1/8/1951 California Southern District Court 11883-C Perkins v. Louisville & NR Co.

1/11/1951 California Southern District Court Civ. No. 11398 United States v. Valenzuela

1/11/1951 California Southern District Court Argued November 28, 1950 Aerated Products Co. v. Aeration Processes

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