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4/27/1995 Hawaii Bankruptcy Court

3/14/1995 New York Eastern Bankruptcy Court

3/30/1995 Massachusetts District Court TurboCare Div. Demag v. General Electric Co.

1/3/1995 Florida Southern Bankruptcy Court

4/25/1995 Florida Southern Bankruptcy Court

7/24/1995 Maryland Bankruptcy Court

7/13/1995 Texas Northern Bankruptcy Court

2/23/1995 California Northern Bankruptcy Court Software Turnkey Services, Inc.

3/30/1995 Texas Southern Bankruptcy Court

8/2/1995 Arizona District Court Research Corp, et al v. Hewlett Packard Co

3/3/1995 Ohio Northern Bankruptcy Court

9/7/1995 Massachusetts Bankruptcy Court

10/11/1995 Wisconsin Western Bankruptcy Court

12/7/1995 Massachusetts Bankruptcy Court

4/12/1995 Massachusetts Bankruptcy Court

1/18/1995 Massachusetts Bankruptcy Court

7/21/1995 California Southern Bankruptcy Court

7/17/1995 Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation

6/30/1995 New Jersey Bankruptcy Court

2/14/1995 Texas Eastern Bankruptcy Court

4/6/1995 Mississippi Northern Bankruptcy Court

12/15/1995 Nebraska Supreme Court

8/1/1995 District Of Columbia Bankruptcy Court

1/12/1995 Alabama Northern Bankruptcy Court REGINA WILLIAMS BURRUSS

9/14/1995 Louisiana Eastern Bankruptcy Court

12/29/1995 Minnesota Bankruptcy Court

3/20/1995 Utah Bankruptcy Court

7/25/1995 Virginia Eastern Bankruptcy Court

5/9/1995 New York Northern Bankruptcy Court

3/10/1995 Missouri Western Bankruptcy Court

3/13/1995 Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation

6/7/1995 California Northern Bankruptcy Court Lectus Inc.

7/28/1995 Delaware Bankruptcy Court

8/16/1995 Minnesota District Court Interactive Technol v. Pittway Corporation, et al

9/12/1995 Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation

1/17/1995 Ohio Southern District Court USA v. Starks

5/23/1995 New York Northern Bankruptcy Court

9/18/1995 California Southern Bankruptcy Court

8/14/1995 California Northern Bankruptcy Court

3/10/1995 Alabama Northern Bankruptcy Court

11/3/1995 Missouri Western Bankruptcy Court

2/7/1995 Louisiana Western Bankruptcy Court

12/4/1995 Kentucky Western Bankruptcy Court

2/1/1995 Illinois Northern Bankruptcy Court - Chicago

10/12/1995 New York Southern Bankruptcy Court 00-Civ-6796 Petrie Retail, Inc.

7/18/1995 Virginia Appellate Court 0001954 Stephen B. Joyce v. Patricia K. Joyce

7/5/1995 Virginia Appellate Court 0069951 City of Norfolk v. Janet Vaughan

5/16/1995 Virginia Appellate Court 0087943 Lecky v. Reed

4/18/1995 New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division 009, 1994 Abraham v. Gupta

6/27/1995 Virginia Appellate Court 0095954 Brenda Bower v. VEC and Roanoke College

1/17/1995 Tennessee Supreme Court 01-92-00907-CR Shell v. State

7/10/1995 Tennessee Supreme Court 01-92-01114-CV State v. Edgin

1/11/1995 New York Northern District Court 01-92-01173-CR Baker v. SECRETARY, DEPT. OF HEALTH & HUMAN SERV.

8/10/1995 Utah District Court 01-93-00903-CV Gullickson v. SOUTHWEST AIRLINES PILOTS'ASS'N

2/8/1995 New Jersey District Court 01-93-00925-CR United States v. Jones

1/25/1995 New York Southern District Court 01-93-01019-CR Nfl Ins. Ltd. by Lines v. B & B Holdings, Inc.

8/24/1995 Arizona District Court 01-93-01103-CV Silver v. Babbitt

3/16/1995 New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division 01-94-00011-CV State v. Benas

10/19/1995 Washington Eastern District Court 01-94-0009-CV COLUMBIA ALUMINUM v. United Steelworkers

4/13/1995 South Carolina District Court 01-94-00178-CV Benekritis v. Johnson

10/11/1995 Alabama Southern District Court 01-94-00271-CR, 01-94-00272-CR Lee v. Mobile County Com'n

5/31/1995 Texas Eastern District Court 01-94-00346-CR Hooters, Inc. v. City of Texarkana, Tex.

5/18/1995 Virginia Western District Court 01-94-00369-CV United States v. Cucci

4/11/1995 New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division 01-94-00493-CV Platinum Management v. Dahms

12/14/1995 Louisiana Western District Court 01-94-00586-CR Conner v. Mid South Ins. Agency

5/18/1995 West Virginia Northern District Court 01-94-00669-CV Knox v. Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp.

6/14/1995 Court of Appeals of Texas 01-94-00682-CR Ramirez v. State

12/7/1995 Texas Southern District Court 01-94-00712-CV Williams v. State Farm Mut. Auto. Ins. Co.

4/4/1995 Arkansas Supreme Court 01-94-00728-CR to 01-94-00731- Brown v. State

3/20/1995 Tennessee Supreme Court 01-94-00843-CV In Re Adoption of Female Child

3/27/1995 Tennessee Supreme Court 01-94-00905-CV State v. Teague

7/3/1995 Tennessee Supreme Court 01-94-01022-CV Watkins v. State

3/30/1995 Tennessee Eastern District Court 01-94-01058-CV Harrison v. LANDMARK COMMUNITY PUBLICATIONS OF TENN.

4/13/1995 New York Southern District Court 01-94-01092-CV, 01-94-01135-CV J. Lyons & Co. Ltd. v. Republic of Tea, Inc.

11/8/1995 New York Eastern District Court 01-94-01152-CR Burke v. Dowling

11/2/1995 Arkansas Eastern District Court 01-95-00803-CV Graham Webb Partnership v. Emporium Drug Mart

10/19/1995 Tennessee Appellate Court 01-A-01-9503-CV-00089 Duncan v. Crawford, Maryville, For The

2/27/1995 California Northern Bankruptcy Court 01-Jan-1970 Trans World Airlines, Inc.

4/26/1995 California Northern Bankruptcy Court 01-Jan-1970 San Francisco Advantage, Inc.

5/18/1995 California Northern Bankruptcy Court 01-Jan-1970 Vineyard Village Assoc.

9/26/1995 California Northern Bankruptcy Court 01-Jan-1970 Cache Computers, Inc.

2/24/1995 California Northern Bankruptcy Court 01-Jan-1970 Silver Screen Amusements, Inc.

6/1/1995 Massachusetts District Court 01-Jan-1970 Cook v. McLaughlin, et al

8/9/1995 California Northern Bankruptcy Court 01-Jan-1970 Portofino Development Corp.- Adversary Proceeding

12/6/1995 California Northern Bankruptcy Court 01-Jan-1970 Vinh Duc Nguyen- Adversary Proceeding

9/21/1995 California Northern Bankruptcy Court 01-Jan-1970 Vinh Duc Nguyen

10/23/1995 California Northern Bankruptcy Court 01-Jan-1970 Carlos Moncada

4/7/1995 California Northern Bankruptcy Court 01-Jan-1970 Subbarao Pinamaneni

11/21/1995 Virginia Appellate Court 0101952 Lisa Ramona Pendleton v. Tri-Dim Filter Corp., etal

5/5/1995 Mississippi Supreme Court 01A01-9411-CH-00550 Amy Renee Jones v. State of Mississippi

11/29/1995 Tennessee Appellate Court 01A01-9411-PB-00553 Vickie Dianne Tuttle v. Robert Edward Tuttle

11/15/1995 Kansas District Court 01A01-9501-CH-00005 Cease v. Safelite Glass Corp.

9/20/1995 Tennessee Appellate Court 01A01-9501-GS-00006 Kathy Gale (Phillips) Bennett v. William Thomas Bennett

10/25/1995 Virginia Appellate Court 01A01-9502-CV-00038 Patrick F. Moran v. R&W Construction, Inc.

1/19/1995 Tennessee Appellate Court 01A01-9503-CH-00093 Tom and Karen Moore v. Lloyd A. Walwyn, M.D.

9/13/1995 Tennessee Appellate Court 01A01-9503-CH-00109 First American National Bank v. J.M.D. Bransford

10/31/1995 Mississippi Supreme Court 01A01-9505-CH-00206 Donald Francis Strub v. Nina King Strub

10/4/1995 Illinois Northern District Court 01A01-9505-CV-00183 Wen Products, Inc. v. Master Leather Inc.

9/27/1995 Tennessee Appellate Court 01A01-9506-CH-00273 Frank Bell v. Christine Bradley

11/5/1995 Mississippi Supreme Court 01A01-9506-CV-00268 City of Jackson, Mississippi v. Charles Williamson

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