Zubkis v. Donaldson, et al
Appeal Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, Case No. 05-55313

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No Logo Anthony J. Bosco, Defendant - Appellee,
No Logo Carmen J. Lawrence, Defendant - Appellee,
No Logo Cynthia A. Glassman, Defendant - Appellee,
No Logo Edwin H. Nordlinger, Defendant - Appellee,
No Logo Elizabeth Jacobs, Defendant - Appellee,
No Logo Ernest E. Badway, Defendant - Appellee,
No Logo Harvey J. Goldschmid, Defendant - Appellee,
No Logo Henry Klehm, Iii, Defendant - Appellee,
No Logo Jacqueline A. Zucker, Defendant - Appellee,
No Logo John J. Graubard, Defendant - Appellee,
No Logo Kay L. Lackey, Defendant - Appellee,
No Logo Mark K. Schonfeld, Defendant - Appellee,
No Logo Paul S. Atkins, Defendant - Appellee,
No Logo Peter A. Pizzani, Defendant - Appellee,
No Logo Peter Sack, Defendant - Appellee,
No Logo Roel C. Campos, Defendant - Appellee,
No Logo Wayne M. Carlin, Defendant - Appellee,
No Logo William H. Donaldson, Chairman, U.s. Securities And Exchange Commission, Defendant - Appellee,
No Logo Zubkis, Vladislav Steven, Plaintiff - Appellant,
Officially listed as "Steven Vladislav Zubkis"
Nature of Suit 2360 - Personal Injury: Other Personal
Case Type civil
Lower Court Case https://ecf.casd.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/DktRpt.pl?caseNumber=CV-03-02104-RTB
Lower Court Case https://ecf.casd.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/DktRpt.pl?caseNumber=CV-03-02104-RTB
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Blank  Filed: 8/14/2006, Entered: None
RECORD RETURNED. (See control card for details.) (JAS)
    Blank  Filed: 8/14/2006, Entered: None
    RECORD RETURNED. (See control card for details.) (JAS)
      Blank  Filed: 4/11/2006, Entered: None
      MANDATE ISSUED. Costs taxed against aplt $142.50 [05-55313] (GV)
        Blank  Filed: 3/3/2006, Entered: None
        Filed Aples' bill of costs $142.50; served on 3/2/06 [05-55313] (GV)
          Blank  Filed: 2/17/2006, Entered: None
          FILED MEMORANDUM: AFFIRMED. (Terminated on the Merits after Submission Without Oral Hearing; Affirmed; Written, Unsigned, Unpublished. Ferdinand F. FERNANDEZ, Pamela A. RYMER, Jay S. BYBEE). FILED AND ENTERED JUDGMENT. [05-55313] (GV)
            Blank  Filed: 2/13/2006, Entered: None
            SUBMITTED TO SCREENING PANEL 413. ( Oral) [05-55313] [05-55313] (TH)
              Blank  Filed: 8/29/2005, Entered: None
              FILED CERTIFIED RECORD ON APPEAL IN: 2 Clerks files, [05-55313] (JAS)
                Blank  Filed: 8/16/2005, Entered: None
                Calendar check performed [05-55313] (TH)
                  Blank  Filed: 7/15/2005, Entered: None
                  Filed original & 11 copies Appellant Vladislav Steven Zubkis's reply brief (Informal: n) 8 pages; served on 7/14/05 with minor defcy: (add'l 4 copies are req). Notified aplt. [05-55313] (GV)
                    Blank  Filed: 6/29/2005, Entered: None
                    Filed original & 15 copies Aples' 25 pages ans br, 5 Supplemental Excs.; served on 6/28/05 [05-55313] (GV)
                      Blank  Filed: 6/20/2005, Entered: None
                      Copy of letter received from Beth Levine AUSA to Vladislav Zubkis re: rcvd 14-day oral ex.tm.f ans br. Brief now due on 7/1/05; optioanl rpy br due 14 days after service of the Governemnt's brief (Cassefile) [05-55313] (GV)
                        Blank  Filed: 6/16/2005, Entered: None
                        14 day oral extension by phone of time to file Appellee William H. Donaldson, Appellee Cynthia A. Glassman, Appellee Harvey J. Goldschmid, Appellee Paul S. Atkins, Appellee Roel C. Campos, Appellee Elizabeth Jacobs, Appellee Carmen J. Lawrence, Appellee Edwin H. Nordlinger, Appellee Henry Klehm, Appellee Jacqueline A. Zucker, Appellee Kay L. Lackey, Appellee Ernest E. Badway, Appellee Wayne M. Carlin, Appellee Mark K. Schonfeld, Appellee Peter A. Pizzani, Appellee John J. Graubard, Appellee Anthony J. Bosco, Appellee Peter Sack's brief. Appellees' brief due 7/1/05,, ; appellants' reply brief due 14 days from service of answering brief [05-55313] (PG)
                          Blank  Filed: 5/17/2005, Entered: None
                          Filed original & 15 copies Appellant Vladislav Steven Zubkis's opening brief (Informal: n) 29 pages; 5 Excs; served on 5/16/05; minor defcy: (need white covers for excs, copy of noa). Notified aplt. [05-55313] (GV)
                            Blank  Filed: 4/19/2005, Entered: None
                            Rec'd notice of change of address from Vladislav Steven Zubkis, dated 4/14/05. New address: 1590 Continental St. Suite 200, San Diego CA 92154 (Casefile) [05-55313] (GV)
                              Blank  Filed: 3/31/2005, Entered: None
                              Filed order PROMO: (Deputy Clerk: cag) Aplt's mtn for an ex.tm.f the opening br is granted. The opening br is due 5/18/05. The ans br is due 6/17/05, and the optional rpy br is due 14 days after service of the ans br. [05-55313] (GV)
                                Blank  Filed: 3/24/2005, Entered: None
                                Filed Appellant Vladislav Steven Zubkis's motion to extend time to file appellant's opening brief; served on 3/22/05 (Promo) [5375634] [05-55313] (GV)
                                  Blank  Filed: 3/22/2005, Entered: None
                                  Received letter from pro se appellant Zubkis re: states court's caption for the case is incorrect. (to PRO SE) (RT)


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