Federal Civil Lawsuit New Jersey District Court, Case No. 2:03-cv-00030-KSH

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No Logo ABDUL BASIT, Plaintiff

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Name Phone Fax E-Mail
Space AGNES S. WLADYKA +1 908 233 0024 +1 908 233 0118

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Name Phone Fax E-Mail
Space ANTHONY J. LABRUNA, JR. +1 973 645 2926
Office Newark
Filed 1/1/2003
Jury Demand None
Demand $0
Nature of Suit 863 - D.I.W.C./D.I.W.W. (US Defendant)
Cause Section 42 U.S.C. § 405 Review of HHS Decision (DIWC)
Jurisdiction U.S. Government Defendant
Disposition Transfer/Remand - Transfer to Another District
County Essex
Terminated 1/14/2004
Origin 1
Reopened None
Lead Case None
Related Case
Other Court Case None
Def Custody Status
Flags 12BD, CLOSED
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Legal Document (Payment Possibly Required) 16 Filed: 2/20/2004, Entered: 2/24/2004 OrderCourt Filing
ORDER Granting attorneys fees, [15] Affidavit filed by ABDUL BASIT under the EAJA, is ordered that plaintiff be allowed a fee award under the EAJA, in the amount of $5,656.00 PLUS $140.00 for costs made payable to plaintiff's counsel and is is further Ordered that the w/in matter is dimissed w/prejudice.. Signed by Judge Katharine S. Hayden on 2/20/04. (JB, )
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    Legal Document (Payment Possibly Required) 15 Filed: 2/3/2004, Entered: 2/5/2004, Terminated: 2/20/2004 Affidavit
    AFFIDAVIT OF AGNES S. WLADYKA in support of motio for award of attorney's fees under the AEJA. by ABDUL BASIT. (JB, )
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      Legal Document (Payment Possibly Required) 14 Filed: 2/3/2004, Entered: 2/5/2004 Brief
      MEMORANDUM of points and authorities in support of motion for attorney's fee under EAJA.BRIEFby ABDUL BASIT. (Attachments: # (1) Proposed Order)(JB, )
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        Legal Document (Payment Possibly Required) 13 Filed: 1/14/2004, Entered: 1/14/2004 OrderCourt Filing
        ORDER that the Commissioner's decision in this matter is hereby REVERSED and REMANDED to the Commissioner so that further administrative action may be taken w/specific instructions to fully consider the medical evidence to determine the capacities of plaintiff etc. . Signed by Judge Katharine S. Hayden on 01/14/04. (JB, )
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          Legal Document (Payment Possibly Required) 12 Filed: 1/6/2004, Entered: 1/8/2004 Remand HearingCourt Filing
          Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Katharine S. Hayden : Remand Hearing held on 1/6/2004, w/oral argument place on the record regarding the decision of the Commissioner of Social Security. Court remanded matter back to the Comm. Soc. Sec. OTBS. (Court Reporter Ralph Florio.) (JB, )
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            Blank 11 Filed: 12/1/2003, Entered: 12/3/2003 ~Notice (other)
            NOTICE of scheduled Oral hearing for 01/06/04 at 11:00am. in courtroom 5 by courtroom deputy Rosemarie Guilloty. (JB)
              Blank 10 Filed: 11/17/2003, Entered: 11/18/2003 Defendants Response Brief
              Defendant's RESPONSE BRIEF filed in Social Security Case. (JB)
                Blank 9 Filed: 11/17/2003, Entered: 11/18/2003 Plaintiffs Brief
                Plaintiff's BRIEF filed in Social Security Case. (JB)
                  Blank -- Filed: 8/26/2003, Entered: 10/14/2003 Remark
                  Pltf's brief sent to the Commissioner on 8/26/03 with copy to Chambers; Commissioner to sub his brief by 9/26/03 (RG)
                    Blank 8 Filed: 5/8/2003, Entered: 5/13/2003 OrderCourt Filing
                    CONSENT ORDER, for leave to file ANSWER OUT OF TIME w/in 30 days of the day of this order. ( signed by Judge Katharine S. Hayden ) (NM) (JB)
                      Blank 7 Filed: 5/8/2003, Entered: 5/9/2003 Miscellaneous Document
                      Plaintiff's STATEMENT setting forth plaintiff's primary contentioins or arguemts as to why plaintiff is entitled to relief. by ABDUL BASIT (filed as requested by courtroom deputy.) (JB)
                        Blank 6 Filed: 4/4/2003, Entered: 4/8/2003 Answer
                        ANSWER filed in Social Security Case by COMM SOCIAL SECURITY Plaintiff's Brief due 7/18/03 (Admin. Record Received) w/cert of service. (JB)
                          Blank -- Filed: 3/26/2003, Entered: 3/26/2003 Remark
                          Counsel to submit a consent order allowing the Commissioner to file his answer by 4/7/03 (RG)
                            Blank -- Filed: 3/26/2003, Entered: 3/26/2003 Set/Reset Deadlines:
                            Deadline updated; reset answer due for 3/24/03 for COMM SOCIAL SECURITY Commissioner receives 60 days to answer not 30 days as docketed (RG)
                              Blank 5 Filed: 2/3/2003, Entered: 2/6/2003 Summons Returned Executed
                              RETURN OF SERVICE executed as to COMM SOCIAL SECURITY 1/22/03 Answer due on 2/11/03 for COMM SOCIAL SECURITY w/proof of mailing to Baltimore and Washington, DC. (JB) Modified on 03/26/2003
                                Blank 4 Filed: 1/13/2003, Entered: 1/13/2003 Order
                                MOTION AND CLERK'S ORDER, appointing special process server ( to serve Summons and Cmp on deft(s). ) (NM) (dr)
                                  Blank 3 Filed: 1/13/2003, Entered: 1/13/2003 Case Assigned/ReassignedCourt Filing
                                  NOTICE of Allocation and Assignment filed. ( NEWARK - Judge HAYDEN - Magistrate Judge RONALD J HEDGES) (NM) (dr)
                                    Blank -- Filed: 1/13/2003, Entered: 1/13/2003 Summons Issued
                                    SUMMONS(ES) issued for COMM SOCIAL SECURITY ( 60 Days) (Mailed to Counsel) (dr)
                                      Blank 2 Filed: 1/8/2003, Entered: 1/13/2003 OrderCourt Filing
                                      ORDER on Appl, to proceed in forma pauperis is granted; The Clk shall issue summons upon the Defts as directed by the Pltf, in the ordinary course. ( signed by Judge Katharine S. Hayden ) (NM) (dr)
                                        Blank 1 Filed: 1/8/2003, Entered: 1/13/2003 Complaint
                                        COMPLAINT filed FILING FEE $ ifp (dr)
                                          Blank -- Filed: 1/1/2003, Entered: 1/8/2003 Complaint Received
                                          Complaint Received w/ Appl to proceed ifp. . (dr)


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