Federal Civil Lawsuit United States Court of Federal Claims, Case No. 1:01-cv-00677-MBH
District Judge Marian Blank Horn, presiding

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No Logo SILVIA I. TURNER, Plaintiff

Represented by Jones Blechman Woltz & Kelly PC

Name Phone Fax E-Mail
Space Russell Wayne Woodlief +1 757 873 8000
United States of America United States of America, Defendant
Officially listed as "USA"

Represented by United States Department of Justice

Name Phone Fax E-Mail
Space Timothy Paul McIlmail +1 202 616 0342 +1 202 514 7965 timothy.mcilmail@usdoj.gov
Office COFC
Filed 12/3/2001
Jury Demand
Demand $0
Nature of Suit 354 - Military Pay - SBP
Cause Section 28 U.S.C. § 1491 Tucker Act
Jurisdiction U.S. Government Defendant
Disposition Preliminary Injunction
Terminated 4/5/2002
Origin 1
Reopened None
Lead Case None
Related Case
Other Court Case None
Def Custody Status
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Blank 13 Filed: 4/19/2002, Entered: 4/19/2002
TRANSCRIPT of proceedings re: status conference, 1 volume, at Washington, D.C., for date of April 2, 2002. Notice to parties. (FE)
    Blank 12 Filed: 4/12/2002, Entered: 4/12/2002
    CERTIFIED TRANSCRIPT OF JUDGMENT dated April 8, 2002, forwarded to attorney of record. See letter in file. (FE)
      Blank 11 Filed: 4/5/2002, Entered: 4/5/2002
      JUDGMENT entered pursuant to Rule 58, that (a) plaintiff recover of and from the United States the sum of $38,276.98, inclusive of attorney fees and expenses; (b) the military records of Sergeant Turner are corrected to reflect that Sergeant Turner elected a full spousal survivor benefit; and (c) a survivor annuity is to be paid to Mrs. Turner to begin effective April 1, 2002. (signed by Clerk). Copy to parties. (DS)
        Blank 10 Filed: 4/5/2002, Entered: 4/5/2002 Court Filing
        ORDER directing the Clerk to enter judgment in accordance with the parties' stipulation for entry of judgment. (signed by Judge Marian Blank Horn) Copy to parties. (DS)
          Blank -- Filed: 4/5/2002, Entered: 4/5/2002
          Case closed (DS)
            Blank 9 Filed: 4/4/2002, Entered: 4/4/2002
            Stipulation by SILVIA I. TURNER and USA for entry of judgment. (AB)
              Blank 8 Filed: 4/2/2002, Entered: 4/2/2002 Court Filing
              ORDER Parties stipulation for entry of judgment due 4/5/02 (signed by Sr. Judge Marian Blank Horn). Copy to parties. (LTD)
                Blank -- Filed: 4/2/2002, Entered: 4/3/2002 Status Conference
                Status Conference held ( Transcript due 5/2/02 ) (DS)
                  Blank 7 Filed: 3/29/2002, Entered: 4/1/2002 Terminated:
                  MOTION by USA (Service: 3/29/02) to Extend Time to respond to the complaint until 4/8/02. Response due: 4/15/02. (LTD)
                    Blank -- Filed: 2/27/2002, Entered: 3/1/2002 Status Conference
                    Status Conference set at 10:30 a.m. on 4/2/02 (DS)
                      Blank 6 Filed: 2/26/2002, Entered: 2/27/2002 Terminated:
                      SECOND MOTION by USA (Service: 2/26/02) to Extend Time to respond to the complaint , (until April 1, 2002). (FE)
                        Blank 5 Filed: 1/25/2002, Entered: 1/25/2002 Court Filing
                        ORDER granting [4-1] motion to Extend Time to respond to the complaint Response to complaint due 3/1/02 (signed by Sr. Judge Marian Blank Horn). Copy to parties. (LTD)
                          Blank 4 Filed: 1/24/2002, Entered: 1/25/2002, Terminated: 1/25/2002 Terminated:
                          MOTION by USA (Service: 1/24/02) to Extend Time to respond to the complaint , (until March 1, 2002). (FE)
                            Blank 3 Filed: 12/14/2001, Entered: 12/17/2001 Notice of Appearance/
                            NOTICE of Attorney Appearance for USA by Timothy Paul McIlmail. Service: 12/14/01. (LTD)
                              Blank 2 Filed: 12/3/2001, Entered: 12/4/2001 Case Assigned/ReassignedCourt Filing
                              Notice of assignment to Sr. Judge Marian Blank Horn. Copy to parties. (FE)
                                Blank 1 Filed: 12/3/2001, Entered: 12/4/2001 Complaint
                                COMPLAINT, FILING FEE $150, RECEIPT #052843. Answer due on 2/1/02. (FE)


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