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Establish on-site, same-day registration as national law for all levels of election

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Many people cannot vote because of labyrinthine voter registration processes, poll relocation, non-standard eligibility restrictions, and other factors that serve to suppress the ability of eligible citizens to vote.

Votes cast by on-site registrants could be set aside as provisional and used to determine the outcome only in races where the number of on-site registered ballots could make a difference.

A streamlined vetting process can likely be found in states that already have successful on-site voter registration.
Supporters: William Hughes, David Sauter
Opponents: None
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    David Sauter

    David Sauter / November 6, 2011 at 10:21 AM EST

    Voter fraud is a very minor issue when you look at the numbers. You can use the thumb ink to make sure that people don't vote twice. On-site registration or fixing of registration is a very good idea but you're going to get push back from vested interests.

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    Problem The voter turnout rate is very low.
    The voter turnout in the 2010 federal elections was less than 42%. As the majority of eligible voters do not vote, the majority of the democratic power in the US is concentrated in the far wings of the political spectrum that are politically motivated enough to vote. Furthermore, those types of people are the most receptive to the hard-line party propaganda that limits support for bipartisan cooperation.
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