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Implement President Obama's five principles for tax reform and improve the current progressive income tax system

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Given the nature of the progressive tax system, it would be beneficial to government revenues and the economy for policies to be implemented that alleviate income and payroll tax burdens on the middle and lower classes and that increase income and payroll taxes on the top brackets. This adjustment in policy would allow for everyone to pay their “fair share” as an egalitarian, democratic economy requires. This is proposal is needed given the current economic conditions, and additionally provides the compelling force necessary to motivate citizens to render taxes, in proportionality to their wealth.
Supporters: Taylor Morgan, Lisa Matulevicz
Opponents: None
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    Problem Taxes on the rich and super rich MUST be raised significantly.
    Every person is affected by the loss of revenue in the United States. From drying up social services, to pot-holed roads to schools that jam 2-3 grades into a single classroom; the effect is pervasive. The Bush tax cuts should have expired but the wholly bought Congress and President cannot do such things. As a people we have to demand the raising of taxes on the rich, and especially, the super-rich to bring our country back under control. This is perhaps the simplest solution to dozens of current social and economic problems.
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