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Corrupt Congress

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Destroyed my business, lost my townhouse, unemployed for four years despite having a stellar resume and 60 years of robust life experience.
Supporters: David Sauter, Erna Boldt
Opponents: None
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    Solution Electoral Reform Act of 2012
    Electoral Reform Act of 2012 [3.4]

    Phase I [Implementation in Time for November 2012]
    01 Open Ballot Access Proposed, that ballot access requirements should be the same for every candidate, irrespective of party affiliation. Equal access includes access to debates. This shall also apply to initiatives and referenda, and to primary elections. No state shall be eligible to receive federal funding in any amount absent its implementation of this provision in time for 2012 and thereafter.
    02 Make It Easier to Vote, & Count Celebrate Democracy—Election Day should be a national holiday. Every voter regardless of condition and especially of transportation, should be able to vote easily. Early Voting should be universal. Mandatory voting should be considered. ALL ballots must be on paper and subject to physical re-count.
    03 Honest Open Debates Proposed, to end the current monopoly of the debates by the two-party alliance against independent and third parties, that new independent non-partisan means be found to manage honest open debates, to include third to fifth parties.

    04 Instant Round-Robin Voting (IRRV) Proposed, that to ensure the election of a winner elected by a majority, that the Condorcet method of Instant Round-Robin Voting (IRRV) be adopted for all national and state elections. This method of voting to elect representatives in no way negates the requirements as stated throughout this Act for constant transparent public access to all relevant information, and tools for assuring public participation in all public decisions.
    05 Expanded Debates America is too complicated to elect one person who then picks their buddies and carries out a “winner take all” purge of the Congress and the Executive. Candidates should be required to name their Cabinet in advance and also post a planned budget, with Cabinet designees participating in Cabinet-level debates.
    06 Fusion Teams The public and candidates are encouraged to incentivize fusion teams where coalition cabinets are formed, and there is an end to the winner take all system of governance.

    Phase II [Implementation in Time for November 2014]
    07 Full and Balanced Representation Enact Open Registration; all parties having at least 10% of the voters registering a preference for their political philosophy shall be eligible for assigned districts proportional to their number, and also to a proportional share of leadership positions in legislative bodies at all levels from local to national.
    08 Tightly-Drawn Districts & More Proposed, that we end the corrupt practice of gerrymandering, replacing it with compact computer drawn districts similar to the kind used in Iowa. All gerrymanders in progress in 2011 is stopped by this Act and replaced by tightly-drawn districts. An increase of districts to achieve 1:500,000 representation, is also enacted.
    09 Full Public Funding of Diverse Candidates Proposed, to eliminate all federal and corporate financing of campaigns, and all political action committees while creating a public Electoral Trust Fund (300M citizens x $10 each = 3 billion a year). Air time for all candidates is free and equal. Networks are NOT allowed to broadcast trends—a complete media black-out until election day is over.
    10 No Legislation Without Consultation Proposed, that all legislation without exception be published on line, normally one month prior to vote but no less than 24-72 hours for emergencies, to include explicit geospatial pointers for all “earmarks” each of which must be publicly announced and also offered for amendment by the voters in the relevant district. Provision will be made for full virtual hearings and the public review of all available views on any legislated matter.
    11 Constitutional Amendment In addition to all of the above enacted as an interim law, work toward a Constitutional Amendment that places Electoral Reform outside the power of the government; enact Statehood for the District of Columbia; abolish the Electoral College; and re-enfranchise convicts who complete their sentences
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