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Farming jobs, manufacturing jobs, and the US has a strong dependence on foreign oil.

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The unemployment rate is at 9% and a lot of people could work on farms or in manufacturing jobs. My town was decimated when NAFTA was passed.
Supporter: Patrick Ander
Opponent: Erna Boldt
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    Patrick Ander

    Patrick Ander / November 7, 2011 at 8:57 AM ST

    I apologize for the poor post. Wanted to make a post about legalizing industrial hemp and didn't have a good problem to post where industrial hemp is the solution.

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    Solution Legalize the growing of industrial hemp.
    By legalizing industrial hemp, it would provide a boost to the economy. It would create jobs in farming, transportation, and potential could create jobs in manufacturing as companies move towards making goods with industrial hemp. It could also help get the US off of oil as it can be processed into fuel.

    The reasons behind making industrial hemp illegal are outdated and ignorant. I am not going to lay out all of the facts and history about industrial hemp, but a simple Google search and a quick look at the wikipedia page will give a lot of information.
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