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We the People can direct our Congress by creating better laws. Please visit to learn more about our thorough plan to create Lawmaking 2.0 Philadelphia is birthing a second Independence movement to reform the legislative branch.

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Laws and Regulations, United States Constitution
Article 1, Section 8 (Changes)

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    Problem Elected leaders only partially represent us, and often cater to special interests, instead of doing what is best for our Nation.
    My Father-in-law spent months carefully crafting text for the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, only to have a sizable portion of the law changed by two rogue Congressman right before the bill went to a vote and became law. Even Congressman don't know the text of bills they vote and how unjust some regulations have become. I want my children to grow up in a country where the best ideas rise to the top and become clear and fair laws.
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