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Get in touch with our U.S. Embassy for us Americans that are being abused by our American Justice System. Do we have an American Embassy to go to?

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Some one is doing a poor job of treating the mentally ill fairly. These officers need proper training. Or may be they should go to jail
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    Problem mentally ill individual incarcerated because of her mental illness
    My friends 19 year old niece was seen " wandering around " and " acting suspicious",while walking into a condominium complex,long story short,the police were called.She was arrested for ' trespassing" and " breaking and entering" ,(though there was never any evidence of either charge nor did she do that and those charges were dropped).It is only too obvious,that she has a mental illness,when talking to her.Once the police took her to the station to " book " her,she told them she was going to kill herself.Three male officers pinned her down in the strip search area and stripped her completely naked ,tearing her clothes off.Two female jailers stood watching them.Then as she laid completely naked still pinned down by the male officers,a female jailer put her hand into her mouth to try to rip out of her mouth her piercing.Having felt violated and wanting to be let loose as she is petite and was unable to breathe ,pinned down face first,she reacted by biting the female jailer when she tried to yank her piercing from her mouth.Now ,as a result,though the jail was informed that she is mentally ill ,as a result of her biting the jailer,she will probably be sentenced to three years in prison.She is and always has been mentally ill ,on medication etc...And now she will be just yet another inmate number in the California State Prison System.I am heart broken.We are talking about a young ,beautiful young girl who, due to 2 selfish ,bickering divorcing parents,abandoned her at age 7 years old,into mental institutions,not because she was ill then,but because they did not care.And from 7 years old until she was 17 years old,NOT ONE FAMILY MEMBER even so much as visited her.Not until she was 17 ,and , I assume no longer " a ward of the state" did she become released.But by then,she had already been damaged with various drugs forced into her system by staff members ,as well as raped by staff members,in Utah.Thus,her development and various mental disease and issues.She never stood a chance.Her family,not wanting to " deal with her" , as an adult ,do nothing to help or support her.Sadly,she has come full she will be stuck into a drawer a s an inmate /file / case number...all because she simply " appeared strange " while walking thru a condominium complex.The End
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