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Vanita Dalipram, Vanita K. Dalipram, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies

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Vanita Dalipram or Vanita K. Dalipram who comes from the island country of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean in the West Indies and who is an Open Scholarship Recipient and who is also a graduate with a degree in Petroleum Geoscience and who attended the Lakshmi Girls Hindu College at #58 Eastern Main Road, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies is a truly unspeakably atrocious and appalling person. She is a cheater, liar, fraudster, manipulator, deceiver, crooked person, trickster, and great pretender which she happens to be.
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    Solution Please read this information and forward it to everyone on your contact list, to Congressmen, elected officials, colleges, influential organizations, newscasters, newspapers, magazines, talk radio and anyone else you can think of. Print it out for pe
    Please read this information and forward it to everyone on your contact list, to Congressmen, elected officials, colleges, influential organizations, newscasters, newspapers, magazines, talk radio and anyone else you can think of. Print it out for people to read. This information is vital for our country and prosperity. Thank you to all good Americans.
    Revised: 2-8-12


    The following short treatise will explain in detail what is wrong with our current economic system and how to easily and permanently repair it as it was once meant to be.
    The reader will become educated on the following subjects and facts:

    • The proper way money is supposed to be created.
    • The way money is currently created.
    • Why currency must complete the full cycle of creation.
    • The difference between a Federal Reserve Note and a United States Note.
    • The importance of government creating the currency of the country.
    • The proper understanding of exactly what money is.
    • Why the money supply has to expand with the population and assets.
    • The Treasury Bond scam.
    • The true purpose and duty of a Central Bank.

    Subheadings in this article are:


    The average citizen is completely ignorant on how money is initially created and enters into circulation. The following is meant to educate the average American in a very short and simple format that can easily communicate the important facts and issues without becoming long, drawn out and complicated. It is vitally important that all people understand the subject of money creation as common knowledge and common sense. Understanding the mechanics of money creation must become common knowledge among the citizens before our government can be repaired. Only then can the power to create money be taken back by our government. The money powers are so politically connected that only the American people having the knowledge of what is happening can stop them from owning and controlling our currency.
    The primary subject here is initial currency creation and distribution into our economic system. It is imperative that all people interested in repairing their government, understand the issues herein and act upon them before our economies degrade further. Every day brings us closer to economic ruin until the problem is solved. Our Government must regain control and ownership of the countries money supply from the world banking cartels.

    WE THE PEOPLE are supposed to create OUR country’s money, not private banks. Our government is supposed to print it and loan it to banks to loan into circulation. But this is not what’s happening today. DO NOT let the word “FEDERAL” fool you. The “FED” or “FEDERAL RESERVE BANK” is not, and never has been, part of our government. The FED is a private bank with private owners reaping the profits of creating US currency at the expense of every American citizen.
    Currently our Federal, state and local governments are going broke while the FED continues to steal America’s money supply that rightfully belongs to our government. Our government is an organization for the people of America, the FED is not.
    Our founding fathers attempted to create a monetary system that would benefit America. Over the years this monetary system has been ruthlessly perverted from the original intent of our fore fathers. Our current monetary system is not a system our founding fathers had in mind or would have approved of. As a matter of fact it is unconstitutional. Remember this: While you are being forced to pay taxes, the private FED’s coffers are filling up will newly created currency that rightfully belongs to the US government (The People). The FED has been stealing our countries money supply for 98 years. The people tacitly allow them this because of their ignorance of what is happening. The people fail to see the systematic destruction of their economy because they are not educated to understand how it is happening. Now the education to stop this ignorance is before your eyes.
    The main duty and obligation of government is to create and own the countries money supply. This forces the newly created money to complete an economic cycle in order to validate it into real money. This primary duty of government cannot be allocated to any private agency or bank as it is today. The creation of currency by any private bank, agency or organization stops the natural flow of the currency cycle, while methodically draining the economic system of currency. The currency stops at the bank and does not pay for the operation of government as it is suppose to. Banks get richer and government goes farther into debt. This debt is commonly called “the National Debt.”
    Banks have no lawful right to create currencies because they are not entities created for the benefit of the people of the country, as a government is. Yet the banks have been allowed to create currency for so long that they have caused unprecedented inflation and destroyed the economies of the world with debt. The current sovereign debt problem is all about this debt that was never lawful in the first place.
    It is imperative to understand that a countries currency is the life blood of the country and its economy. The countries economy is the backbone and foundation of the people’s prosperity. Only a government is rightfully entitled to produce and receive the benefit of creating the countries currency. Yet, the US government has not been doing so since 1913.
    As it is today and since 1913, the banks have gained the ability to create their own bank notes (Federal Reserve Notes) and pass them into circulation as the countries currency and RECEIVE THE BENEFIT OF CREATING THE CURRENCY (they get to create and keep the money).
    Simple common sense will tell you that it all boils down to who receives the benefit of creating the money. In other words, at this time the banks create the money, lend it out and get to keep the money when it is paid back. The banks are essentially sucking the life blood out of all the countries of the currencies they control because the banks essentially own title to the money supply.
    The money they create are bank notes, not government issued money as we have been led to believe. We have been operating on private bank notes since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, not government issued currency (United States Notes). It is a system created over the years by the banking systems through fraud and trickery under the guise of stabilizing the currency and preventing inflation.
    Well, in 98 years it has certainly failed to live up to its expectations since the government is hopelessly in debt, the dollar is in shambles and inflation has decreased the value of our dollar to only 3 cents of the full dollar it was worth in 1913.
    The core problem with our current economic system is how currency originates into the economy and its failure to make a complete economic cycle in the process. The entity that creates and receives the benefit of creating the money is the important issue here. Understanding how currency is now created and injected into our economy is the paramount issue that all of our other economic problems spawn from. It is the foundation and root cause of our current economic problems.
    How governments have been frauded into borrowing money to operate while banks create the currency out of thin air, is the root cause of our current problems. It is a gigantic fraud against the people of most countries.
    Keep in mind that governments are entities for the betterment of society while banks are not. Banks are for profit businesses for the benefit of their owners and stockholders, not the country.
    The root cause of our economic problems arises because of the way the currency originally enters our economy and nothing more. Sure there may be other problems that are related, but nothing is more important than the proper procedure in the creation of a country’s money supply.
    Have you ever wondered why the Federal Reserve Bank never complains of having money problems and can lend endless amounts of money when all the other governments, businesses and banks are in distress and failing? Why has the FED never been fully audited and fights hard not to be? Why are the owners of the FED kept secret?
    Have you ever stopped to think what Bernanke really meant when he told congress: “If the FED were to be audited it would be detrimental to the US dollar.” The FED absolutely does not want the people to understand that the FED keeps the money they create instead of the US Treasury.
    Most people erroneously believe that Federal Reserve Notes are government issued currency. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The simple procedure of proper money creation has been well hidden from people over the years. The correct procedure for proper money creation is so important it should be understood by everyone, even grade-school students.
    It is very important to understand some basics about currency before we dive into the proper solutions to our problems.

    To properly understand the subject of currency, it is imperative to understand and define exactly what currency (money) is. Although we mistakenly value currency as something intrinsically valuable, in reality currency (money) is nothing more than an accepted IOU or note that is used for exchanging value when we trade. Paper currency has no intrinsic value. It is merely a note accepted and trusted by all. Like a title to your car or property, it is only a piece of paper that states you hold so much value to trade with. It is an instrument that is accepted by people as a constant for determining value.
    Currency is a very effective and convenient tool for trading as it is easy to transport and store. Paper currency, sea shells, tally sticks, etc, only hold their value as a currency because people accept and trust it as being worth so much when trading goods and services.
    If you were stranded on a desert island, any of the above mentioned currencies including gold and silver would be worthless because there would be no one around to accept it as being of value. Only real items such as food and survival items would be worth anything to a person stranded on the desert island. It is important to realize that whatever is being used for currency (including gold and silver), it is only a tool, instrument or convenient method for exchanging value when trading.

    Many people have a misconception of gold and silver as used as money. Before the days of sophisticated printing presses, paper currency was easily counterfeited and therefore was not trusted by people. Paper currency would very often become worthless for one reason or another. Mostly, because to much of the paper currency was printed.
    Anyone with any experience in printing could counterfeit the crude paper currency in days of old. On the other hand gold and silver had to be dug from the ground, processed, and minted into coins, making it virtually impossible to counterfeit real gold and silver. Therefore gold and silver had and held a certain value because it was hard to come by. Nobody would lose faith in gold and silver because the rare metals took effort and work to acquire it from the ground and process into coins. It was therefore valuable.
    Gold and silver therefore made the perfect tools for exchanging value before the days of sophisticated printing presses and counterfeit-proof money. But the fact remains that even gold and silver being used as money was merely a convenient tool for exchanging value in trade just like paper currency is today. This is primarily why gold and silver became the world’s first reliable money.

    Once currency could be printed with little chance of being counterfeited with stiff punishment for those who tried, confidence in paper currency became a non issue with people. Paper currency has been trusted for many years as an effective way to trade in all parts of the world.
    You can easily carry and store large amounts of value in a very small space. In fact, without paper currency it would be a very difficult world to live and trade. In short, paper currency is the best thing to come along since sliced bread. We will get into the problems and solutions of paper currency later.

    Many people erroneously believe that if our currency were backed by gold and silver that all the economic problems would be solved. While to some degree some of the problems might be rectified, it would still open up a Pandora’s Box of further problems.
    The primary reason currencies are no longer backed by gold and silver is that there just is not enough gold and silver in the world to back all the currencies of the world. There are far more assets and services in the world than the total worth of all the gold and silver in the world. If the world currencies were held to a finite amount of money related to the amount of gold and silver in the world, the world would not have enough money to operate our economies.
    As far as gold and silver coins, it would not be very practical to lug around gold and silver when all you really need is an IOU for the value you are trading. Now we have sophisticated printing processes and punishing laws that make it literally impossible to counterfeit a perfect bill, let alone pass it into circulation and get away with it.
    Sure you can store some of your wealth in gold and silver just as you could with any non-perishable commodity. But the only reason to do so is if you lost faith in your countries currency.
    It is important to understand that for every asset in the world there must be money enough to trade it, otherwise there would not be enough money for the economy to operate. If there were not enough actual money in circulation for all buying, selling and trading, the economy would not function.
    All economies are continually increasing in people and assets and therefore the money supplies must be able to expand along with these increases. Otherwise we would end up with less money per capita like what happened in the great depression. The trick is for the currencies to expand at the proper rate that the economies are expanding and that the governments receive the benefit of creating the currency, not the banks. We will address exactly how to do this after we cover the basics.

    Most people, including people in government, are ignorant as to extreme importance of how and why currency is supposed to enter into circulation. They are not aware that money has to go through a complete cycle of creation or it will cause the economy to eventually fail.
    If all the people of the world fully understood how they have been hoodwinked by the world banking cartels, there would be revolution tomorrow and things operating properly next week.
    The following is a very simple description of the only proper way currency can enter into circulation in a way that benefits the people, government, the economy and country:

    1. The Treasury of the country prints the currency and LENDS the currency to the Central Bank of the country. The Central Banks job is merely to be a clearing house or banking agent for the Treasury to lend the money to all qualified lending institutions, for the benefit of the Treasury.

    2. The Central Bank then lends the money to all qualified lending institutions.

    3. The lending institutions then lend the money to the people and businesses.

    4. The people and businesses pay back there loans to the lending institutions and the lending institutions pay back their loans to the Central Bank.

    5. The Central Bank pays back their loan to the Treasury.

    6. The Treasury now has real money to finance the operation of government and lend back to the Central Bank when needed. Now the government can spend the repaid money that is in the Treasury, on government expenses (to people and businesses for their labor, product and services). The money is thereby distributed back into circulation in exact proportion to the GDP of the country. The money only gets back into circulation when people and businesses earn it by providing services to and for the government.

    As you can see the newly created currency completes the full cycle of creation in the economy and does exactly what it is meant to do. The currency becomes a true representation of labor and products. The money supply expands only as fast as people and businesses earn the money, which is the only possible way a currency can be injected into circulation properly.
    The money supply is validated twice by the people. Once when it is initially paid back to the Treasury and once when the people earn it by providing services and products to the government.
    Most importantly the money benefits the government and not the private banks. This is specifically why our forefathers incorporated into our Constitution that “ONLY CONGRESS SHALL MINT AND COIN MONEY.” Not create Federal Reserve Notes for the private FED bank.
    One should take notice that when the money is first created and lent out by the Treasury, it is not true valid money, it is only debt. Much the same as a voucher. Although the borrower can spend the borrowed money just like real money, they still owe on the money and must pay it back to the lender, thereby validating the money as a true representation of their labor, product and earnings. When you earn money, the money you receive is a real IOU and true representation of the worth of your services.
    Only when the money is paid back is when it becomes real validated money that is a true representation of labor and product (GDP). This is because all the people and businesses that paid back the loans had to work and produce services and products to earn the real money to pay the loan back. The loan is paid back with real money that they earned. The money supply expands exactly according to the GDP of the country. This is the only true way an economy can operate without eventually collapsing or inflating as it is now.

    We will now examine the absurd and fraudulent way US currency has been entering circulation since 1913. Although it is a bit more involved, the basics are hereby explained for easy understanding by the average person.
    The FED (the Central Bank) creates the money out of thin air with a simple ledger entry and lends the money to government (secured by Treasury Bonds) and lending institutions. The lending institutions lend the newly created money to the people and businesses. When these borrowers pay back the money to the lending institutions, the lending institutions and government pay back the money to the FED. The FED then keeps the money on their books that they originally created.
    The privately owned FED now owns all the money and interest that has been paid back to them that the FED created with a simple ledger entry. This method essentially keeps sucking the money supply out of circulation until the population has to borrow.
    Only the money that the FED spends to operate ever gets back into circulation. The banks are not building the infrastructure of the country. The FED gets richer and richer as they continually suck the money out of circulation until there is only debt that can never be paid back because the banks end up owning everything. Just as is happening with the mortgage crisis now. The banks own all of the foreclosed homes with money they borrowed from the FED that was created out of thin air.
    Most businesses and farms have to borrow money to operate. If you will notice the rolls of the Central Bank and the Government have become reversed when referring to currency creation.
    A simple way to understand this important issue is like this: Would your government be better off being able to print and lend the money into circulation and keep it when it was paid back as the FED does at this time? Or would the government be better off borrowing all the money it needed to operate and continually go farther and farther into debt with the FED keeping all the money as is happening now?
    If you have to think very hard to answer this question, you will not be much use in helping repair our system. Crack another beer, forget what you read here and turn on American Idol. Better yet, get a job with the FED. They are always looking for a few good mind controlled slaves to carry on the duties that don’t make sense to people in the know.

    From the time that Lincoln caused the US Treasury to print United States Notes to finance the civil war, up to 1913, the US Treasury printed and received the benefit of creating US currency. The currency was called United States Notes or nick named Lincoln Green-backs. The United States Notes were lent into circulation through the Central Bank and were paid back to the Treasury as described above.
    In 1913 the Federal Reserve Act was enacted and private banks (the FED) gained control over US currency. Over the next few years the Treasury phased out United States Notes and began printing only Federal Reserve Notes for the private Federal Reserve Bank (FED). The FED pays the Treasury approximately 3 cents on the dollar for printing and administration costs of printing the bills and essentially receives the money for free.
    Federal Reserve Notes are bank notes owned by the private FED bank, not the government. They attempt to fool the people by claiming the FED is quasi government, which is just a ploy. The government does not receive any benefit at all when the FED creates the money. Only the FED receives the benefit of creating the bank notes that are being used as US currency today.

    Four years after the Federal Reserve Act was passed, the government found itself with no way to finance government because it no longer received the benefit of creating US currency. In 1917 the government started borrowing money from the FED to operate. The FED started selling Treasury Bonds to secure this debt in 1917. The government debt mounted up quickly. Twenty years after the Federal Reserve Act was passed, the government went bankrupt in 1933.
    The debt that the government owes in Treasury Bonds is now called the National Debt. Interestingly enough, no President except Kennedy dared to take down the FED. The Kennedy murder was a stern warning to all future Presidents who attempt to turn over the tables of the money changers.
    The people of the USA are paying taxes to make up for all the money the FED is stealing from the government. The government cannot possibly extort all the money it needs from its citizens in the form of taxes to operate, so it borrows the extra needed money from the FED. The FED creates the money out of thin air and lends it to the government. The FED sells the Treasury bonds to Bond Holders and places the money from the sale of the Bonds in their vault.
    So not only did the Treasury create the new currency lent to the government out of thin air, it now has the money from those who bought the Treasury Bonds in the FED’s vault. The government now is responsible for paying the Bond Holders what is due for the Treasury Bonds even though the FED has the Bond Holders money. So the FED has pawned off the obligation to pay the Treasury Bond onto the Federal government.
    The FED receives the money from the Bond Holders and was able to lend the money to the government with newly created money out of thin air. What a deal. What a fraud. No wonder the FED has never been audited. So how come nobody noticed that only congress is legally entitled to mint and coin money” in 98 years?
    I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall in 1913 when the FED owners came home the day the Federal Reserve Act was passed. “Hey Babe, you aren’t going to believe what happened today? We were just given the right to print all the money we want. We own the US money supply!!!” Ya, they were celebrating that night.
    This would be funny if it weren’t so tragic.

    This is something that everyone should understand and never forget. It is something that you probably believed as a child and logically so. Although government may have many duties, one of the most important duties of government is to produce the currency for its citizens to trade with. Because the government is an organization by and for the people, it is ESSENTIAL that the government receives the benefit of creating the currency of the country.
    Someone has to be the original creator the currency. Allowing a private bank or any private organization to produce and receive the benefit of creating the currency is a systemic flaw that eventually destroys the economies of the society it is intended to benefit.
    The private banking system will eventually suck all the money out of circulation until there is only debt, just like what has happened now. The Sovereign Debt Crisis is real and solely created because the banks receive the benefit of money creation and not the government. The Sovereign Debt Crisis is happening because governments are in debt for the Treasury Bonds. This banking fraud has almost destroyed the entire world economy. The time to change this situation is NOW!

    The purpose and function of a Central Bank is to be an intermediary or agent for the Treasury and nothing more. Since the Treasury is not in the banking business the Treasury needs a central bank to carry on the functions of loaning the Treasury’s money to the lending institutions in the economy.
    The Central Bank is merely a clearing house for injecting loans into the countries economies. The Central Bank was never intended to be able to create the currency by printing its own bank notes. The Central Bank also is the head management agency for all other lending institutions as it is today.
    The Central Bank is supposed to borrow the newly created money from the Treasury, not the other way around as it is today. The Treasury is suppose to create the money for The People, not the Central Bank.
    The central bank then lends the newly created money it borrowed from the Treasury, to all lending institutions that are qualified to borrow money from the central bank. The lending institutions then lend money to the public and businesses. The public and businesses pay back their loans in real earned money to their lending institution. The lending institutions pay their loans back to the central bank. The central bank then pays back their loans to the Treasury with real validated money that is a true representation of the population’s labor and productivity. The payments are then used to finance the operation of government and make further loans to the central bank when needed. The money is thereby injected back into the economy by way of services provided to the government.
    Now the government has all of this paid back money to operate with. The money government receives is far more money that what can be extorted through taxation and regulations on businesses. The operation of government pays the public and business for services rendered, thereby injecting the money back into circulation at the exact rate of the GDP of the country. Any money left in the Treasury after expenses of the government are paid can be lent back to the central bank as the central bank needs to borrow it.
    This proper system of money creation stabilizes and regulates the economy and prevents inflation, recessions and depressions. As long as the proper system of money creation is done with full disclosure and with transparency, the system works in perfect harmony with the economy without self interests or fraud. Our forefathers were not perfect, but they were certainly not stupid. They did a pretty darn good job of starting America . It is up to us to keep it going properly. For the last 98 years we have dropped the ball and let them down.
    So as you can see the central bank has a vital function in the economy of a country. This vital function does not include the ability to create money as the FED does today. The newly created currency first benefits the Treasury which in turn pays for the operation of government and infrastructure, thereby putting everyone to work building the country. The economy thrives and society gets unimaginable infrastructure and services. The people build the country and get paid for it.
    Common logic and simple math tell you that if the money supply of a country did not expand along with the expansion of people and assets, eventually there would be less and less money per capita and assets as time went on.
    For the last 98 years the FED has been receiving all the newly created money and keeping it in their banks. To make things double worse, instead of the country receiving the benefit of creating the money supply, it has to extort taxes from people and borrow money in the form of Treasury bonds that further benefit the FED. The FED gets the top hand on the stick every time, whereas the government and the people get the shaft.
    The FED has been stealing the countries money since 1913. It is time to stop it now.

    It is really a very simple process, but politically difficult. Understand that Kennedy was shot for attempting to dismantle the FED.
    Because our Constitution clearly states that “ONLY CONGRESS SHALL MINT AND COIN MONEY”, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was an unconstitutional act from its conception and can be proved so.
    The government will have to sue the FED for not giving valuable consideration for all the Federal Reserve Notes they have received. The FED never paid for the money they got for free. Further, the Federal Reserve Act was unconstitutional.
    It can be proved conclusively that the FED never gave valuable consideration for the money it created against the lawful dictates of the Constitution. The FED will be lawfully responsible for all of the national debt that is secured by Treasury bonds because the Fed is in possession of the bond holders money. Remember that the FED already received the money from the bondholders when they originally purchased the bonds, thereby making them lawfully responsible for the debt.
    Constitutionally, the FED never had the legal, lawful or moral right to create US currency and keep it. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 essentially tricked the country out of its primary duty of creating the countries money supply against the dictates of the US Constitution.
    Simply speaking, when a bank creates money for free, its fraud. Regardless of the facts of how this came to pass, which are pretty absurd in itself, the country must immediately regain control of the countries money supply and start printing United States Notes again as Kennedy was in the process of doing.
    Further an Amendment to the Constitution must be enacted that clearly states that only the Treasury can create and receive the benefit of creating the money supply of the country with a clear explanation of how the creation of currency is suppose to cycle properly.
    Once this all important Amendment is part of our US Constitution and common knowledge among the people, it will make it virtually impossible for the banking systems of the world to ever gain control of America’s money supply again. People will then understand exactly how to properly maintain the currency of the country.
    This will make US currency once again valuable, trustworthy and stable to people because the country will not be in debt and the money cannot get into circulation unless it is validated by the populations products and services. All United States Notes will be a true reflection of the countries products and services (GDP) as it should be. The world will revere the United States Notes once again.
    Further the government can no longer go into debt because it will be unlawful for the US government to sell Treasuries and create a national debt. Because money creation will now be transparent and created properly, our economy will remain stable.
    The Treasury will lend out far more money than the government needs to operate, as the FED does now. The Treasury will eventually only have to create new money to lend out when the Treasury runs out of paid back money. This means that the economy will expand according to the GDP of the country as it is meant to do.
    Remember that how government spends money and government budget issues are completely separate issues from that of money creation and should not be used to muddy the waters of understanding initial money creation. Proper money creation can only help government budget issues and cannot hinder them. Initial money creation is an issue all to itself and is the foundation of our economic system.
    If you can’t think logically, you might be asking yourself, “how could this work and why it is not happening now”. Well it is happening now except the FED is keeping the money and not the Treasury. This is why the economy is in such a mess and the US has had 3000% inflation since 1913. It is also why the FED has unlimited access to cash, has caused one Great Depression, several other Recessions and working on the Biggest of all Depressions if we cannot get this under control in time.
    You may also be asking yourself: “how could this fraud have been happening for all these years?” I say to you: “What difference does it make as long as the problem is solved.” It is time to fix the problem, not dwell on why it happened.
    We are now living in unprecedented times where the ponzi schemes of the banks are coming to a head. It is like a giant game of musical chairs but the banks have taken out so many chairs that everyone is going to wonder what happened to all the chairs when the music stops. The banks are making every excuse in the book as to what happened to the chairs hoping the citizens will be ignorant of the scam they have been perpetrating.
    They are busted now. All it takes now is for all people in the US and the world to realize the truth about the proper procedure of money creation. Money has to make the complete cycle in the economy. We cannot continue to allow the banks to continue to suck the life blood out of our economies.
    Don’t let anyone fool you. There is no possible way our government or economy can become prosperous until our government receives the benefit of money creation. It is like attempting to tune a car to run good when a couple of pistons are missing. Our economic system is systemically flawed with no hope for proper repair until our Treasury receives the benefit of creating the currency.
    During all of the historical bubbles, reason the US ever had the allusion of prosperity is because of inflation causing properties and assets to appear to be worth more money and making debt easier to pay back with inflated money.

    Do whatever you can to spread this education about money creation to as many people and powerful entities as possible. Save, print, distribute and forward this information to everyone on your list. Send this to Congressmen, elected officials, colleges, influential organizations, newscasters, newspapers, magazines, talk radio and everyone you can think of. When people start talking about and debating these issues is when things will start to change. It is just the push of a few buttons to transmit the plan to save our country and prosperity. It is the least you can do for your country! Without a plan we are sunk.
    If everyone merely forwarded this information to everyone on their lists, eventually all interested people would become educated on the subject of proper money creation. Until proper money creation is common sense, we are basically doomed to fail. Proper money creation is vitally important to the future of America, the world and our prosperity. Let’s get this plan into action and start doing things right for a change. Let’s change the world for the better. This is the blueprint!
    Robert Hart (Author of Citizen/Slave) 10-18-11
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