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Solar Power Poisoning Soil

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Many solar panel farms are being created near my house. I read this article and am not sure if the solar panels are eventually going to poison my drinking water:
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Opponent: Bob Kerns
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    Bob Kerns

    Bob Kerns / July 18, 2019 at 12:27 PM EDT

    1) The link is 100% unrelated, and looks like link spam (Fortunately, not linked). Seems beneath Authorize—SEO contractor?
    2) If any real human is wondering, solar panels are not soluble in water and do not end up in your drinking water. At the end of their life in 20-30 years, they will be recycled. While manufacturing anything has some impact, with their long life and recycling, it's less than consumer electronics and other household items. They do not contain lead.
    3) One should always consider the full lifecycle impact of any new tech or large-scale change in how humanity operates. The question is always valid, unfortunately, answers are not always easy or simple. But in this case, there are organized fear-mongering efforts to spread disinformation about renewables (and simplistic hype in favor). Sadly, I cannot offer any simple advice about how to distingish fact from these fictions.
    4) This issue, being link spam, should be deleted. My comment should go away with it, of course.

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