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Public elections should be publicly funded

2,347 Views / Posted by Lawrence Lessig

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Candidates for Congress could voluntarily agree to limit contributions to $100 per citizen (no PAC contributions). In exchange, they could accept "democracy voucher" contributions up to $50 per citizen. Every voter would get a $50 democracy voucher. If the voter doesn't allocate his or her voucher, it reverts to his or her party.
Supporters: Lawrence Lessig, Aaron Greenspan, Eric Teasley, Javed Qadrud-Din, Logan Pettyjohn, Benjamin Golub, Andrew Wan, David Arnold, Max Castiglione, Aaron Wilton, Kobie Christensen, Zachary Sutherland, Phil Wight, Alec Aguilar, Alex Schneider, Mikhail Lomonosov, Jonathan Wallis, Jonathan Allred, Shane Patel, Miguel Alvarez-Kuglen, Matteo Kausch, Kelly Wooters, Brian Sperling, Dana Leader, Nathan Bouscal, Taylor Morgan, Kyle Rutland, Henry Haller, Matthew Joubert, Nicholas Fox, William Hughes, Brett Fleming, Lisa Matulevicz, Rafael Garcia, Timothy Suen, Inter Clearview
Opponent: Ed Bradford
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    Ryan Farrell

    Ryan Farrell / October 15, 2011 at 5:49 PM DT

    a no confidence allocation should not be the same amount as a willful allocatoin

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    Problem Congress is corrupted by a system of privately funded elections.
    Congress follows the will of the Funders. The Funders are not the People.
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