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Legal Malpractice Jennifer Bogue Seth Alan Rafkin lawyers charged as Dragonetti Attorneys

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The Victim of Seth Alan Rafkin attorneysJennifer Bogue is represented by certain attorneys who have placed litigationdon hold sighting Covid19 set backs made it difficult and impractical to conclude investigations which entails reaching out to witnesses. Victim is persuaded enough of an investigation have already been done and enough evidence have been gathered to begin filing said lawsuit.
Attorney is pro bono and have been relocated by its primary legal firm,, therefore this lawsuit is deemed transferable or placed on hold until after COVID19 recedes.

Comments and excerpts currently in public records:
Warning, Seth Rafkin along with associate Jennifer Bogue is known to be recommended by NY Supreme Court Judges for disciplinary actions for Jury Selection Staging, Jury Document Tampering and exparte dragonetti style under-coining within the legal circles - they both are confirmed on the record per certified court reports NYSCEF for recommendations on potential disciplinary actions.
Be careful:
Seth Rafkin uses a Chicago based Tech firm Owned by one of his favorite client Tom Gildred (tm the firm hires bare broke off shore indian technicians to do there dirty work - which can get really dirty and cannot be easily replicated in any defense strategy) San Diego CA. base FMT Consultants electronic technicians and engineers can earnestly and innocuously insert themselves into your very book keeping programs run from within your offices unsuspecting you may be a client divulging privilege information to a source who you may think is just a firms tech support representative.

Do not provide Seth Rafkin with regular or personal phone or cell phone contacts as it may be at risks for tracert or reroute call rooting, call truncating among other sophisticated mediums of accessing your information in order to launch preemptive actions in dragonetti litigations. Seth and assistant Jennifer bogue is also known to hire professional actors or actresses to be known to conveniently adopt temporary friendship with litigation opponents.

This is a courtesy warning - The firms MO is first to bluntly barrage its opponent with the propagation of media blitz - Seth's mother-in-law is direct x, editor to New York Times and a hosts of Pay per writers across the country.
The couple duo will first swag its prospective litigants defendants with a prophetic well scripted news media blitz. If this doesn't throw you off balance enough to give in to their convenient innocuous professional extortionate litigations then they'l move on to introducing a litany of out of court high handed strategies in which if not careful could influence witness and the manufacturing of evidence by its opponents against itself.

The Duo highly assert its game play to the extent of harnessing a War-Map in its offices containing a time-line of where, who and which dragonetti method to use case by case, in the courts and out of the courts. The duo is vested not by their clients but by their past dragonetti clients they've been successful at litigating on behalf of.

This includes but is not limited to friends of friends in litigations court circles pay per eves droppers from court clerks to questionable judges to firms to which current judges were first active partner attorneys.

It should not be taken for granted how communications are fed into and out of your circle of witnesses as you would be dumbfounded on how certain data in your defense per se is being questionably made known to the apposing sides.

The Team Duo is convince that a court will indeed eventually rule in its favor (rightfully so) as only time will tell which is not a demeanor to cope with from this highly contempt approach to litigation Duo, besides their investors are very conservative and well establish successful entrepreneurs (Not Lawyers) who makes a lot of money from their own past dragonetti style litigation.

This method of innocuous litigation practice is not hearse - LT-153554/2017 Gildred v Foster was sort to be a trial run for the Dragonetti Duo. One could imagine after studying the litigation contents.
At the end though the New York Supreme Court was only too overwhelmed with their Unprofessional PROFESSIONAL approach to the point of orchestrating a juror selection ONLY THEN the Chief Justice STEPPED in to put a close to the DUO's contention. All went down-hill as the case was conveniently referred to a lower court judge who'd predetermined its out come could not be good for the Duo litigators. The prose defendant on the other hand was also too ambitious and caused a plenary decision to go unsaid. The DUO couple was about to be TOAST if it won't for a motion to rescind by the respondent.

That being said this is only a courtesy note: The Proof is in the Puddin. Just so you'd know the origin of this attorney DUO is Carlsbad San Diego CA and Connecticut but know that the City of Carlsbad is ridden with Dragonetti style legal filings from foundation to finish throughout the areas litigation but granted on a much smaller feasibility scales as it have over the years become the new home to practice dragonetti filings as its not illegal or very difficult to prove in the states courts.

NnLegal Malpractice Jennifer Bogue Seth Alan Rafkin lawyers charged as Dragonetti Attorneys, money laundering, Dragonetti style litigation, Abuse of power, stalking, harassment, matrimonial corruption, bias or racial profiling, theft of interlectual property, civil fraud, concealment fraud,
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