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Courts are so inefficient and slow that average citizens' problems have no reasonable hope of being resolved

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Small claims court is a real pain in the neck to deal with if you have a job or at all value your time. Nothing is on-line, everything gets rejected for the smallest technical reason, and it's a very opaque process in general.
Supporters: Aaron Greenspan, Andrew Wan, Jonathan Wallis, Alex Mozes, Lisa Matulevicz
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    Solution Require all courts to use a single on-line system for filing forms, docketing, and allowing parties to represent themselves to the greatest extent possible
    Each court has different forms, different systems, different schedules, etc. It should not be so hard to figure everything out.
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    Solution Develop a web based, virtual courtroom thats citizen moderated. A real "People's Court"
    Assuming a similar verified, trackable citizen model to this site, individuals could volunteer as lawyers, jury, & fact verification for backlogged civil cases. Citizen points are awarded based on participation. The result should be crowd sourced civil and property cases. This would be a LOCAL court, and only LOCAL & REGIONAL citizens could participate.
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    Solution End the "War on Drugs".
    Scalia himself recently testified before Congress that the heavy case load involving drug crimes has had a deleterious effect on the Federal Courts. Remove these victimless "crimes" from our courts and we have more time for important cases. This won't solve the problem entirely. But it is a no-brainer change with many positive effects, including increasing overall court efficiency.
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