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Reverse the Citizen's United Rulings, Institute federal law mandating that all institutions which deliver the news must be non-profit.

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The recent controversial citizen's united ruling has completely destroyed any semblance of freedom of speech within the U.S. It is understood that traditionally freedom of speech was also dependent on the capital which supported it but citizen's united is a perverse reflection of this. While individuals have limits on campaign contributions corporations can now fund limitless attack ads on candidates that do not support their profit motive. Simultaneously corporations such as news corp have been recently linked to phone tapping scandals and support misinformation campaigns in order to sculpt prominent national issues and influence elections. This needs to stop, one way to do this would be to effectively ban any institution with a profit motive from broadcasting the news, and to isolate these institutions from the national spotlight.
Supporters: Arbi Llaveshi, Alec Aguilar, Adrian Pforzheimer, Jonathan Wallis, Ed Ant, William Hughes
Opponent: Scott Cederberg
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    Scott Cederberg

    Scott Cederberg / October 31, 2011 at 3:11 PM DT

    I also disagree with the Citizens United ruling (and especially with the apparent rationale that corparations should enjoy the same rights as people). But I think this solution goes too far.

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    Problem News corporations have an undue and biased influence in the national perspective and in elections.
    News corporations often influence the most prominent Democratic or Republican candidates. Also, media often underplays controversial decisions, is focused on garnering large ratings, and focuses on sensationalist stories.
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