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Create a public search engine, like Westlaw or LexisNexis, that accepts the standardize format, and run a pilot program

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This is a "if you build it, they will come" type of solution. The chicken-egg problem is that the gov't isn't going to go through a lot of effort to make laws/cases in a usable format if there isn't a tool available to make it easy to use. If the tool is prototyped, it might open some eyes to the value of making legal information more readily available.
Supporters: Jonathan Allred, Dana Leader
Opponent: Francheska Alers
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    Problem Legal information is not readily available.
    Finding solutions to legal questions takes longer than it should.
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    Problem I think that people who are on disability should have the right to own a home and not be discriminated against because they have a disability
    I was told that my credit score was good it was at 721, but I needed 6mo of work in order to qualify for FHA but the lenders knew I was on disability. I opted for land contract, I've had a pretty rough year medically, and this past October when our lease agreement was up, my landlord opted not to grant me an extension. said that she needs to sell the house by the summer. Now what about all the repairs and money that I have given her? And $2,500.00 down payment that I gave to her? I found out that she had to take a mortgage/2nd mortgage out on my home to buy a new car because her last one stopped working. Wouldn't that be a breach of contract? And shouldn't she owe me back all the money I paid up until the breach of contract occurred?If she doesn't
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