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(a) General. After the Fund selects an Awardee, the Fund and the Awardee will enter into an Award Agreement. The Award Agreement shall provide that an Awardee shall:

(1) Carry out its Qualified Activities in accordance with applicable law, the approved application, and all other applicable requirements;

(2) Comply with such other terms and conditions (including record keeping and reporting requirements) that the Fund may establish; and

(3) Not receive any monies until the Fund has determined that the Awardee has fulfilled all applicable requirements.

(4) Comply with performance goals that have been established by the Fund. Such performance goals will include measures that require an Awardee to use its BEA Program Award funds for Qualified Activities.

(b) Sanctions. In the event of any fraud, misrepresentation, or noncompliance with the terms of the Award Agreement by the Awardee, the Fund may terminate, reduce, or recapture the award, bar the Awardee and/or its Affiliates from applying for an award from the Fund for a period to be decided by the Fund in its sole discretion, and pursue any other available legal remedies.

(c) Compliance with Other CDFI Fund Awards. In the event that an Awardee or its Subsidiary or Affiliate is not in compliance, as determined by the Fund, with the terms and conditions of any other award under the Bank Enterprise Award Program or any component of the Community Development Financial Institutions Program, the Fund may, in its sole discretion, reject an application for or withhold disbursement (either initial or subsequent) on a Bank Enterprise Award.

(d) Notice. Prior to imposing any sanctions pursuant to this section or an Award Agreement, the Fund will provide the Awardee with written notice of the proposed sanction and an opportunity to respond. Nothing in this section, however, will provide an Awardee with the right to any formal or informal hearing or comparable proceeding not otherwise required by law.

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