Magistrate Judge Donald L. Cabell
Massachusetts District Court

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Type: Magistrate Judge
Status: Active

Donald L. Cabell has presided over the following cases:

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Space Date Filed Sort Ascending Case Number Title Space
7/8/2011 1:11-cv-11217-DLC United States of America et al v. Acclarent, Inc. et al

3/20/2014 1:14-cv-11044 Hearts on Fire Company, LLC v. Circa, Inc.

2/12/2015 1:15-cv-10374 Massachusetts Institute of Technology v. Micron Technology, ...

6/15/2015 1:15-cv-12335

8/10/2015 1:15-cv-13125 Blue Water Investment LLC v. Creative Bath Products, Inc.

10/6/2015 1:15-cv-13514 DiDi Kendall Square, LLC v. Dumpling Girl, LLC et al

10/14/2015 1:15-cv-13568 HUERTH v. ANTHEM INSURANCE COMPANIES INC.

10/29/2015 1:15-cv-13676 Reid et al v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

12/17/2015 1:15-cv-14158 Davidson v. Account Control Technology, Inc.

6/11/2015 1:15-mj-01085 USA v. Wright et al

6/22/2015 1:15-mj-01087 USA v. In the Matter of the Search of an AT&T Model Z222...

6/22/2015 1:15-mj-01087 USA v. In the Matter of the Search of an AT&T Model Z222 mob...

6/22/2015 1:15-mj-01088 USA v. In the Matter of the Search of a black Kyocera US Cel...

7/31/2015 1:15-mj-01094 USA v. Pena

8/10/2015 1:15-mj-01095 USA v. iPhone (IMEI No. 354450063418247) and Alcatel Onetouc...

8/11/2015 1:15-mj-01098 USA v. One Black Samsung Cellular Phone seized from Jorge De...

10/5/2015 1:15-mj-01104

5/23/2016 1:16-cv-10920 New England Carpenters Central Collection Agency v. MacKay C...

6/9/2016 1:16-cv-11073 Jbara v. Uber Technologies, Inc. et al

7/5/2016 1:16-cv-11403 Trustees of the Iron Workers District Council of New England...

7/25/2016 1:16-cv-11530 Coon-Retelle v. Verizon New England Inc. et al

7/28/2016 1:16-cv-11562 Arena v. Quissett Partners Nominee Trust

9/2/2016 1:16-cv-11795 Adlife Marketing and Communications Company, Inc. v. Athlon ...

10/18/2016 1:16-cv-12087 R.A. Allen Company, Inc. v. Bell Sports, Inc.

10/25/2016 1:16-cv-12154 Martinez v. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada

11/30/2016 1:16-cv-12437 Jackowitz v. Unum Group et al

12/8/2016 1:16-cv-12495 McAnarney et al v. Eastwind Corporation

3/14/2016 1:16-mj-01005 USA v. Jones

6/13/2016 1:16-mj-01035 USA v. Chan

7/25/2016 1:16-mj-01066 USA v. In Re Order Requiring HTC, America, Inc. To assist in...

8/29/2016 1:16-mj-01096 United States v. In the Matter of the Search of Data Associa...

2/3/2017 1:17-cv-10197 Parshall v. CoLucid Pharmaceuticals, Inc. et al

5/26/2017 1:17-cv-10974 Dyer v. J.P. Obelisk, Inc.

6/12/2017 1:17-cv-11074 MacLean v. Great Bowery, Inc. et al

8/8/2017 1:17-cv-11466 Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, Inc. v. Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, In...

9/13/2017 1:17-cv-11740 Mandarini et al v. Northeast Services, Inc.

10/13/2017 1:17-cv-11984 Lamhene v. Pyramid BHH Management, LLC

11/6/2017 1:17-cv-12178 Marradi v. Strega Pizzeria & Cafe Corp

12/19/2017 1:17-cv-12508 Alongi v. Algar Construction Corp.

2/6/2017 1:17-mj-01005 USA v. Wang

2/6/2017 1:17-mj-01005 USA v. Wang

3/31/2017 1:17-mj-01019 USA v. In the matter of the Search of Hollis Owens

7/5/2017 1:17-mj-01052

7/17/2017 1:17-mj-01077 United States v. Norris

7/24/2017 1:17-mj-01097 USA v. Medina

7/24/2017 1:17-mj-01097 USA v. Medina

1/1/2018 1:18-cv-10001 Marradi v. Woody's Pizza, Inc.

1/24/2018 1:18-cv-10137 Carol Blanchard v. Arrow Sweeping, Inc.

9/17/2018 1:18-cv-11963 Sterling Suffolk Racecourse, LLC v. Wynn Resorts, Ltd.

10/31/2018 1:18-cv-12276 Bostic v. Spaulding

11/25/2018 1:18-cv-12437 Escobar Barrera v. Mcdonald

6/12/2018 1:18-mj-01099 United States v. Centola

6/15/2018 1:18-mj-01123 United States v. In the Matter of the Extradition of Traian ...

7/24/2018 1:18-mj-01170 United States v. In the Matter of the Search of An I-Phone M...

11/7/2018 1:18-mj-01317 United States v. Wilson

12/12/2018 1:18-mj-01436 United States v. In the Matter of the Search of A black Appl...

12/3/2018 1:18-mj-01444 United States v. Orlandella

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