Magistrate Judge Katherine A. Robertson
Massachusetts District Court

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Type: Magistrate Judge
Status: Active

Katherine A. Robertson has presided over the following cases:

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Space Sort Descending Date Filed Case Number Title Space
8/10/2018 3:18-cv-11693 Tracy Conner v. University of Massachusetts Amherst

12/14/2017 3:17-cv-30176 Padron v. Donelan

10/18/2017 3:17-cv-30151 Trustees of IBEW Local No. 7 Pension Fund et al v. Kirby's E...

10/5/2017 3:17-mj-03126 United States v. Facebook Account Number 745571666 and/or wi...

10/5/2017 3:17-mj-03126 United States v. Facebook Account Number 745571666 and/or wi...

9/15/2017 3:17-cv-30126 Matthews et al v. Southworth Company et al

9/5/2017 3:17-cv-30119 Penate v. Kaczmarek

8/29/2017 3:17-cv-30116 Roy v. FedEx Ground Package Systems, Inc.

7/31/2017 3:17-mj-03097 USA v. Muraca

7/21/2017 3:17-cv-30096 Powers v. Lincoln National Life Insurance Company

7/14/2017 3:17-mj-03091 United States v. Facebook Account Number 7455716666 and /or ...

5/31/2017 3:17-cv-30065 Trustees of IBEW Local No. 7 Pension Fund and of the IBEW Lo...

4/6/2017 3:17-cv-30040 Cappucci v. Quality Cleaning & Restoration, Inc.

1/23/2017 3:17-cv-10106 Bushey v. Wal-Mart Associates, Inc.

1/18/2017 3:17-cv-10080 Jayko v. Massachusetts Laborers' Pension Fund

1/12/2017 3:17-cv-30005 Crooks-Garcia v. Life Insurance Company of North America

11/18/2016 3:16-cv-12326 Rackemann v. LISNR, Inc. et al

10/14/2016 3:16-mj-03193 United States v. 566 Holyoke Street, Ludlow, MA

8/24/2016 4:16-mj-04336 USA v. The Matter of the Search of Information about the Loc...

6/9/2016 3:16-cv-30096 Fadlalla v. Chaves et al

6/3/2016 3:16-cv-30089 Hernandez v. Colon

5/12/2016 4:16-cv-40056 Vuona v. New Country Wireless LLC.

3/15/2016 3:16-cv-30046 Hayward v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts et al

2/19/2016 3:16-cv-30034 Slavas et al v. Town of Monroe et al

2/3/2016 3:16-cv-10164 Castagne v. Life Insurance Company of North America

1/19/2016 3:16-cv-30014 Pearson v. Unum Life Insurance Company of America

1/7/2016 3:16-cv-10020 Woods v. Credit Control, LLC

12/23/2015 3:15-cv-14210

10/7/2015 3:15-cv-30177 Oppenheimer v. Pamal Broadcasting, Ltd.

9/15/2015 3:15-cv-30164 N.P. v. Hampden-Wilbraham Regional School District

8/10/2015 3:15-cv-30141 Mahoney v. United Transport of East Longmeadow

7/6/2015 3:15-mj-03054 USA v. Ciccolo

5/26/2015 3:15-cv-30094 Woods v. Covidien

5/15/2015 3:15-cv-30089 Goncalves v. United States

5/13/2015 3:15-cv-11836 Rotten Records, Inc. v. Jasmin

2/23/2015 3:15-cv-30029 Doe v. EAST LONGMEADOW PUBLIC SCHOOLS

2/6/2015 3:15-cv-30017 Bearbones, Inc. v. PEERLESS INDEMNITY INSURANCE COMPANY

1/8/2015 3:15-cv-30005 Irwin Industrial Tool Company v. Milwaukee Electric Tool Cor...

1/8/2015 3:15-cv-30003 Cohen v. Albanese et al

9/5/2014 3:14-cv-30162 Boadi v. Center for Human Development, Incorporated

4/3/2014 3:14-cv-30060 Hubbard v. Allied Mechanical Services LLC

9/11/2013 3:13-cv-12239 Gray v. Feed Commodities International, Inc.

5/3/2011 3:11-cv-30123 Zoufaly v. Worldwide Techservices, LLC

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