Magistrate Judge M Page Kelley
Massachusetts District Court

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Type: Magistrate Judge
Status: Active

M Page Kelley has presided over the following cases:

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Space Sort Descending Date Filed Case Number Title Space
11/6/2018 1:18-cr-10407 United States v. Polito

10/3/2018 1:18-mj-06309 In the Matter of the Search of 17 Bromfield Street, Apt. 1 L...

9/17/2018 1:18-mj-06268 United States v. Knox

5/21/2018 1:18-cv-11056 Matias v. Tompkins

5/9/2018 1:18-cv-10933 Abdul-Hasib v. National Railroad Passenger Corporation

4/24/2018 1:18-mj-06185 United States v. 2001 Mercedes C240 with Massachusetts regis...

4/9/2018 1:18-mj-06105 United States v. The premises located at 48 Faxon Street, Ne...

3/8/2018 1:18-cv-10456 Trust Capital Funding, LLC v. Roosen

1/19/2018 1:18-cv-10104 Gray v. City of Boston

1/10/2018 1:18-mj-06004 United States v. Motorola black in color cell phone (Item 2e...

1/10/2018 1:18-mj-06006 United States v. Western Digital WD800 hard drive S/N WCAM93...

12/18/2017 1:17-cv-12487 Marradi v. JPC Venture Corp.

11/6/2017 1:17-cv-12183 Bowman v. Old Navy LLC

9/29/2017 1:17-mj-06327 USA v. Minang

9/22/2017 1:17-mj-06290 United States v. All funds on deposit in Citizens Bank accou...

8/28/2017 1:17-mj-06216 United States v. Baptiste

8/10/2017 1:17-cv-11484 Marradi v. Ristorante Limoncello, Inc.

6/7/2017 1:17-cv-11052 Iaquinta v. Grondolsky

5/19/2017 1:17-mj-06117 United States v. Desper DO NOT DOCKET IN THIS CASE - MERGED ...

4/19/2017 1:17-cv-10670 Li v. Fu Hing Main Restaurant Inc.

3/31/2017 1:17-cv-10551 CR Associates, L.P. v., LLC et al

3/29/2017 1:17-mj-06066 USA v. Torres

3/29/2017 1:17-mj-06066 USA v. Torres

2/17/2017 1:17-mj-06039 USA v. Torres

2/15/2017 1:17-cv-10247 Vardakas v. American DG Energy, Inc. et al

1/3/2017 1:17-cv-10007 Ezell v. Lexington Insurance Company

12/27/2016 1:16-cv-12615 Marradi v. EMC Restaurant Inc. et al

12/22/2016 1:16-cv-12579 McAnarney et al v. Affordable Building Solutions, LLC

11/28/2016 1:16-cv-12409 Samar Company, Inc. v. Wal-Mart Stores,Inc. et al

10/7/2016 1:16-mj-06375 In the Matter of the Search of The premises of 533 Broadway,...

4/12/2016 1:16-cv-10699 UNUM Life Insurance Company of America v. Megquier

2/19/2016 1:16-cv-10356 Gannon v. United States

2/4/2016 1:16-cv-10183 Kearns v. Rolls Royce, Inc.

11/30/2015 1:15-cv-13967 Moore v. Nstar Electric & Gas Co.

11/3/2015 1:15-mj-06141 USA v. McNeill

11/3/2015 1:15-cv-13717 Gao v. Life Insurance Company of North America

10/13/2015 1:15-cv-13557 Photographic Illustrators Corporation v. Sears Holdings Corp...

8/28/2015 1:15-mj-06119 USA v. Debrum

7/31/2015 1:15-mj-06107 USA v. Gutierrez

7/28/2015 1:15-mj-06087 USA v. Gunn

7/28/2015 1:15-mj-06090

7/28/2015 1:15-mj-06089

7/28/2015 1:15-mj-06088

7/27/2015 1:15-mj-06079 United States v. Wharf

7/24/2015 1:15-mj-06075 USA v. LeBlanc

7/7/2015 1:15-mj-06035 USA v. Lemay

7/2/2015 1:15-mj-06027

7/2/2015 1:15-mj-06026

4/6/2015 1:15-cv-11520 Freeman v. AmQuip Crane Rental, LLC et al

3/27/2015 1:15-mj-06012 USA v. Parker

3/18/2015 1:15-mj-06008 USA v. MATTER OF SEARCH OF KYOCERA CELLULAR TEL., MODEL C517...

3/18/2015 1:15-mj-06008 United States v. MATTER OF SEARCH OF KYOCERA CELLULAR TEL., ...

1/30/2015 1:15-mj-06002 USA v. Ramirez-Tamayo

12/15/2014 1:14-mj-06126 United States v. Cohen

12/11/2014 1:14-mj-06121 USA v. Thibeault

12/11/2014 1:14-mj-06121 USA v. Thibeault

9/30/2014 1:14-cv-13743 Souza v. Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

6/27/2014 1:14-cv-12745 Aplix IP Holdings Corporation v. Sony Computer Entertainment...

4/14/2014 1:14-cv-11846 MAYBORN USA INC. v. LUV N' CARE, LTD. et al

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