District Judge Diane Gilbert Sypolt
United States Court of Federal Claims

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Type: District Judge
Status: Active

Diane Gilbert Sypolt has presided over the following cases:

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9/13/2004 1:04-cv-01450-DGS AGYEMAN v. USA

8/19/2004 1:04-cv-01338-DGS D.C.I. DANACO CONTRACTORS, INC. v. USA

7/27/2004 1:04-cv-01221-DGS WYATT v. USA

7/20/2004 1:04-cv-01190-DGS PURVIS v. USA

7/16/2004 1:04-cv-01162-DGS PRIDE INTERNATIONAL, LLC. v. USA

6/25/2004 1:04-cv-01071-DGS PRESTON v. USA

6/7/2004 1:03-cv-18131-DGS ROBBINS v. USA

6/7/2004 1:03-cv-18132-DGS HOWARD v. USA

6/7/2004 1:03-cv-18133-DGS HOWARD v. USA

5/20/2004 1:04-cv-00884-DGS ROBINSON v. USA

5/18/2004 1:04-cv-00873-DGS ALIRON INTERNATIONAL, INC., v. USA

4/29/2004 1:04-cv-00747-DGS DRC, INC., v. USA

4/5/2004 1:04-cv-00581-DGS ELNOUR v. USA

4/1/2004 1:04-cv-00551-DGS DOTSON v. USA

2/13/2004 1:04-cv-00212-DGS ALL PHASE ENVIRONMENTAL, INC. v. USA


12/16/2003 1:03-cv-02790-DGS FIREBAUGH CANAL WATER DISTRICT et al v. USA

12/1/2003 1:03-cv-02762-DGS SALADINO v. USA

10/9/2003 1:03-cv-02351-DGS BERG v. USA

9/5/2003 1:03-cv-02045-DGS FRAHM v. USA

8/15/2003 1:03-cv-01922-DGS ALDRIDGE v. USA

7/31/2003 1:03-cv-01813-DGS MORRIS et al v. USA

7/18/2003 1:03-cv-01724-DGS SHAKUR v. USA

6/30/2003 1:03-cv-01617-DGS JAY CASHMAN, INC. v. USA


4/22/2003 1:03-cv-00805-DGS SIERRA v. USA

4/10/2003 1:03-cv-00768-DGS ZEPHIER et al v. USA

4/7/2003 1:03-cv-00713-DGS GRAY PERSONNEL, INC. v. USA

4/1/2003 1:03-cv-00696-DGS HAMZIK v. USA

3/7/2003 1:03-cv-00560-DGS PURVIS v. USA

3/3/2003 1:03-cv-00489-DGS BERG v. USA

2/27/2003 1:03-cv-00439-DGS GELCO CORP. /GE v. USA

2/13/2003 1:03-cv-00403-DGS DETHLEFS v. USA

2/11/2003 1:03-cv-00296-DGS DANIELS v. USA

1/21/2003 1:03-cv-00110-DGS SEABORN HEALTH CARE v. USA

11/1/2002 1:02-cv-01498-DGS PMTECH, INC. v. USA

10/23/2002 1:02-cv-01455-DGS VENTURE COAL SALES, et al v. USA

10/7/2002 1:02-cv-01349-DGS DONOHUE v. USA

9/17/2002 1:02-cv-01216-DGS FINKBONNER v. USA

9/6/2002 1:02-cv-01128-DGS CANIZARES v. USA

7/12/2002 1:02-cv-00788-DGS MEKONGO v. USA

6/14/2002 1:02-cv-00702-DGS TRITON MARINE v. USA

5/22/2002 1:02-cv-00513-DGS LATHRAM v. USA

5/6/2002 1:02-cv-00460-DGS WORLD WIDE RACING v. USA

4/23/2002 1:02-cv-00385-DGS JOHNSON v. USA

4/19/2002 1:02-vv-00338-DGS BUNKER, et al v. HHS

4/3/2002 1:02-cv-00273-DGS HERNANDEZ v. USA

3/27/2002 1:02-cv-00237-DGS ADRIAN L. MERTON v. USA

3/25/2002 1:02-cv-00230-DGS GOAD v. USA

3/8/2002 1:02-cv-00179-DGS WACHOVIA CORPORATION v. USA

2/20/2002 1:02-cv-00140-DGS KINGMAN REEF ATOLL, et al v. USA

1/30/2002 1:02-cv-00083-DGS HAWKINS v. USA

1/11/2002 1:02-cv-00033-DGS U.S. NATIONAL v. USA

1/9/2002 1:02-cv-00023-DGS MOBILE MEDIC v. USA

12/28/2001 1:01-cv-00723-DGS LOGICVISION, INC., et al v. USA

12/6/2001 1:01-vv-00682-DGS WELCH v. HHS

11/28/2001 1:01-cv-00666-DGS RICHARD NORWOOD v. USA

11/26/2001 1:01-cv-00663-DGS HEALTHCOR LIQUIDATIO v. USA

8/30/2001 1:01-cv-00507-DGS SUMBRY v. USA

8/14/2001 1:01-cv-00472-DGS SHAIDNAGLE v. USA

8/2/2001 1:01-cv-00451-DGS FUSELIER v. USA

7/26/2001 1:01-cv-00431-DGS GREAT BASIN v. USA

6/7/2001 1:01-cv-00342-DGS KIRKHAM, et al v. USA

6/7/2001 1:01-cv-00343-DGS PIKULIN, et al v. USA

5/29/2001 1:01-cv-00321-DGS COLT'S MANUFACTURING v. USA

5/4/2001 1:01-cv-00272-DGS WARD, et al v. USA

5/4/2001 1:01-cv-00274-DGS PIKULIN, et al v. USA

4/25/2001 1:01-cv-00247-DGS PURVIS v. USA

4/24/2001 1:01-cv-00243-DGS HEFLEY v. USA

4/11/2001 1:01-cv-00217-DGS ALLEN v. USA

3/27/2001 1:01-cv-00176-DGS FREESTATE HEALTH v. USA

3/19/2001 1:01-cv-00152-DGS ACR MACHINE, INC. v. USA

3/9/2001 1:01-cv-00129-DGS AMERICAN RENOVATION v. USA

2/16/2001 1:01-cv-00083-DGS RANDOLPH v. USA

1/18/2001 1:01-cv-00035-DGS HUTCHINGSvonLUDWITZ, et al v. USA

1/9/2001 1:01-cv-00018-DGS JOHNSON v. USA

12/20/2000 1:00-cv-00772-DGS FILIPEK, et al v. USA

12/12/2000 1:00-cv-00751-DGS TWIGG CORPORATION v. USA

11/22/2000 1:00-cv-00708-DGS PM SERVICES COMPANY v. USA

11/13/2000 1:00-cv-00671-DGS BUSH, et al v. USA

11/3/2000 1:00-cv-00650-DGS J.P. MORGAN & CO. v. USA

10/20/2000 1:00-cv-00626-DGS SHAFFER v. USA

9/15/2000 1:00-cv-00559-DGS CW GOVERNMENT TRAVEL v. USA

9/13/2000 1:00-cv-00554-DGS WASHINGTON DEVELOPME v. USA

7/27/2000 1:00-cv-00445-DGS RONALD ADAMS CONTRAC v. USA

7/12/2000 1:00-cv-00410-DGS FOWLER v. USA

6/8/2000 1:00-cv-00344-DGS BISSELL, et al v. USA

5/23/2000 1:00-cv-00294-DGS FOLEY COMPANY v. USA

5/5/2000 1:00-cv-00265-DGS NAVCOM SYSTEMS, INC. v. USA

5/4/2000 1:00-cv-00261-DGS TRITON MARINE v. USA

4/19/2000 1:00-cv-00220-DGS ABAQUETA v. USA

4/6/2000 1:00-cv-00193-DGS WITKOWSKI v. USA

3/23/2000 1:00-cv-00147-DGS CROZIER v. USA

2/17/2000 1:00-vv-00081-DGS COULTER v. HHS

1/24/2000 1:00-cv-00038-DGS OSTLER v. USA

1/24/2000 1:00-cv-00039-DGS ZALAR v. USA

1/3/2000 1:00-cv-00003-DGS BAILEY v. USA

12/23/1999 1:99-cv-01013-DGS R&G CONSTRUCTION CO. v. USA

12/13/1999 1:99-cv-00995-DGS WARD ROAD, LLC, et al v. USA

12/6/1999 1:99-cv-00980-DGS AMERICAN EXPRESS TRA v. USA

12/2/1999 1:99-cv-00967-DGS CW GOVERNMENT TRAVEL v. USA

11/3/1999 1:99-cv-00915-DGS SKYPECK v. USA

10/1/1999 1:99-cv-00852-DGS POHANIC v. USA

9/7/1999 1:99-cv-00755-DGS BIMCO, INC. v. USA

8/19/1999 1:99-cv-00718-DGS OLIVER OIL COMPANY v. USA

7/26/1999 1:99-cv-00488-DGS READ v. USA

7/14/1999 1:99-cv-00456-DGS BAY VIEW, INC. v. USA

6/9/1999 1:99-cv-00367-DGS BRICKWOOD CONTRACTOR v. USA

6/1/1999 1:99-cv-00350-DGS GPA-I, LP v. USA

5/18/1999 1:99-cv-00316-DGS KITT, et al v. USA

4/27/1999 1:99-cv-00245-DGS PROCONTROLS v. USA

4/19/1999 1:99-cv-00233-DGS T.H. EIFERT, INC. v. USA

3/17/1999 1:99-cv-00140-DGS QWEST CORPORATION v. USA

3/3/1999 1:99-cv-00103-DGS JONES v. USA

3/2/1999 1:99-cv-00099-DGS NAVCOM SYSTEMS, INC. v. USA

2/17/1999 1:99-cv-00072-DGS KALLEMBACH v. USA

2/17/1999 1:99-cv-00076-DGS ENVIROCARE OF UTAH v. USA

2/16/1999 1:99-cv-00068-DGS NEAL v. USA

2/11/1999 1:99-cv-00060-DGS VICKERY v. USA

2/9/1999 1:99-cv-00056-DGS SWANSON v. USA

2/2/1999 1:99-cv-00051-DGS SMITH v. USA

2/1/1999 1:99-cv-00047-DGS EVANS v. USA

1/5/1999 1:99-cv-00004-DGS CABA v. USA

12/18/1998 1:98-cv-00926-DGS MCNEIL v. USA

12/4/1998 1:98-cv-00907-DGS BRECKENRIDGE v. USA

11/16/1998 1:98-cv-00880-DGS MARCINKOWSKY v. USA

11/3/1998 1:98-cv-00840-DGS DUNCAN v. USA

9/30/1998 1:98-cv-00762-DGS SWANSON v. USA

9/29/1998 1:98-cv-00759-DGS ANDERSON COLUMBIA EN v. USA

9/4/1998 1:98-cv-00709-DGS GTE GOVERNMENT SYSTE v. USA

8/26/1998 1:98-cv-00684-DGS KLEIBER, et al v. USA

8/21/1998 1:98-cv-00668-DGS LARRY D. BARNES, INC v. USA

8/3/1998 1:98-cv-00630-DGS WILSON v. USA

8/3/1998 1:98-cv-00631-DGS SMITH v. USA

8/3/1998 1:98-cv-00632-DGS MCMURRAY v. USA

7/16/1998 1:98-cv-00583-DGS KIEWIT CONSTRUCTION v. USA

7/13/1998 1:98-cv-00573-DGS PIPACS HOST, TURISM v. USA

6/24/1998 1:98-cv-00542-DGS TEXAS UTILITIES v. USA

6/15/1998 1:98-cv-00511-DGS BRUBAKER AMUSEMENT v. USA

6/12/1998 1:98-cv-00499-DGS RUDICK, et al v. USA

6/11/1998 1:98-cv-00495-DGS ADVANCED DATA v. USA

5/26/1998 1:98-cv-00464-DGS WILLS v. USA

5/22/1998 1:98-cv-00459-DGS GREEN INTERNATIONAL v. USA

4/27/1998 1:98-cv-00407-DGS ACADEMY ASSOCIATES, et al v. USA, et al

4/17/1998 1:98-cv-00379-DGS ASH v. USA

4/1/1998 1:98-cv-00307-DGS LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES v. USA

3/31/1998 1:98-cv-00306-DGS BANOS v. USA

3/19/1998 1:98-cv-00187-DGS TURNER v. USA

3/19/1998 1:98-cv-00188-DGS MARTINSON, et al v. USA

3/19/1998 1:98-cv-00190-DGS DAMNER v. USA

3/17/1998 1:98-cv-00184-DGS TRAINOR v. USA

3/13/1998 1:98-cv-00179-DGS EVANISH v. USA

3/13/1998 1:98-cv-00180-DGS COWHIG v. USA

3/12/1998 1:98-cv-00175-DGS ALADDIN MANOR, et al v. USA

3/4/1998 1:98-cv-00153-DGS UNITED INTERN. INV. v. USA

3/4/1998 1:98-cv-00156-DGS DORSETT v. USA

2/24/1998 1:98-cv-00139-DGS R.A.C.C. INDUSTRIES v. USA

2/19/1998 1:98-cv-00130-DGS DOYLE v. USA

2/11/1998 1:98-cv-00110-DGS GRAMERCY DEVELOPMENT v. USA

1/30/1998 1:98-cv-00081-DGS LAJAS INDUSTRIES v. USA

1/23/1998 1:98-cv-00057-DGS NOTRE DAME APARTMENT v. USA

1/21/1998 1:98-cv-00046-DGS HARRIS v. USA

1/16/1998 1:98-cv-00031-DGS FALCONWOOD v. USA

12/23/1997 1:97-cv-00860-DGS CIRCLE DE LUMBER v. USA

12/22/1997 1:97-cv-00856-DGS GILL v. USA

12/8/1997 1:97-cv-00838-DGS FULLERTON HILLS v. USA

12/2/1997 1:97-cv-00823-DGS BAUER v. USA

11/21/1997 1:97-cv-00798-DGS NORTHERN MARINE, LLC v. USA

11/13/1997 1:97-cv-00783-DGS NORTH PACIFIC GROUP, et al v. USA

11/7/1997 1:97-cv-00759-DGS SIMTRAN MEDICAL v. USA

10/24/1997 1:97-cv-00731-DGS FORE SYSTEMS FEDERAL v. USA

10/23/1997 1:97-cv-00724-DGS PRUDENTIAL HEALTH v. USA

10/17/1997 1:97-cv-00712-DGS ALLSTATE LEASING v. USA

10/16/1997 1:97-cv-00702-DGS CLARK WORLDWIDE v. USA

9/26/1997 1:97-cv-00647-DGS ROTHSTEIN v. USA

9/24/1997 1:97-cv-00640-DGS JONES v. USA

9/22/1997 1:97-cv-00633-DGS SMITHKLINE BEECHAM v. USA

9/3/1997 1:97-cv-00611-DGS INDIANA PACKERS v. USA

8/27/1997 1:97-cv-00587-DGS KING-FISHER COMPANY v. USA

8/14/1997 1:97-cv-00569-DGS ST. MATTHEW v. USA

7/28/1997 1:97-cv-00511-DGS FIDELITY TECHNOLOGIE v. USA

7/17/1997 1:97-cv-00488-DGS ROBINS MAINTENANCE v. USA

7/9/1997 1:97-cv-00468-DGS COMSAT CORPORATION v. USA

6/18/1997 1:97-cv-00431-DGS GEORGESON, et al v. USA

6/6/1997 1:97-cv-00409-DGS FARIS, et al v. USA

6/2/1997 1:97-cv-00396-DGS SAMEENA INC. v. USA

5/27/1997 1:97-cv-00374-DGS WILL H. HALL v. USA

5/16/1997 1:97-cv-00345-DGS ATA DEFENSE v. USA

5/9/1997 1:97-cv-00329-DGS TIX v. USA

4/30/1997 1:97-cv-00308-DGS W & D SHIPS DECK v. USA

4/29/1997 1:97-cv-00304-DGS WILLIAMSON DICKIE, et al v. USA

4/14/1997 1:97-cv-00278-DGS NORTH FORK BANK v. USA

3/31/1997 1:97-cv-00240-DGS HUTSON v. USA

3/31/1997 1:97-cv-00272-DGS RUTHER v. USA

3/20/1997 1:97-cv-00182-DGS PREMIUM COMMERCIAL v. USA

3/18/1997 1:97-cv-00176-DGS WILSON v. USA

3/18/1997 1:97-cv-00177-DGS BOND v. USA

3/18/1997 1:97-cv-00266-DGS SCHAGENE, et al v. USA

3/17/1997 1:97-cv-00171-DGS BRANHAM v. USA

3/6/1997 1:97-cv-00145-DGS WILSON v. USA

3/4/1997 1:97-cv-00136-DGS HAMMOND v. USA

3/3/1997 1:97-cv-00133-DGS FREEMAN v. USA

2/19/1997 1:97-cv-00106-DGS ARBUTA ARMS, et al v. USA

2/7/1997 1:97-cv-00087-DGS ENVIRONMENTAL TECTON v. USA

1/16/1997 1:97-cv-00033-DGS KANAG'IQ CONSTRUCTIO v. USA

1/7/1997 1:97-cv-00014-DGS ADAMS, et al v. USA

1/6/1997 1:97-cv-00283-DGS HARRIS v. USA

12/23/1996 1:96-cv-00805-DGS ALLEGHANY CORP. v. USA

12/12/1996 1:96-cv-00780-DGS KANSAS GAS, et al v. USA

10/15/1996 1:96-vv-00655-DGS DELOUIS v. HHS

6/7/1996 1:96-cv-00329-DGS KASLER ELECTRIC v. USA

5/6/1996 1:96-cv-00255-DGS LINDSEY v. USA

5/1/1996 1:96-cv-00241-DGS AGREVO USA COMPANY, et al v. USA

4/22/1996 1:96-cv-00217-DGS EDISON COMPANY, et al v. USA

4/15/1996 1:96-cv-00198-DGS MATHENY v. USA

3/29/1996 1:96-cv-00172-DGS BOW MECHANICAL, INC. v. USA

3/11/1996 1:96-cv-00136-DGS LIGHTON INDUSTRIES v. USA

2/9/1996 1:96-cv-00081-DGS HUDSON v. USA

2/1/1996 1:96-cv-00054-DGS TOYOTA MOTOR SALES,, et al v. USA

1/31/1996 1:96-cv-00049-DGS HALLIBURTON COMPANY, et al v. USA

1/24/1996 1:96-cv-00030-DGS ZODIAC OF NORTH v. USA

1/18/1996 1:96-cv-00018-DGS DOUGLAS, et al v. USA

1/16/1996 1:96-cv-00014-DGS BEVILLE, et al v. USA

1/2/1996 1:96-cv-00003-DGS BRADHAM v. USA

12/21/1995 1:95-cv-00839-DGS WALSKY CONSTRUCTION v. USA

12/19/1995 1:95-cv-00833-DGS PACIFIC SOUTHWEST v. USA

12/18/1995 1:95-cv-00830-DGS HOLLINGSWORTH v. USA

12/8/1995 1:95-cv-00813-DGS BARRALL v. USA

12/5/1995 1:95-cv-00788-DGS NORSE INC., et al v. USA

11/17/1995 1:95-cv-00760-DGS AIRPORT DESIGN GROUP v. USA

11/13/1995 1:95-cv-00747-DGS FERNANDEZ v. USA

11/6/1995 1:95-cv-00735-DGS MARTEC SYSTEM, INC. v. USA

10/18/1995 1:95-cv-00689-DGS AMERICAN MEDIC v. USA

10/18/1995 1:95-cv-00690-DGS AMERICAN MEDIC v. USA

10/16/1995 1:95-cv-00684-DGS HEDRICK v. USA

10/6/1995 1:95-cv-00668-DGS AMERICAN AIRLINES v. USA

9/26/1995 1:95-cv-00648-DGS COOPER v. USA

9/8/1995 1:95-cv-00606-DGS LURLINE GARDENS v. USA

9/8/1995 1:95-cv-00607-DGS LURLINE GARDENS, et al v. USA

8/30/1995 1:95-cv-00585-DGS LEADING EDGE v. USA

8/18/1995 1:95-cv-00564-DGS CRAY RESEARCH, INC. v. USA

8/7/1995 1:95-cv-00519-DGS COURTHOUSE SQUARE v. USA

7/26/1995 1:95-cv-00478-DGS STANDARD FEDERAL v. USA

7/13/1995 1:95-cv-00454-DGS SWOGO ASSOCIATES v. USA

6/21/1995 1:95-cv-00411-DGS LOS ANGELES v. USA

6/12/1995 1:95-cv-00397-DGS MACROTEL v. USA

5/26/1995 1:95-cv-00370-DGS PARKER HANNIFIN v. USA

5/10/1995 1:95-cv-00337-DGS IKARD v. USA

4/20/1995 1:95-cv-00301-DGS S.A. HEALY COMPANY v. USA

4/17/1995 1:95-cv-00294-DGS AKOUBIAN v. USA

3/31/1995 1:95-cv-00264-DGS FEDERAL ENVIRONMENTA v. USA

3/14/1995 1:95-cv-00232-DGS RNJ INTERSTATE v. USA

2/23/1995 1:95-cv-00131-DGS COAST GRADING v. USA

2/7/1995 1:95-cv-00091-DGS SEARCY v. USA

2/2/1995 1:95-cv-00076-DGS HOUSLEY, et al v. USA

1/4/1995 1:95-cv-00007-DGS EXECUTIVE JET v. USA

12/30/1994 1:94-cv-01100-DGS MORGAN v. USA

12/28/1994 1:94-cv-01094-DGS DIXSON, et al v. USA

12/19/1994 1:94-cv-01071-DGS DEENER, et al v. USA

12/1/1994 1:94-cv-01040-DGS SHEA CONSTRUCTION v. USA

11/21/1994 1:94-cv-01019-DGS EARNEST, et al v. USA

10/14/1994 1:94-cv-00755-DGS S. A. HEALY COMPANY v. USA

10/6/1994 1:94-cv-00652-DGS WILLIAMS v. USA

9/23/1994 1:94-cv-00625-DGS MACO BANCORP, INC. v. USA

9/21/1994 1:94-cv-00620-DGS ADVANCED MATERIALS v. USA

9/12/1994 1:94-cv-00597-DGS EMERT, et al v. USA

9/9/1994 1:94-cv-00592-DGS CONTROL DATA SYSTEMS v. USA

8/29/1994 1:94-cv-00567-DGS GISBERT CONSTRUCTION v. USA

8/16/1994 1:94-cv-00547-DGS TRAUMA SERVICE GROUP v. USA

8/11/1994 1:94-cv-00532-DGS HAMON COOLING TOWERS v. USA

8/4/1994 1:94-cv-00501-DGS HOLDEN, et al v. USA

7/26/1994 1:94-cv-00478-DGS POHANIC v. USA

7/25/1994 1:94-cv-00473-DGS NEMITS, et al v. USA

7/18/1994 1:94-cv-00460-DGS WRIGHT v. USA

7/14/1994 1:94-cv-00457-DGS SLOVACEK, et al v. USA

7/8/1994 1:94-cv-00438-DGS HUBSCH v. USA

7/5/1994 1:94-cv-00427-DGS SINGH v. USA

6/29/1994 1:94-cv-00419-DGS HOWARTH, et al v. USA

5/27/1994 1:94-cv-00351-DGS EXECUTIVE JET v. USA

5/27/1994 1:94-cv-00355-DGS MARTIN v. USA

5/16/1994 1:94-cv-00324-DGS ECK v. USA

5/9/1994 1:94-cv-00300-DGS HFS INC. v. USA

5/5/1994 1:94-cv-00286-DGS BAYFIELD CONSTR. v. USA

4/22/1994 1:94-cv-00252-DGS FRANKLIN, et al v. USA

4/20/1994 1:94-cv-00248-DGS AMP INCORPORATED v. USA

4/5/1994 1:94-cv-00217-DGS BELL v. USA

3/29/1994 1:94-cv-00203-DGS JANA, INC. v. USA

3/14/1994 1:94-cv-00177-DGS SAE/AMERICON v. USA

2/24/1994 1:94-cv-00113-DGS WOODHOUSE v. USA

2/22/1994 1:94-cv-00108-DGS MONTANA, STATE OF v. USA

1/27/1994 1:94-cv-00053-DGS JOHNSON, et al v. USA

1/21/1994 1:94-cv-00038-DGS OLYMPIC CONTROLS INC v. USA

1/21/1994 1:94-cv-00039-DGS BERNALES v. USA

1/12/1994 1:94-cv-00019-DGS ARNOLD v. USA

12/30/1993 1:93-cv-00798-DGS BLINDERMAN v. USA

12/15/1993 1:93-cv-00766-DGS KATZ v. USA

12/13/1993 1:93-cv-00760-DGS DELANO v. USA

12/6/1993 1:93-cv-00745-DGS HALL v. USA

11/29/1993 1:93-cv-00722-DGS LA CROSSE, et al v. USA

11/8/1993 1:93-cv-00685-DGS LEWIS v. USA

11/2/1993 1:93-cv-00670-DGS DAUSTER v. USA

10/18/1993 1:93-cv-00641-DGS CONTRACT AUTOMOTIVE v. USA

9/30/1993 1:93-cv-00598-DGS MARSHALL, et al v. USA

9/29/1993 1:93-cv-00595-DGS INCOGNITO, et al v. USA

9/15/1993 1:93-cv-00580-DGS PUCCIO v. USA

9/1/1993 1:93-cv-00547-DGS MLC GROUP, INC. v. USA

8/17/1993 1:93-cv-00518-DGS BUCKLEY, et al v. USA

8/12/1993 1:93-cv-00504-DGS MNOPF TRUSTEES v. USA

8/12/1993 1:93-cv-00505-DGS MERCHANTS NAVY v. USA

8/10/1993 1:93-cv-00503-DGS BARBER-EL, et al v. USA

8/9/1993 1:93-cv-00497-DGS AUTEK SYSTEMS v. USA

8/4/1993 1:93-cv-00487-DGS YOUNG v. USA

8/4/1993 1:93-cv-00488-DGS BRENNAN v. USA

8/2/1993 1:93-cv-00477-DGS SCHOOLING v. USA

7/30/1993 1:93-cv-00475-DGS PROVIDENT v. USA

7/22/1993 1:93-cv-00451-DGS GOSPEL WORKER v. USA

7/14/1993 1:93-cv-00437-DGS TRIONICS v. USA

6/21/1993 1:93-cv-00384-DGS R.J.C. CORPORATION v. USA

6/4/1993 1:93-cv-00359-DGS NOLAN, et al v. USA

6/2/1993 1:93-cv-00350-DGS ORION v. USA

5/13/1993 1:93-cv-00304-DGS LUBURICH v. USA

5/13/1993 1:93-cv-00305-DGS LUBURICH v. USA

5/7/1993 1:93-cv-00290-DGS JACOBS v. USA

4/26/1993 1:93-cv-00250-DGS BLINDERMAN v. USA

4/16/1993 1:93-cv-00221-DGS EAGLE MOBILE HOMES v. USA

4/16/1993 1:93-cv-00222-DGS EAGLE RESEARCH v. USA

4/2/1993 1:93-vv-00194-DGS MURPHY, et al v. HHS

3/30/1993 1:93-cv-00182-DGS COWAN v. USA

3/24/1993 1:93-cv-00168-DGS BURGOS, et al v. USA

3/18/1993 1:93-cv-00158-DGS ST. FRANCIS COLLEGE v. USA

3/17/1993 1:93-cv-00155-DGS TUTOR-SALIBA CORP. v. USA

3/11/1993 1:93-cv-00140-DGS LINDLEY v. USA

2/8/1993 1:93-cv-00073-DGS CAPARCO v. USA

2/3/1993 1:93-cv-00062-DGS SALAN v. USA

1/15/1993 1:93-cv-00020-DGS BRU, et al v. USA

12/3/1992 1:92-cv-00829-DGS ADVANCE BANK, F.S.B. v. USA

11/25/1992 1:92-cv-00811-DGS AL-SHIHA CONTRACTING v. USA

11/20/1992 1:92-cv-00801-DGS LAMPE v. USA

11/2/1992 1:92-cv-00758-DGS FETGATTER v. USA

10/14/1992 1:92-cv-00715-DGS CHACON, et al v. USA

10/2/1992 1:92-cv-00689-DGS PROVIDENT INS. CO. v. USA

9/29/1992 1:92-cv-00673-DGS SCEILI, et al v. USA

9/9/1992 1:92-cv-00627-DGS REGENTS OF N. MEXICO v. USA

8/26/1992 1:92-cv-00581-DGS TUTOR-SALIBA CORP. v. USA

8/24/1992 1:92-cv-00578-DGS KANE, et al v. USA

8/21/1992 1:92-cv-00575-DGS MARLOW, et al v. USA

8/5/1992 1:92-vv-00529-DGS JONES, et al v. HHS

7/14/1992 1:92-cv-00481-DGS PAKISTAN v. USA

7/2/1992 1:92-cv-00453-DGS DICO, INC. v. USA

7/1/1992 1:92-cv-00452-DGS BAYSIDE FEDERAL, et al v. USA

6/15/1992 1:92-cv-00401-DGS T-CAS CORP. v. USA

6/8/1992 1:92-cv-00389-DGS MAYER, et al v. USA

5/18/1992 1:92-cv-00354-DGS ADVANCED MAINTENANCE v. USA

4/28/1992 1:92-cv-00306-DGS GREEN INTERNATIONAL v. USA

3/10/1992 1:92-cv-00171-DGS GRIGGS v. USA

3/2/1992 1:92-cv-00141-DGS BREWER, et al v. USA

2/6/1992 1:92-cv-00092-DGS UNISYS CORPORATION v. USA

1/7/1992 1:92-cv-00009-DGS AEROLINEAS, et al v. USA

12/6/1991 1:91-cv-01672-DGS ADAMO, et al, et al v. USA

12/2/1991 1:91-cv-01650-DGS DELGADO, et al v. USA

11/12/1991 1:91-cv-01582-DGS R.J. LANTHIER CO. v. USA

10/22/1991 1:91-cv-01534-DGS COLBERT, et al v. USA

8/14/1991 1:91-cv-01358-DGS SHARP v. USA

8/7/1991 1:91-vv-01344-DGS JORDAN, et al v. HHS

7/9/1991 1:91-cv-01267-DGS GOLD BEACH PLYWOOD v. USA

7/8/1991 1:91-cv-01264-DGS GOLD BEACH PLYWOOD v. USA

5/14/1991 1:91-cv-01148-DGS GARTER, et al v. USA

4/30/1991 1:91-cv-01124-DGS WISCONSIN PUBLIC v. USA

3/26/1991 1:91-vv-01037-DGS MCALLISTER, et al v. HHS

3/12/1991 1:91-cv-01008-DGS PORTER v. USA

1/30/1991 1:91-vv-00350-DGS HYATT, et al v. HHS

1/29/1991 1:91-vv-00186-DGS WILCOX, et al v. HHS

1/28/1991 1:91-vv-00157-DGS BEARD v. HHS

1/23/1991 1:91-vv-00077-DGS MC NEILL, et al v. HHS

12/17/1990 1:90-cv-04025-DGS FINKELSTEIN v. USA

10/19/1990 1:90-cv-03867-DGS ADAMS, et al, et al v. USA

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-02753-DGS SALMON, et al v. HHS

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-02833-DGS THORNTON, et al v. HHS

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-02935-DGS TIEVES, et al v. HHS

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-03737-DGS ERB, et al v. HHS

9/28/1990 1:90-vv-01964-DGS ESTEY, et al v. HHS

9/28/1990 1:90-vv-02003-DGS JOHNSON, et al v. HHS

9/27/1990 1:90-vv-01823-DGS ASHE-CLINE, et al v. HHS

9/26/1990 1:90-vv-01466-DGS GHERARDI v. HHS

9/24/1990 1:90-vv-01237-DGS LOCKWOOD, et al v. HHS

9/21/1990 1:90-vv-01135-DGS MATHEWS, et al v. HHS

8/13/1990 1:90-cv-00756-DGS ABBOTT, et al, et al v. USA

7/31/1990 1:90-cv-00710-DGS AUTEK SYSTEMS v. USA

7/10/1990 1:90-cv-00626-DGS HOLLANDER, et al v. USA

6/14/1990 1:90-vv-00534-DGS JAY, et al v. HHS

6/7/1990 1:90-cv-00495-DGS PROVIDENT v. USA

3/16/1990 1:90-cv-00239-DGS FACILITIES ENGINEER. v. USA

3/1/1990 1:90-cv-00192-DGS KELLING, et al v. USA

1/31/1990 1:90-cv-00095-DGS HEATHMAN, INC. v. USA

1/30/1990 1:90-cv-00087-DGS GEORGE HYMAN CONST., et al v. USA

1/2/1990 1:90-cv-00010-DGS LISS, et al v. USA

12/8/1989 1:89-cv-00664-DGS NORTH COUNTRY v. USA

11/13/1989 1:89-cv-00612-DGS COMMERCIAL CONTRACT v. USA

9/22/1989 1:89-cv-00520-DGS ALLARD, et al v. USA

9/7/1989 1:89-cv-00489-DGS ABC, et al v. USA

8/18/1989 1:89-cv-00450-DGS GENERAL ELECTRIC CO. v. USA

8/7/1989 1:89-cv-00427-DGS DURABLE METAL v. USA

6/30/1989 1:89-cv-00374-DGS AMERICOLD CORP v. USA

1/12/1989 1:89-cv-00015-DGS FOREMAN, et al v. USA

8/10/1988 1:88-cv-00475-DGS AMERICAN BROADCAST, et al v. USA

5/18/1988 1:88-cv-00298-DGS SNOGA, et al v. USA

5/18/1988 1:88-cv-00299-DGS SNOGA, et al v. USA

12/10/1986 1:86-cv-00768-DGS STEPHENSON, et al v. USA

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