District Judge James T. Turner
United States Court of Federal Claims

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Type: District Judge
Status: Active

James T. Turner has presided over the following cases:

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4/1/2002 1:02-cv-00249-JTT CLARK v. USA

1/14/2002 1:02-cv-00037-JTT VARGAS v. USA

1/8/2002 1:02-cv-00022-JTT ALLEN BAKER, INC. v. USA

9/12/2001 1:01-cv-00522-JTT BARRY v. USA

8/28/2001 1:01-cv-00494-JTT DCD ASSOCIATES, L.P. v. USA

8/22/2001 1:01-cv-00488-JTT MCKNIGHT CONSTRUCTIO v. USA

3/27/2001 1:01-cv-00178-JTT LEACH v. USA

3/20/2001 1:01-cv-00154-JTT SMITH v. USA

3/5/2001 1:01-cv-00122-JTT BANNUM, INC. v. USA

12/26/2000 1:00-cv-00781-JTT SWANSON v. USA

11/6/2000 1:00-cv-00655-JTT VEDDA v. USA

11/2/2000 1:00-cv-00649-JTT VIRGINIA ELECTRIC v. USA

10/26/2000 1:00-cv-00635-JTT COOK, COUNTY OF, et al v. USA

9/20/2000 1:00-cv-00565-JTT ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENC v. USA

8/30/2000 1:00-cv-00527-JTT UNITED INTERNATIONAL v. USA

8/17/2000 1:00-cv-00492-JTT SCHRAM v. USA

8/4/2000 1:00-cv-00466-JTT D.R. JOHNSON LUMBER v. USA

7/14/2000 1:00-cv-00416-JTT DANIEL v. USA

7/13/2000 1:00-cv-00413-JTT KIMBLE v. USA

7/10/2000 1:00-cv-00406-JTT CORDERO v. USA

6/28/2000 1:00-cv-00362-JTT VICTOR, et al v. USA

6/19/2000 1:00-cv-00351-JTT WILMER v. USA

6/16/2000 1:00-cv-00349-JTT ZABRISKIE v. USA

6/1/2000 1:00-cv-00326-JTT FLORES v. USA

5/12/2000 1:00-cv-00275-JTT FAMOUS CONSTRUCTION v. USA

5/3/2000 1:00-cv-00260-JTT CANADIAN COMMERCIAL, et al v. USA

2/22/2000 1:00-cv-00086-JTT KONDIC, et al v. USA

2/8/2000 1:00-cv-00067-JTT CHAS. H. TOMPKINS v. USA

2/2/2000 1:00-cv-00056-JTT DELBREY v. USA

1/10/2000 1:00-cv-00016-JTT TURNER v. USA

12/3/1999 1:99-cv-00972-JTT STROM RANCHES, INC. v. USA

11/9/1999 1:99-cv-00926-JTT LEWIS v. USA

10/22/1999 1:99-cv-00886-JTT RAYMOND CORPORATION v. USA

10/21/1999 1:99-cv-00882-JTT ADIRONDACK CONSTRUCT v. USA

10/5/1999 1:99-cv-00857-JTT MCHENRY v. USA

7/26/1999 1:99-cv-00486-JTT COLLINS v. USA

7/8/1999 1:99-cv-00443-JTT ELDSTROM, et al v. USA

6/11/1999 1:99-cv-00372-JTT BROWNE, et al v. USA

5/24/1999 1:99-cv-00334-JTT WILKINS AVENUE v. USA

4/7/1999 1:99-cv-00203-JTT GALLIN v. USA

3/30/1999 1:99-cv-00183-JTT KELLIE W. TIPTON v. USA

3/26/1999 1:99-cv-00174-JTT BRIGHT-SASSER v. USA

3/22/1999 1:99-vv-00150-JTT CAREY v. HHS

2/16/1999 1:99-cv-00064-JTT RANDOLPH & COMPANY v. USA

2/2/1999 1:99-cv-00050-JTT STRAVITSKIY v. USA

2/1/1999 1:99-cv-00048-JTT STRAVITSKIY v. USA

1/28/1999 1:99-cv-00042-JTT STRABLE v. USA

1/26/1999 1:99-cv-00040-JTT THOMAS v. USA

1/21/1999 1:99-cv-00034-JTT FERNICOLA, et al v. USA

1/14/1999 1:99-cv-00026-JTT MCNEIL v. USA

1/12/1999 1:99-cv-00019-JTT SERGENT MECHANICAL v. USA

1/8/1999 1:99-cv-00013-JTT SHEMONSKY v. USA

1/6/1999 1:99-cv-00007-JTT TURNER v. USA

12/28/1998 1:98-cv-00936-JTT RAJCIC v. USA

12/28/1998 1:98-cv-00937-JTT RAJCIC v. USA

12/22/1998 1:98-cv-00931-JTT BROWN v. USA

12/11/1998 1:98-cv-00919-JTT ALLIANT v. USA

12/2/1998 1:98-cv-00902-JTT GALLO MECHANICAL v. USA

10/30/1998 1:98-cv-00833-JTT MAY v. USA

10/15/1998 1:98-cv-00793-JTT BARNES, et al v. USA

9/14/1998 1:98-cv-00721-JTT C & C ELECTRICAL v. USA

9/4/1998 1:98-cv-00705-JTT COORDINATED HEALTH v. USA

9/2/1998 1:98-cv-00698-JTT ADIRONDACK CONSTRUCT v. USA

7/31/1998 1:98-cv-00623-JTT RIGSBEE v. USA

7/14/1998 1:98-cv-00577-JTT WHITE CONSTRUCTION v. USA

6/30/1998 1:98-cv-00551-JTT PROFESSIONAL PERFORM v. USA

6/23/1998 1:98-cv-00537-JTT PETTIT v. USA

6/9/1998 1:98-cv-00489-JTT HOLLIDAY v. USA

6/5/1998 1:98-cv-00481-JTT BRANSTROM v. USA

5/26/1998 1:98-cv-00461-JTT ELAINE DUNN REALTY v. USA

5/13/1998 1:98-cv-00443-JTT ROBINSON v. USA

4/28/1998 1:98-cv-00409-JTT TALTON HOLDINGS, INC v. USA

4/17/1998 1:98-cv-00382-JTT LATCO CONSTRUCTION v. USA

4/13/1998 1:98-cv-00335-JTT FRAZIER, et al v. USA

3/27/1998 1:98-cv-00207-JTT EISENBERG, et al v. USA

3/19/1998 1:98-cv-00191-JTT R HUNTER COMPANY v. USA

3/13/1998 1:98-cv-00178-JTT INFORMATION SYSTEMS v. USA

3/10/1998 1:98-cv-00170-JTT MCREYNOLDS v. USA

2/20/1998 1:98-cv-00135-JTT SCHNEIDER v. USA

2/18/1998 1:98-cv-00123-JTT EDELSTEIN, et al v. USA

2/12/1998 1:98-cv-00114-JTT JAE v. USA

2/11/1998 1:98-cv-00112-JTT NELSON v. USA

2/9/1998 1:98-cv-00105-JTT KATO v. USA

2/6/1998 1:98-cv-00097-JTT EVANS v. USA

1/29/1998 1:98-cv-00079-JTT GARLAND v. USA

1/14/1998 1:98-cv-00030-JTT KIMBOKO v. USA

1/13/1998 1:98-cv-00026-JTT GROVER v. USA

1/5/1998 1:98-cv-00006-JTT FLOHR, et al v. USA

12/23/1997 1:97-cv-00862-JTT CARPET MALL, INC. v. USA

12/1/1997 1:97-cv-00820-JTT RITCHIE, et al v. USA

11/17/1997 1:97-cv-00790-JTT QUALITY ELEVATOR v. USA

11/7/1997 1:97-cv-00761-JTT VU v. USA

10/30/1997 1:97-cv-00741-JTT SMS AGOURA SYSTEMS v. USA

10/20/1997 1:97-cv-00719-JTT LIFSEY v. USA

10/16/1997 1:97-cv-00699-JTT SKF LATINTRADE, INC. v. USA

10/9/1997 1:97-cv-00683-JTT PEIRCE-PHELPS, INC. v. USA

9/17/1997 1:97-cv-00626-JTT ALLIANT TECHSYSTEMS v. USA

9/16/1997 1:97-cv-00623-JTT FOLTZ v. USA

9/10/1997 1:97-cv-00618-JTT SNYDER, et al v. USA

9/2/1997 1:97-cv-00608-JTT BUTLER, et al v. USA

8/20/1997 1:97-cv-00578-JTT PRAKOPE, et al v. USA

7/31/1997 1:97-cv-00519-JTT NEWMAN v. USA

7/29/1997 1:97-cv-00513-JTT BARLETTA v. USA

7/18/1997 1:97-cv-00492-JTT LAIDLAW ENVIRONMENT v. USA

7/10/1997 1:97-cv-00471-JTT TRI-EX TOWER v. USA

6/19/1997 1:97-cv-00434-JTT GUSTAFSON v. USA

6/12/1997 1:97-cv-00417-JTT ISHIDA v. USA

6/5/1997 1:97-cv-00402-JTT UNITED GAS HOLDING v. USA

5/16/1997 1:97-cv-00347-JTT NYBORG, et al v. USA

5/1/1997 1:97-cv-00318-JTT VELTMANN v. USA

4/29/1997 1:97-cv-00306-JTT A.B. CHANCE COMPANY, et al v. USA

4/21/1997 1:97-cv-00292-JTT DEFENSE PROCUREMENT v. USA

4/9/1997 1:97-cv-00267-JTT HENDERSON, et al v. USA

4/8/1997 1:97-cv-00262-JTT COBE LABORATORIES v. USA

4/1/1997 1:97-cv-00245-JTT PENTAGEN TECHNOLOGIE v. USA

3/31/1997 1:97-cv-00237-JTT UNIVERSAL FUEL, INC. v. USA

3/31/1997 1:97-cv-00238-JTT J.C.N. CONSTRUCTION v. USA

3/19/1997 1:97-cv-00183-JTT GILBERT v. USA

3/3/1997 1:97-cv-00129-JTT BERRIS, et al v. USA

2/19/1997 1:97-cv-00107-JTT ABAR, et al v. USA

1/29/1997 1:97-cv-00058-JTT VELTMANN v. USA

1/27/1997 1:97-cv-00051-JTT WHITSON, et al v. USA

1/21/1997 1:97-cv-00040-JTT ILLINOIS POWER v. USA

1/21/1997 1:97-cv-00045-JTT U.S. POLYCON CORP. v. USA

1/15/1997 1:97-cv-00025-JTT STARKSEL, et al v. USA

12/11/1996 1:96-cv-00772-JTT TURNER BROTHERS v. USA

11/26/1996 1:96-cv-00751-JTT STEVENS v. USA

11/18/1996 1:96-cv-00730-JTT SC SECURITY, INC. v. USA

11/4/1996 1:96-cv-00710-JTT QUALITY ELEVATOR v. USA

10/11/1996 1:96-cv-00648-JTT ENGINEERED COATINGS v. USA

9/27/1996 1:96-cv-00611-JTT CISNEROS, et al v. USA

9/12/1996 1:96-cv-00570-JTT BARREN ISLAND MARINA v. USA

8/27/1996 1:96-cv-00541-JTT SIMONS v. USA

8/16/1996 1:96-cv-00511-JTT 55 MOTOR AVENUE, et al v. USA

8/8/1996 1:96-cv-00489-JTT HENSEL PHELPS v. USA

8/2/1996 1:96-cv-00466-JTT SHRENI v. USA

7/30/1996 1:96-cv-00456-JTT BUERGI v. USA

7/30/1996 1:96-cv-00458-JTT HELM NEW YORK, et al v. USA

7/3/1996 1:96-cv-00394-JTT NICHOLAS v. USA

6/27/1996 1:96-cv-00375-JTT STEVENSON v. USA

6/19/1996 1:96-cv-00354-JTT HELMANDOLLAR v. USA

6/10/1996 1:96-cv-00336-JTT SHINODA v. USA

6/7/1996 1:96-cv-00334-JTT BATTLEY, et al v. USA

6/7/1996 1:96-cv-00332-JTT ESSEX ELECTRO v. USA

5/30/1996 1:96-cv-00306-JTT FINA OIL & CHEMICAL v. USA

5/21/1996 1:96-cv-00284-JTT ASAT, INC. v. USA

5/7/1996 1:96-cv-00257-JTT PACIFIC LUMBER, et al v. USA

4/22/1996 1:96-cv-00215-JTT GARCIA, et al v. USA

4/8/1996 1:96-cv-00180-JTT BORO DEVELOPERS, INC v. USA

3/25/1996 1:96-cv-00163-JTT EARTH BURNERS, INC. v. USA

3/25/1996 1:96-cv-00167-JTT DAN RICE CONSTRUCTIO v. USA

3/5/1996 1:96-cv-00127-JTT GRADY, et al v. USA

2/20/1996 1:96-cv-00101-JTT POORE v. USA

2/16/1996 1:96-vv-00097-JTT BUSHNELL, et al v. HHS

2/13/1996 1:96-cv-00087-JTT HENSEL PHELPS, et al v. USA

1/31/1996 1:96-cv-00043-JTT KINDRED v. USA

1/30/1996 1:96-cv-00038-JTT HUNTER, et al v. USA

1/25/1996 1:96-cv-00032-JTT METCALF v. USA

1/19/1996 1:96-cv-00021-JTT SYSKA & HENNESSY v. USA

1/16/1996 1:96-cv-00013-JTT SIERRA TECHNOLOGIES v. USA

12/7/1995 1:95-cv-00809-JTT CARMAN v. USA

12/1/1995 1:95-cv-00780-JTT BEY v. USA

11/29/1995 1:95-cv-00772-JTT ZODIAC OF NORTH AMER v. USA

11/22/1995 1:95-cv-00765-JTT STALLINGS v. USA

11/15/1995 1:95-cv-00753-JTT DUNLAP v. USA

11/14/1995 1:95-cv-00749-JTT THOMAS v. USA

11/6/1995 1:95-cv-00734-JTT NIEDBALA, et al v. USA

10/27/1995 1:95-cv-00711-JTT BRADLEY, et al v. USA

9/25/1995 1:95-cv-00642-JTT HARE v. USA

9/21/1995 1:95-cv-00634-JTT BROWN, et al v. USA

9/7/1995 1:95-cv-00603-JTT SELECT CONTRACTING v. USA

8/14/1995 1:95-cv-00553-JTT RESEARCH, et al v. USA

8/7/1995 1:95-cv-00516-JTT HILTON HOTELS v. USA

7/3/1995 1:95-cv-00437-JTT CANONICA v. USA

6/30/1995 1:95-cv-00436-JTT INTERNATIONAL BUSINE v. USA

6/22/1995 1:95-cv-00414-JTT BIAGIO D'URSO v. USA

6/2/1995 1:95-cv-00386-JTT ROSS v. USA

5/17/1995 1:95-cv-00350-JTT LOGICS, INC. v. USA

5/10/1995 1:95-cv-00334-JTT EDCAR INDUSTRIES v. USA

5/1/1995 1:95-cv-00320-JTT AERO-ABRE, INC. v. USA

4/19/1995 1:95-cv-00298-JTT KITKO, et al v. USA

4/5/1995 1:95-cv-00274-JTT DAN RICE v. USA

3/13/1995 1:95-cv-00224-JTT RAMIREZ v. USA

2/28/1995 1:95-cv-00143-JTT TOMAHAWK BAR, INC., et al v. USA

2/8/1995 1:95-cv-00096-JTT AKADVANS CORPORATION v. USA

2/3/1995 1:95-cv-00085-JTT JESCO, INC. v. USA

2/1/1995 1:95-cv-00074-JTT CUMBERLAND INSURANCE, et al v. USA

1/31/1995 1:95-cv-00072-JTT MCDERMOTT v. USA

1/24/1995 1:95-cv-00056-JTT TIMBER PRODUCTS v. USA

1/6/1995 1:95-cv-00011-JTT EDCAR INDUSTRIES v. USA

12/23/1994 1:94-cv-01092-JTT MOYLE CONSTRUCTION v. USA

12/16/1994 1:94-cv-01069-JTT BLODGETT, et al v. USA

12/2/1994 1:94-cv-01047-JTT THIGPEN v. USA

12/2/1994 1:94-cv-01045-JTT SABRELINER CORP v. USA

11/29/1994 1:94-cv-01035-JTT LISTER, et al v. USA

11/22/1994 1:94-cv-01021-JTT LAKE v. USA

11/22/1994 1:94-cv-01022-JTT AMEN-RA v. USA

11/22/1994 1:94-cv-01023-JTT WEBSTER v. USA

11/21/1994 1:94-cv-01016-JTT BLACK v. USA

11/21/1994 1:94-cv-01020-JTT RAE v. USA

11/18/1994 1:94-cv-01015-JTT WRIGHT v. USA

11/7/1994 1:94-cv-00988-JTT AMERICAN BONDING v. USA

11/1/1994 1:94-cv-00974-JTT FLEXFAB, INC. v. USA

11/1/1994 1:94-cv-00981-JTT CARTER v. USA

10/17/1994 1:94-cv-00758-JTT NAVCOM DEFENSE v. USA

9/26/1994 1:94-cv-00632-JTT UNGUREANU, et al v. USA

9/14/1994 1:94-cv-00602-JTT SOUTHWICK, et al v. USA

9/9/1994 1:94-cv-00595-JTT PHILIPS BROTHERS v. USA

9/2/1994 1:94-cv-00578-JTT FAUST v. USA

8/30/1994 1:94-cv-00569-JTT DELTA PACIFIC GROUP v. USA

8/30/1994 1:94-cv-00575-JTT LEE, et al v. USA

8/19/1994 1:94-cv-00554-JTT RUIZ v. USA

8/9/1994 1:94-cv-00514-JTT HVAC CONSTRUCTION v. USA

2/22/1994 1:94-cv-00109-JTT GWALTNEY v. USA

8/6/1993 1:93-cv-00493-JTT PATRICK, et al v. USA

6/23/1993 1:93-cv-00395-JTT DARWIN, et al v. USA

6/10/1993 1:93-cv-00370-JTT MCDERMOTT INC. v. USA

5/11/1993 1:93-cv-00296-JTT CONSOLO v. USA

3/22/1993 1:93-cv-00161-JTT McDERMOTT INC. v. USA

3/3/1993 1:93-vv-00123-JTT KONO, et al v. HHS

1/21/1993 1:93-cv-00032-JTT KARNES, et al v. USA

1/15/1993 1:93-cv-00025-JTT LEININGER v. USA

1/11/1993 1:93-cv-00009-JTT MCDERMOTT INC. v. USA

1/5/1993 1:93-cv-00003-JTT MIDLAND MAINTENANCE v. USA

12/8/1992 1:92-cv-00838-JTT TOTAL MEDICAL MGMT v. USA

11/18/1992 1:92-cv-00798-JTT MID-SOUTH DEVELOP, et al v. USA

11/4/1992 1:92-cv-00765-JTT DARWIN CONSTRUCTION v. USA

10/19/1992 1:92-cv-00728-JTT C & H COMMERCIAL v. USA

10/14/1992 1:92-cv-00717-JTT PACIFIC SAFETY, et al v. USA

10/1/1992 1:92-cv-00683-JTT STIRTON v. USA

9/30/1992 1:92-cv-00678-JTT INTERNATIONAL v. USA

9/21/1992 1:92-cv-00653-JTT HIGGINS v. USA

9/15/1992 1:92-cv-00642-JTT RESTANI v. USA

9/10/1992 1:92-cv-00630-JTT GLENN v. USA

7/27/1992 1:92-cv-00503-JTT GEORGE F. MILLER, et al v. USA

7/10/1992 1:92-cv-00470-JTT SIMMS INDUSTRIES v. USA

7/8/1992 1:92-cv-00461-JTT WETSEL-OVIATT LUMBER v. USA

6/15/1992 1:92-cv-00402-JTT AMERTEX ENTERPRISES v. USA

6/12/1992 1:92-cv-00399-JTT BUNCE, et al v. USA

6/1/1992 1:92-cv-00382-JTT SULLIVAN v. USA

5/27/1992 1:92-cv-00377-JTT ATKINS ENTERPRISES v. USA

5/7/1992 1:92-cv-00331-JTT MARATHON [CONOCO] v. USA

4/9/1992 1:92-cv-00250-JTT ANDERSON, et al v. USA

3/30/1992 1:92-cv-00220-JTT BAUER, et al v. USA

3/27/1992 1:92-cv-00211-JTT GENERAL INSTRUMENT v. USA

3/24/1992 1:92-cv-00202-JTT HVAC CONSTRUCTION v. USA

2/20/1992 1:92-cv-00124-JTT BRAYSHAW v. USA

1/28/1992 1:92-cv-00065-JTT SOLOMON v. USA

12/19/1991 1:91-cv-01700-JTT AMERTEX ENTERPRISES v. USA

9/16/1991 1:91-cv-01434-JTT CEREDO CHAPEL, INC. v. USA

7/23/1991 1:91-cv-01308-JTT FOLEY COMPANY v. USA

4/18/1991 1:91-cv-01102-JTT GENERAL MOTORS CORP. v. USA

10/16/1990 1:90-cv-03858-JTT MOORE, et al v. USA

10/10/1990 1:90-cv-03846-JTT JANOWSKY, et al v. USA

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-02631-JTT RODRIQUEZ, et al v. HHS

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-02222-JTT FARLEY, et al v. HHS

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-02249-JTT SAXTON v. HHS

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-02936-JTT MYERS, et al v. HHS

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-03164-JTT MOLINE, et al v. HHS

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-02455-JTT LAWSON, et al v. HHS

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-03272-JTT HUZENLAUB v. HHS

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-03800-JTT KONCHALSKI, et al v. HHS

9/25/1990 1:90-vv-01334-JTT HANLON, et al v. HHS

9/25/1990 1:90-vv-01343-JTT LETT, et al v. HHS

9/25/1990 1:90-vv-01347-JTT GOODWIN, et al v. HHS

9/24/1990 1:90-vv-01189-JTT COWEN, et al v. HHS

9/24/1990 1:90-vv-01234-JTT HAMMONS, et al v. HHS

9/18/1990 1:90-vv-01049-JTT YEOMAN, et al v. HHS

7/24/1990 1:90-vv-00692-JTT WHITECOTTON, et al v. HHS

7/23/1990 1:90-cv-00684-JTT AMERTEX ENTERPRISES v. USA

6/26/1990 1:90-cv-00572-JTT FIRST INTERSTATE BK v. USA

6/7/1990 1:90-cv-00491-JTT DOTY, et al v. USA

5/4/1990 1:90-cv-00386-JTT SANCHEZ, et al v. USA

3/27/1990 1:90-cv-00265-JTT BADGLEY, et al v. USA

6/27/1989 1:89-cv-00364-JTT FIELD v. USA

5/22/1989 1:89-cv-00288-JTT EMERALD ISLE ELECT. v. USA

5/26/1988 1:88-cv-00317-JTT SIMONS, et al v. USA

2/5/1988 1:88-cv-00082-JTT L.E. COOKE CORP. v. USA

10/5/1987 1:87-cv-00627-JTT GEORGE SHADIE v. USA

1/6/1986 1:86-cv-00010-JTT OCR, INC. v. USA

12/24/1985 1:85-cv-00755-JTT HALLIBURTON COMPANY v. USA

11/9/1984 1:84-cv-00585-JTT CREDIT LIFE INSUR. v. USA

11/29/1983 1:83-cg-00003-JTT BATTISE, et al v. USA

11/13/1973 1:73-cv-00426-JTT HUGHES ELECTRONICS v. USA

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