District Judge John P. Wiese
United States Court of Federal Claims

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Type: District Judge
Status: Active

John P. Wiese has presided over the following cases:

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6/23/2009 1:09-cv-00411 PAI CORPORATION v. USA


6/16/2008 1:08-cv-00434-JPW TETRA TECH EC, INC. v. USA

4/10/2008 1:08-cv-00262-JPW POURBABAI v. USA

2/19/2008 1:08-cv-00094-JPW TYLER CONSTRUCTION GROUP v. USA

1/25/2008 1:08-cv-00055-JPW TYLER CONSTRUCTION GROUP v. USA

1/2/2008 1:08-cv-00012-JPW MAHER et al v. USA

12/17/2007 1:07-cv-00881-JPW SDS INTERNATIONAL, INC. v. USA

12/3/2007 1:07-cv-00851-JPW TYLER CONSTRUCTION GROUP v. USA

11/19/2007 1:07-cv-00811-JPW METROTOP PLAZA ASSOCIATES v. USA

9/24/2007 1:07-cv-00688-JPW SCHULZE v. USA


7/16/2007 1:07-cv-00538-JPW STEPHENSON v. USA

5/24/2007 1:07-cv-00322-JPW INPUT/OUTPUT TECHNOLOGY, INC v. USA

5/18/2007 1:07-cv-00312-JPW TAYLOR-SMITH v. USA


2/26/2007 1:07-cv-00130-JPW STEAGALL, INC. v. USA


12/13/2006 1:06-cv-00849-JPW TOMPKINS BUILDERS, INC. v. USA

10/13/2006 1:06-cv-00707-JPW CARY et al

7/24/2006 1:06-cv-00537-JPW JOHNSON

6/21/2006 1:06-cv-00471-JPW DATA MONITOR SYSTEMS, INC. v. USA

4/26/2006 1:06-cv-00328-JPW SOUTHERN UTAH ASSOCIATES v. USA

1/30/2006 1:06-cv-00089-JPW CLARK v. USA

1/27/2006 1:06-cv-00088-JPW ODUWA v. USA


12/9/2005 1:05-cv-01281-JPW CLARK v. USA

11/21/2005 1:05-cv-01222-JPW M. RAINA ASSOCIATES, INC., v. USA

10/24/2005 1:05-cv-01143-JPW BARKER v. USA

9/20/2005 1:05-cv-01014-JPW ADELPHIA CABLEVISION, LLC, v. USA

8/26/2005 1:05-cv-00931-JPW SELLERS et al v. USA



6/16/2005 1:05-cv-00632-JPW WILLISTON VILLAGE, v. USA

4/21/2005 1:05-cv-00485-JPW MAGPAGE INTERNET SERVICES, INC. v. USA


10/25/2004 1:04-cv-01601-JPW M. RAINA ASSOCIATES, INC., v. USA

9/10/2004 1:04-cv-01431-JPW SELLERS INVESTMENTS, LTD. v. USA


8/17/2004 1:04-cv-01364-JPW MCNEIL v. USA

8/9/2004 1:04-cv-01271-JPW SELLERS et al v. USA

2/26/2004 1:04-cv-00249-JPW AEROPLATE CONSTRUCTION CORP. v. USA

2/23/2004 1:04-cv-00240-JPW FIRE-TROL HOLDINGS, LLC, v. USA

1/12/2004 1:04-cv-00027-JPW PANSIER v. USA

12/19/2003 1:03-cv-02840-JPW PATRIOT LLC, v. USA

12/10/2003 1:03-cv-02802-JPW SANTA ANA IMPERIAL, LLC. v. USA

8/19/2003 1:03-cv-01950-JPW SELLERS INVESTMENTS, LTD. v. USA

8/18/2003 1:03-cv-01942-JPW COLVIN CATTLE CO., INC. v. USA

8/6/2003 1:03-cv-01871-JPW B. v. USA

5/16/2003 1:03-cv-01216-JPW PLACID HOLDING COMPANY v. USA

5/9/2003 1:03-cv-01170-JPW SPHERIX, INC. v. USA

5/7/2003 1:03-cv-01158-JPW LOGICVISION, INC. v. USA

4/29/2003 1:03-cv-00861-JPW H.E. SARGENT, INC. v. USA

2/28/2003 1:03-cv-00484-JPW COMPUTER SYSTEMS v. USA

2/25/2003 1:03-cv-00444-JPW MONTANO v. USA

2/14/2003 1:03-cv-00352-JPW ALSTON v. USA

12/23/2002 1:02-cv-01937-JPW RAYTHEON COMPANY v. USA

12/17/2002 1:02-cv-01896-JPW CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY v. USA

12/13/2002 1:02-cv-01855-JPW JONES v. USA

11/27/2002 1:02-cv-01745-JPW ALPINE COUNTY, et al v. USA

11/18/2002 1:02-cv-01623-JPW BIDDLE v. USA

10/30/2002 1:02-cv-01478-JPW BARTH v. USA

10/23/2002 1:02-cv-01457-JPW INGRAM MICRO, INC. v. USA

10/9/2002 1:02-cv-01367-JPW CONOCOPHILLIPS, et al v. USA

9/25/2002 1:02-vv-01261-JPW NANEZ, et al v. HHS

9/18/2002 1:02-cv-01217-JPW EXXON MOBIL CORP., et al v. USA

9/16/2002 1:02-cv-01205-JPW SELLERS, et al v. USA

9/16/2002 1:02-cv-01206-JPW SELLERS v. USA

9/16/2002 1:02-cv-01207-JPW SELLERS, et al v. USA

8/13/2002 1:02-cv-00972-JPW BITTNER v. USA

7/18/2002 1:02-cv-00839-JPW BMC v. USA

7/1/2002 1:02-cv-00757-JPW ENGINEERED ELECTRIC v. USA

6/17/2002 1:02-cv-00705-JPW WILLIAMS ALASKA, et al v. USA

5/23/2002 1:02-cv-00517-JPW ENGINEERED ELECTRIC v. USA

4/24/2002 1:02-cv-00403-JPW FERNICOLA, et al v. USA

4/19/2002 1:02-cv-00341-JPW FEDERAL NATIONAL MOR v. USA

4/5/2002 1:02-cv-00281-JPW BROUSSARD v. USA

3/26/2002 1:02-cv-00234-JPW DEL PRIORE, et al v. USA

3/6/2002 1:02-cv-00174-JPW CRIGLER v. USA

2/19/2002 1:02-cv-00137-JPW LAST CHANCE MINING v. USA

1/31/2002 1:02-cv-00088-JPW ATLAS HEADWEAR, INC. v. USA

1/30/2002 1:02-cv-00084-JPW ALLIANCE COAL, LLC v. USA

12/21/2001 1:01-cv-00712-JPW EDWARDS v. USA

11/28/2001 1:01-cv-00665-JPW AON GROUP, INC. v. USA

11/7/2001 1:01-cv-00629-JPW GERSTEIN v. USA

10/10/2001 1:01-cv-00586-JPW AMERICAN MANAGEMENT v. USA

10/9/2001 1:01-cv-00580-JPW ANAYA v. USA

9/18/2001 1:01-cv-00530-JPW HOWARD v. USA

8/31/2001 1:01-cv-00508-JPW MANGI ENVIRONMENTAL v. USA

8/22/2001 1:01-cv-00489-JPW SIMOY v. USA

8/15/2001 1:01-cv-00477-JPW DYNA AIR ENGINEERING v. USA

8/14/2001 1:01-cv-00474-JPW H.G. PROPERTIES A v. USA

7/30/2001 1:01-cv-00439-JPW COTTRELL v. USA

6/22/2001 1:01-cv-00370-JPW GREENSTREET v. USA

6/22/2001 1:01-cv-00371-JPW GREENSTREET v. USA

6/14/2001 1:01-vv-00361-JPW HEBERN v. HHS

6/4/2001 1:01-cv-00335-JPW MONTGOMERY v. USA

5/29/2001 1:01-cv-00329-JPW BLOOMER v. USA

5/22/2001 1:01-cv-00310-JPW VENTAS, INC. v. USA

5/17/2001 1:01-cv-00300-JPW FREESTATE HEALTH v. USA

5/4/2001 1:01-cv-00275-JPW BLOOMER v. USA

5/1/2001 1:01-cv-00266-JPW CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY v. USA

4/24/2001 1:01-cv-00244-JPW SELLERS v. USA

4/10/2001 1:01-cv-00218-JPW DESTEFANO v. USA

3/8/2001 1:01-cv-00125-JPW FREEMAN v. USA

2/6/2001 1:01-cv-00069-JPW KELLEY v. USA

1/18/2001 1:01-cv-00034-JPW NORTH COUNTY LEGION v. USA

1/12/2001 1:01-cv-00023-JPW GREAT LAKES DREDGE v. USA

1/2/2001 1:01-cv-00002-JPW LIGGAN v. USA

12/15/2000 1:00-cv-00763-JPW MIN, INC. v. USA

12/5/2000 1:00-cv-00730-JPW CRAWFORD, et al v. USA

10/18/2000 1:00-cv-00622-JPW WDC WEST CARTHAGE, et al v. USA

10/2/2000 1:00-vv-00592-JPW BERNHARDT v. HHS

9/29/2000 1:00-cv-00583-JPW SCOTT & WHITE HEALTH v. USA

8/18/2000 1:00-cv-00493-JPW BRETT W. ARNOLD P.C. v. USA

8/2/2000 1:00-cv-00460-JPW STODDARD v. USA

7/31/2000 1:00-cv-00451-JPW ALBINSON v. USA

7/31/2000 1:00-cv-00456-JPW CRIGLER v. USA

7/26/2000 1:00-cv-00442-JPW SOUTHERN RESEARCH v. USA

7/25/2000 1:00-cv-00435-JPW MEZZULO v. USA

7/17/2000 1:00-cv-00420-JPW BRODERICK, et al v. USA

7/7/2000 1:00-cv-00404-JPW MOTE v. USA

6/30/2000 1:00-cv-00369-JPW FEDERAL NATIONAL MOR v. USA

5/24/2000 1:00-cv-00305-JPW PYRAMID SERVICES v. USA

5/17/2000 1:00-cv-00280-JPW HEALTH PLAN OF NEVAD v. USA

4/27/2000 1:00-cv-00239-JPW LUE-REGENT ASSOCIATE v. USA

4/3/2000 1:00-cv-00178-JPW SHERWOOD CONSTRUCTIO v. USA

3/20/2000 1:00-cv-00138-JPW PMR CONSTRUCTION v. USA

2/28/2000 1:00-cv-00096-JPW C-Q CONSTRUCTION v. USA

2/18/2000 1:00-cv-00082-JPW EA INDUSTRIES, INC. v. USA

2/8/2000 1:00-cv-00064-JPW BOOZER, et al v. USA

2/1/2000 1:00-cv-00054-JPW WHITESELL GREEN v. USA

12/22/1999 1:99-cv-01011-JPW ALVIN, et al v. USA

12/8/1999 1:99-cv-00984-JPW MDB COMMUNICATIONS v. USA

11/22/1999 1:99-cv-00950-JPW DEAN v. USA

10/6/1999 1:99-cv-00860-JPW BOISE CASCADE v. USA

9/24/1999 1:99-cv-00784-JPW NATIONAL AMERICAN v. USA

9/7/1999 1:99-cv-00749-JPW AMERICAN PACESETTER v. USA

8/25/1999 1:99-cv-00731-JPW JOHNSON, et al v. USA

7/26/1999 1:99-cv-00490-JPW MILIN v. USA

7/16/1999 1:99-vv-00463-JPW CARPENTER v. HHS

6/28/1999 1:99-cv-00402-JPW STRATOS MOBILE v. USA

6/2/1999 1:99-cv-00357-JPW HICKSON v. USA

5/11/1999 1:99-cv-00293-JPW BROWN, et al v. USA

5/6/1999 1:99-cv-00280-JPW HOUSING AUTHORITY v. USA

4/27/1999 1:99-cv-00258-JPW FLORIDA POWER v. USA

4/22/1999 1:99-cv-00240-JPW FURASH & COMPANY v. USA

3/29/1999 1:99-cv-00177-JPW U.S. BANK v. USA

3/23/1999 1:99-vv-00160-JPW SCHNEIDER v. HHS

3/12/1999 1:99-cv-00129-JPW PREFERRED NATIONAL v. USA

3/12/1999 1:99-vv-00127-JPW GOETZ v. HHS

2/9/1999 1:99-cv-00057-JPW BOEING NORTH AMERICA v. USA

2/9/1999 1:99-cv-00058-JPW BOEING NORTH AMERICA v. USA

2/9/1999 1:99-cv-00059-JPW BOEING NORTH AMERICA v. USA

1/6/1999 1:99-cv-00008-JPW WISHARD v. USA

1/5/1999 1:99-cv-00003-JPW 105 WEST ADAMS v. USA

1/4/1999 1:99-cv-00002-JPW MCNEIL v. USA

12/30/1998 1:98-cv-00941-JPW STRAVITSKAYA v. USA

12/28/1998 1:98-cv-00935-JPW WALKER, et al v. USA

12/28/1998 1:98-cv-00938-JPW STARKS-EL v. USA

12/28/1998 1:98-cv-00939-JPW HARVEY v. USA

12/21/1998 1:98-cv-00930-JPW EDWARDS v. USA

12/3/1998 1:98-cv-00906-JPW ABANTE CORPORATION v. USA

11/12/1998 1:98-cv-00861-JPW WARD v. USA

11/12/1998 1:98-cv-00862-JPW LEWIS, et al v. USA

11/12/1998 1:98-cv-00863-JPW RUST v. USA

11/12/1998 1:98-cv-00864-JPW WHITE v. USA

11/12/1998 1:98-cv-00865-JPW WARD v. USA

10/30/1998 1:98-cv-00834-JPW GRAVES v. USA

10/26/1998 1:98-cv-00816-JPW NICON, INC. v. USA

10/22/1998 1:98-cv-00806-JPW UNIVERSAL SYSTEMS v. USA

10/8/1998 1:98-vv-00782-JPW GIBSON v. HHS

10/5/1998 1:98-cv-00772-JPW YOUREK v. USA

9/16/1998 1:98-cv-00724-JPW ROESLER INDUSTRIAL v. USA

9/10/1998 1:98-cv-00714-JPW HOLMES & NARVER v. USA

8/5/1998 1:98-cv-00635-JPW GREENE v. USA

8/4/1998 1:98-cv-00634-JPW H.C.R. ENTERPRISES v. USA

7/7/1998 1:98-cv-00562-JPW NAKATA v. USA

7/6/1998 1:98-cv-00559-JPW TRANE COMPANY, THE v. USA

6/29/1998 1:98-cv-00546-JPW BOISE CASCADE CORP v. USA

6/19/1998 1:98-cv-00530-JPW DRY CREEK CORPORATIO v. USA

6/18/1998 1:98-cv-00528-JPW ROGERS, et al v. USA

6/8/1998 1:98-cv-00484-JPW NORTHERN STATES v. USA

6/8/1998 1:98-cv-00485-JPW DUKE POWER, et al v. USA

6/1/1998 1:98-cv-00469-JPW CTA INCORPORATED v. USA

5/18/1998 1:98-cv-00451-JPW UNDEM, et al v. USA

5/15/1998 1:98-cv-00447-JPW FN MANUFACTURING v. USA

5/12/1998 1:98-cv-00437-JPW SILER v. USA

5/11/1998 1:98-cv-00431-JPW CAMPBELL v. USA

4/30/1998 1:98-cv-00413-JPW BRADY, et al v. USA

4/20/1998 1:98-cv-00385-JPW WILSON v. USA

4/20/1998 1:98-cv-00386-JPW ZAGAMI, et al v. USA

4/10/1998 1:98-cv-00328-JPW CONTROL ENVIRONMENTA v. USA

4/9/1998 1:98-cv-00325-JPW HAAZIQ v. USA

4/2/1998 1:98-cv-00308-JPW VIERNES v. USA

3/12/1998 1:98-cv-00174-JPW DALNAVE NAVIGATION, et al v. USA

2/19/1998 1:98-cv-00129-JPW MARVIN v. USA

2/6/1998 1:98-cv-00101-JPW TULARE LAKE BASIN, et al v. USA

2/2/1998 1:98-cv-00089-JPW SHAH CONSTRUCTION v. USA

1/28/1998 1:98-cv-00064-JPW GIANNACCINI, et al v. USA

1/27/1998 1:98-cv-00061-JPW GRAVEE, et al v. USA

1/20/1998 1:98-cv-00041-JPW VIRACON, INC. v. USA

1/8/1998 1:98-cv-00013-JPW MILLMAN v. USA

12/19/1997 1:97-cv-00853-JPW TEEVEN, et al v. USA

12/19/1997 1:97-cv-00854-JPW ROBERTSON v. USA

12/8/1997 1:97-cv-00837-JPW RSL ELECTRONICS LTD. v. USA

12/1/1997 1:97-cv-00816-JPW RIDENOUR v. USA

11/13/1997 1:97-cv-00782-JPW WEST v. USA

11/3/1997 1:97-cv-00751-JPW HANLIN v. USA

10/27/1997 1:97-cv-00734-JPW HARPER v. USA

10/16/1997 1:97-cv-00708-JPW AMERICAN CONVEYOR, et al v. USA

10/10/1997 1:97-cv-00687-JPW GUEVARRA v. USA

10/1/1997 1:97-cv-00663-JPW TECOM, INCORPORATED v. USA

9/30/1997 1:97-cv-00657-JPW STUDENT MINISTRIES v. USA

9/24/1997 1:97-cv-00641-JPW BOEING NORTH AMERICA v. USA

8/29/1997 1:97-cv-00604-JPW ABANTE CORPORATION v. USA

7/18/1997 1:97-cv-00491-JPW CHAREST, et al v. USA

7/15/1997 1:97-cv-00475-JPW MUHAMMED, et al v. USA

7/15/1997 1:97-cv-00477-JPW HOWELL v. USA

6/24/1997 1:97-cv-00439-JPW TALASILA, INC., et al v. USA

6/13/1997 1:97-cv-00424-JPW SKAMP COMPUTER v. USA

6/4/1997 1:97-cv-00400-JPW HARMAN v. USA

5/29/1997 1:97-cv-00377-JPW ANTMARIN SHIPPING v. USA

5/27/1997 1:97-cv-00372-JPW VOSS v. USA

5/19/1997 1:97-cv-00353-JPW GALLMAC, INC. v. USA

5/16/1997 1:97-cv-00344-JPW ARTCO CONTRACTING v. USA

5/5/1997 1:97-cv-00325-JPW NEWTON LAKE ESTATES, et al v. USA

4/29/1997 1:97-cv-00305-JPW BARNES, et al v. USA

4/16/1997 1:97-cv-00282-JPW FEDERAL DEPOSIT v. USA

4/14/1997 1:97-cv-00277-JPW ANLAGEN-UND-SANIERUN v. USA

3/18/1997 1:97-cv-00178-JPW FLEISCHER, et al v. USA

3/17/1997 1:97-cv-00169-JPW SHOFFEITT v. USA

2/26/1997 1:97-cv-00122-JPW FRANZ v. USA

2/24/1997 1:97-cv-00116-JPW HOLZ, et al v. USA

2/24/1997 1:97-cv-00117-JPW SPODEK v. USA

2/20/1997 1:97-cv-00112-JPW HOLZ v. USA

2/20/1997 1:97-cv-00113-JPW LANTHRON v. USA

2/13/1997 1:97-cv-00095-JPW WEBB v. USA

1/31/1997 1:97-cv-00067-JPW GOLD, et al v. USA

1/31/1997 1:97-cv-00074-JPW WOODWARD v. USA

1/15/1997 1:97-cv-00028-JPW MAINE YANKEE ATOMIC v. USA

1/6/1997 1:97-cv-00005-JPW SUN BELT BUILDERS v. USA

12/27/1996 1:96-cv-00813-JPW REYNOLDS, et al v. USA

12/16/1996 1:96-cv-00786-JPW CONWAY v. USA

11/27/1996 1:96-cv-00754-JPW KURPEN v. USA

11/26/1996 1:96-cv-00748-JPW DUKE POWER COMPANY v. USA

11/22/1996 1:96-cv-00741-JPW CARIBBEAN NEEDLE v. USA

11/21/1996 1:96-cv-00738-JPW CITY LINE JOINT v. USA

11/12/1996 1:96-cv-00721-JPW FRAZER, et al v. USA

11/1/1996 1:96-cv-00704-JPW BOEING COMPANY, THE v. USA

10/29/1996 1:96-cv-00680-JPW BATESVILLE CASKET v. USA

10/22/1996 1:96-cv-00665-JPW MORTENSON COMPANY v. USA

10/11/1996 1:96-cv-00645-JPW NATIONSBANK, N.A. v. USA

10/10/1996 1:96-cv-00640-JPW ARCTIC CAT, INC., et al v. USA

10/1/1996 1:96-cv-00616-JPW OMAHA PUBLIC POWER v. USA

9/25/1996 1:96-cv-00600-JPW BLUE DOT ENERGY v. USA

9/20/1996 1:96-cv-00592-JPW WALLING MECHANICAL v. USA

9/9/1996 1:96-cv-00563-JPW HOLLINGSWORTH & VOSE v. USA

8/30/1996 1:96-cv-00550-JPW CANTRELL v. USA

8/15/1996 1:96-cv-00506-JPW LB&B ASSOCIATES, INC v. USA

8/14/1996 1:96-cv-00502-JPW GALLO WINERY, E & J v. USA

8/5/1996 1:96-cv-00473-JPW ASHFORD v. USA

7/30/1996 1:96-cv-00460-JPW CUSTOMS HOUSE v. USA

7/23/1996 1:96-cv-00441-JPW LIBBEY-OWENS-FORD CO v. USA

7/1/1996 1:96-cv-00382-JPW ORKAND CORPORATION v. USA

7/1/1996 1:96-cv-00383-JPW ORKAND CORPORATION v. USA

7/1/1996 1:96-cv-00384-JPW ORKAND CORPORATION v. USA

6/19/1996 1:96-cv-00356-JPW HOLT v. USA

6/5/1996 1:96-cv-00324-JPW KERR-MCGEE CHEMICAL, et al v. USA

6/3/1996 1:96-cv-00319-JPW AERO SPECIAL v. USA

5/23/1996 1:96-cv-00289-JPW GUEST SERVICES, INC. v. USA

5/16/1996 1:96-cv-00276-JPW MONDE CONSTRUCTION v. USA

5/14/1996 1:96-cv-00271-JPW ANDERSON, et al v. USA

5/2/1996 1:96-cv-00247-JPW TLT CONSTRUCTION v. USA

4/25/1996 1:96-cv-00230-JPW ALTEK CORPORATION v. USA

4/18/1996 1:96-cv-00207-JPW ROBINSON, et al v. USA

4/16/1996 1:96-cv-00202-JPW ARIADNE FINANCIAL, et al v. USA

4/8/1996 1:96-cv-00181-JPW D.E.W., INC., et al v. USA

3/25/1996 1:96-cv-00165-JPW JOHNSON-HOLT v. USA

3/15/1996 1:96-cv-00151-JPW HOOKER v. USA

2/22/1996 1:96-cv-00108-JPW SHANE, et al v. USA

2/20/1996 1:96-cv-00103-JPW LOS ANGELES, CITY OF v. USA

2/20/1996 1:96-cv-00104-JPW SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA v. USA

2/12/1996 1:96-cv-00084-JPW BREY v. USA

2/5/1996 1:96-cv-00064-JPW SHIKASHIO v. USA

2/5/1996 1:96-vv-00063-JPW O'CONNELL, et al v. HHS

1/31/1996 1:96-cv-00041-JPW SOUTHFORK SYSTEMS v. USA

1/31/1996 1:96-cv-00044-JPW INTERNATIONAL FLAVOR v. USA

1/26/1996 1:96-cv-00036-JPW DELTA PRODUCTS v. USA

1/19/1996 1:96-cv-00023-JPW KENDRICK v. USA

1/16/1996 1:96-cv-00012-JPW THOMAS v. USA

12/29/1995 1:95-cv-00858-JPW CSX CORPORATION INC., et al v. USA

12/13/1995 1:95-cv-00823-JPW SACRAMENTO MUNICIPAL v. USA

12/12/1995 1:95-cv-00820-JPW SYNEX, INC., et al v. USA

12/6/1995 1:95-cv-00797-JPW THRALL, et al v. USA

12/6/1995 1:95-cv-00804-JPW MASVIDAL, et al v. USA

12/6/1995 1:95-cv-07971-JPW THRALL v. USA

12/6/1995 1:95-cv-08031-JPW ALHAM, INC. v. USA

11/24/1995 1:95-cv-00768-JPW ROBERTS ELECTRICAL v. USA

11/14/1995 1:95-cv-00750-JPW BOND v. USA

11/6/1995 1:95-cv-07311-JPW PARSKY v. USA

10/20/1995 1:95-cv-00695-JPW PONDER, et al v. USA

10/13/1995 1:95-cv-00680-JPW ANDERSON v. USA

10/2/1995 1:95-cv-00662-JPW WEITZ COMPANY, INC. v. USA

9/29/1995 1:95-cv-00660-JPW BANK OF AMERICA, FSB, et al v. USA

9/14/1995 1:95-cv-00620-JPW GUARINO, et al v. USA

9/8/1995 1:95-cv-00608-JPW TIG PREMIER v. USA

9/6/1995 1:95-cv-00601-JPW BLAKE CONSTRUCTION, et al v. USA

8/9/1995 1:95-cv-00542-JPW AT & T v. USA

8/2/1995 1:95-cv-00493-JPW RINALDI v. USA

8/1/1995 1:95-cv-00490-JPW WALKER v. USA

7/26/1995 1:95-cv-00477-JPW STOLPE, et al v. USA

7/7/1995 1:95-cv-00446-JPW MONDE CONSTRUCTION v. USA

6/29/1995 1:95-cv-00435-JPW FRASER CONSTRUCTION v. USA

6/16/1995 1:95-cv-00405-JPW FIELMAN v. USA

5/30/1995 1:95-cv-00375-JPW MOWIL, INC. v. USA

5/25/1995 1:95-cv-00366-JPW BILZERIAN, et al v. USA

5/15/1995 1:95-cv-00344-JPW JSC CONCRETE v. USA

4/24/1995 1:95-cv-00308-JPW TERRY, et al v. USA

4/19/1995 1:95-cv-00299-JPW ABRAHIM-YOURI, et al v. USA

4/5/1995 1:95-cv-00275-JPW HECK v. USA

3/15/1995 1:95-cv-00239-JPW DELOUX SCHOOLS, et al v. USA

3/7/1995 1:95-cv-00180-JPW ALAN PRE-FAB v. USA

3/2/1995 1:95-cv-00146-JPW SCHELLENTRAGER v. USA

2/8/1995 1:95-cv-00098-JPW CWELICH, et al v. USA

2/2/1995 1:95-cv-00077-JPW NICOLAS v. USA

1/13/1995 1:95-cv-00032-JPW WOODS v. USA

1/12/1995 1:95-cv-00027-JPW MARK DIVERSIFIED v. USA

12/23/1994 1:94-cv-01091-JPW SIMMONS-RAND COMPANY v. USA

12/21/1994 1:94-cv-01077-JPW DUNLAP, et al v. USA

12/21/1994 1:94-cv-01079-JPW HOUSING MORTGAGE v. USA

12/9/1994 1:94-cv-01056-JPW COHEN v. USA

11/28/1994 1:94-cv-01034-JPW MC CALLUM v. USA

11/16/1994 1:94-cv-01010-JPW K & S CONSTRUCTION v. USA

10/28/1994 1:94-cv-00785-JPW NEW VALLEY CORP v. USA

10/24/1994 1:94-cv-00772-JPW ALLARD INDUSTRIES v. USA

10/18/1994 1:94-cv-00759-JPW SPILMAN, THOMAS & BATTLE v. USA

10/11/1994 1:94-cv-00657-JPW BOUCHER v. USA

9/21/1994 1:94-cv-00618-JPW SMALL v. USA

9/21/1994 1:94-cv-00623-JPW MATSUOKA v. USA

9/16/1994 1:94-cv-00610-JPW DIVERCO, INC. v. USA

9/8/1994 1:94-cv-00591-JPW INTERMARINE USA v. USA

9/7/1994 1:94-cv-00586-JPW INTERMARINE USA v. USA

8/31/1994 1:94-cv-00576-JPW C.C.R.T. COMPANY v. USA

8/19/1994 1:94-cv-00555-JPW YANKEE ATOMIC v. USA

8/16/1994 1:94-cv-00542-JPW DEMOS v. USA

8/11/1994 1:94-cv-00525-JPW CENEX, INC., et al v. USA

8/11/1994 1:94-cv-00529-JPW T & P ENGINEERING, et al v. USA

8/11/1994 1:94-cv-00530-JPW MOORE, et al v. USA

8/11/1994 1:94-cv-00531-JPW ANTHONY, et al v. USA

8/3/1994 1:94-cv-00497-JPW FLINK/VULCAN v. USA

7/28/1994 1:94-cv-00484-JPW JUICE FARMS, INC. v. USA

7/25/1994 1:94-cv-00474-JPW OLSON, et al v. USA

7/15/1994 1:94-cv-00458-JPW AIKEN COMMUNITY, et al v. USA

7/12/1994 1:94-vv-00451-JPW LOWRY, et al v. HHS

7/8/1994 1:94-cv-00437-JPW AFFLECK, et al v. USA

6/13/1994 1:94-cv-00383-JPW GULF LIFE v. USA

6/2/1994 1:94-cv-00361-JPW BORELLO v. USA

5/23/1994 1:94-cv-00336-JPW B-H PROPERTY v. USA

5/16/1994 1:94-cv-00323-JPW SUN BELT v. USA

5/2/1994 1:94-cv-00272-JPW TARLOW v. USA

4/26/1994 1:94-cv-00260-JPW UL-HAQUE, et al v. USA

4/12/1994 1:94-cv-00235-JPW EASCO HAND TOOLS INC v. USA

4/1/1994 1:94-cv-00207-JPW VALIS v. USA

3/21/1994 1:94-cv-00188-JPW PARK CITY v. USA

3/11/1994 1:94-cv-00173-JPW TWIN DISC, INC. v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00140-JPW BALLAM v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00141-JPW BELLAMY, et al v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00142-JPW BAREFOOT PHASE v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00143-JPW BELLAMY v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00144-JPW BEACHWOOD v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00145-JPW KINGSPORT, et al v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00146-JPW DARDEN, et al v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00147-JPW CLARE, et al v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00148-JPW RUST v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00149-JPW RIVER OAKS v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00150-JPW POWELL, et al v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00151-JPW GORE v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00152-JPW BOLING v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00153-JPW EDGE, et al v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00154-JPW BATTEN, et al v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00155-JPW BELL, et al v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00156-JPW BELL, et al v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00157-JPW THOMPSON v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00158-JPW WARD, et al v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00159-JPW WARD v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00160-JPW WARD, et al v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00161-JPW WHITE v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00162-JPW THOMPSON v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00163-JPW VEREEN v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00164-JPW WILLARD, et al v. USA

3/9/1994 1:94-cv-00165-JPW BELL, et al v. USA

2/28/1994 1:94-cv-00123-JPW BLINDERMAN v. USA

2/18/1994 1:94-vv-00100-JPW BLACK, et al v. HHS

2/15/1994 1:94-cv-00087-JPW DEWITT v. USA

2/2/1994 1:94-cv-00064-JPW KOFF v. USA

1/21/1994 1:94-cv-00040-JPW HAGNER v. USA

1/3/1994 1:94-cv-00002-JPW WESTERN HILLS v. USA

12/13/1993 1:93-cv-00761-JPW DELOUX, et al v. USA

11/18/1993 1:93-cv-00704-JPW BANKS, et al v. USA

11/15/1993 1:93-cv-00699-JPW WEBSTER v. USA

11/8/1993 1:93-cv-00687-JPW HERCULES INC. v. USA

10/28/1993 1:93-cv-00661-JPW TOSSE v. USA

10/4/1993 1:93-cv-00617-JPW TINSLEY v. USA

9/24/1993 1:93-cv-00588-JPW RAMOS-VELEZ v. USA

9/7/1993 1:93-cv-00557-JPW SMERSKI v. USA

9/1/1993 1:93-cv-00549-JPW SMITH, et al v. USA

8/30/1993 1:93-cv-00543-JPW WILLIAMS v. USA

8/23/1993 1:93-cv-00526-JPW EVERGREENE v. USA

8/20/1993 1:93-cv-00525-JPW KNIPE v. USA

8/19/1993 1:93-cv-00523-JPW BEAUMONT, et al v. USA

8/16/1993 1:93-cv-00512-JPW ELLIS, et al v. USA

8/9/1993 1:93-cv-00500-JPW HEUN v. USA

8/6/1993 1:93-cv-00492-JPW JUNG v. USA

8/6/1993 1:93-cv-00494-JPW KOKOTINIS v. USA

8/3/1993 1:93-cv-00483-JPW AMERICAN TELEPHONE, et al v. USA

8/2/1993 1:93-cv-00479-JPW BIRD, et al v. USA

7/22/1993 1:93-cv-00453-JPW CEBCO v. USA

7/9/1993 1:93-cv-00428-JPW NORTH CAPITOL LTD v. USA

6/14/1993 1:93-cv-00373-JPW FEDERAL CONTRACTING v. USA

6/3/1993 1:93-cv-00355-JPW HARDY v. USA

5/27/1993 1:93-cv-00338-JPW DORLA GOOMBI, et al v. USA

5/7/1993 1:93-vv-00287-JPW HAYES, et al v. HHS

5/7/1993 1:93-cv-00292-JPW KLOTZMAN, et al v. USA

4/26/1993 1:93-cv-00253-JPW AMERICAN HERITAGE v. USA

4/20/1993 1:93-cv-00230-JPW INTERMARINE USA v. USA

4/20/1993 1:93-cv-00234-JPW CERIDIAN CORPORATION, et al v. USA

4/19/1993 1:93-cv-00228-JPW MCGREGOR v. USA

4/16/1993 1:93-cv-00224-JPW U. S. GENERAL INC. v. USA

4/14/1993 1:93-cv-00215-JPW BROOKWOOD ASSOCIATES, et al v. USA

3/24/1993 1:93-cv-00169-JPW GUMP, et al v. USA

3/19/1993 1:93-cv-00159-JPW NORTHWEST WOOD PROD. v. USA

3/10/1993 1:93-cv-00138-JPW INTERSTATE COMPANIES v. USA

3/4/1993 1:93-cv-00127-JPW TAYLOR v. USA

2/17/1993 1:93-cv-00089-JPW GALLUP, et al v. USA

2/16/1993 1:93-cv-00084-JPW BOLING, et al v. USA

2/5/1993 1:93-cv-00068-JPW TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE v. USA

1/25/1993 1:93-cv-00045-JPW FIDELITY & DEPOSIT v. USA

1/22/1993 1:93-cv-00039-JPW RONSON MANAGEMENT v. USA

12/30/1992 1:92-cv-00879-JPW PEOPLES NATL BANK v. USA

12/28/1992 1:92-cv-00873-JPW CASE, INCORPORATED v. USA

12/22/1992 1:92-cv-00862-JPW MAGELLAN CORPORATION v. USA

12/21/1992 1:92-cv-00858-JPW GRILLO, et al v. USA

12/8/1992 1:92-cv-00840-JPW TRANSAMERICA PREMIER v. USA

11/18/1992 1:92-cv-00797-JPW WEST v. USA

11/2/1992 1:92-cv-00760-JPW RUTT v. USA

10/20/1992 1:92-cv-00732-JPW CHEM-NUCLEAR SYS. v. USA

10/15/1992 1:92-cg-00718-JPW KERR-MCGEE CORP., et al v. USA

10/13/1992 1:92-cv-00709-JPW ENVIRONMENTAL CONTRO v. USA

10/5/1992 1:92-cv-00695-JPW CEDAR LUMBER, INC. v. USA

10/5/1992 1:92-cv-00696-JPW D.C. WALKER v. USA

9/28/1992 1:92-cv-00667-JPW JAFFEE v. USA

9/22/1992 1:92-cv-00655-JPW ELLIS v. USA

8/27/1992 1:92-cv-00588-JPW HEATH v. USA

8/13/1992 1:92-cv-00551-JPW OSM CORPORATION v. USA

8/4/1992 1:92-cv-00523-JPW PIPE, INC. v. USA

7/16/1992 1:92-cv-00485-JPW MAINTENANCE ELECTRON v. USA

7/13/1992 1:92-cv-00477-JPW CAL-ALMOND, INC., et al v. USA

7/13/1992 1:92-cv-00480-JPW RITH ENERGY, INC. v. USA

6/26/1992 1:92-cv-00436-JPW CRANE, et al v. USA

5/26/1992 1:92-cv-00375-JPW NARRAMORE, et al v. USA

4/9/1992 1:92-cv-00256-JPW HUNT BUILDING CORP. v. USA

4/8/1992 1:92-cv-00249-JPW ADKINS, et al v. USA

2/7/1992 1:92-cv-00097-JPW CENEX, INC., et al v. USA

2/4/1992 1:92-cv-00090-JPW FRED BURGOS v. USA

1/28/1992 1:92-cv-00062-JPW CHASE v. USA

12/2/1991 1:91-cv-01656-JPW DOCK v. USA

11/22/1991 1:91-cv-01631-JPW AMER INDUSTRIAL v. USA

11/20/1991 1:91-cv-01598-JPW THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

11/20/1991 1:91-cv-01599-JPW THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

11/20/1991 1:91-cv-01600-JPW THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

11/20/1991 1:91-cv-01601-JPW THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

11/20/1991 1:91-cv-01602-JPW THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

11/20/1991 1:91-cv-01603-JPW THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

11/20/1991 1:91-cv-01604-JPW THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

11/20/1991 1:91-cv-01605-JPW THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

11/20/1991 1:91-cv-01606-JPW THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

11/20/1991 1:91-cv-01607-JPW THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

11/20/1991 1:91-cv-01608-JPW THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

11/20/1991 1:91-cv-01609-JPW THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

11/20/1991 1:91-cv-01610-JPW THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

11/20/1991 1:91-cv-01611-JPW THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

11/20/1991 1:91-cv-01612-JPW THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

11/20/1991 1:91-cv-01613-JPW THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

11/20/1991 1:91-cv-01614-JPW THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

11/20/1991 1:91-cv-01615-JPW THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

11/20/1991 1:91-cv-01616-JPW THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

11/20/1991 1:91-cv-01617-JPW THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

11/20/1991 1:91-cv-01618-JPW THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

11/20/1991 1:91-cv-01619-JPW THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

11/20/1991 1:91-cv-01620-JPW THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

11/20/1991 1:91-cv-01621-JPW THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

11/7/1991 1:91-cv-01573-JPW ST. CHARLES v. USA

9/25/1991 1:91-cv-01402-JPW BROUGHTON LUMBER v. USA

8/28/1991 1:91-cv-01390-JPW LEWIS v. USA

8/5/1991 1:91-cv-01335-JPW LITTON SYSTEMS INC. v. USA

7/16/1991 1:91-cv-01285-JPW GREENE v. USA

6/20/1991 1:91-vv-01238-JPW HAMMOND v. HHS

5/31/1991 1:91-cv-01183-JPW BANKS v. USA

4/30/1991 1:91-cv-01127-JPW INTERMARINE USA v. USA

4/9/1991 1:91-cv-01074-JPW TOFFOLON, et al v. USA

2/28/1991 1:91-cv-00968-JPW INTERNATIONAL CUSTOM, et al v. USA

1/31/1991 1:91-vv-00652-JPW KAMINSKI, et al v. HHS

1/28/1991 1:91-cv-00175-JPW CASE, INCORPORATED v. USA

12/31/1990 1:90-cv-04047-JPW MINELLI v. USA

10/19/1990 1:90-cv-03864-JPW MITCHELL ARMS, INC. v. USA

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-02570-JPW CHEN, et al v. HHS

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-02254-JPW DANIELS, et al v. HHS

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-02923-JPW WEHMEYER, et al v. HHS

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-02941-JPW LANKFORD, et al v. HHS

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-02492-JPW DOREY v. HHS

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-03237-JPW BROWN v. HHS

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-03304-JPW HERMAN, et al v. HHS

9/28/1990 1:90-vv-01966-JPW BENENATI, et al v. HHS

9/28/1990 1:90-vv-01995-JPW ROEDL, et al v. HHS

9/28/1990 1:90-vv-01843-JPW GLAZER, et al v. HHS

9/28/1990 1:90-vv-02022-JPW THOMAS, et al v. HHS

9/27/1990 1:90-vv-01637-JPW ABBOTT, et al v. HHS

9/26/1990 1:90-vv-01441-JPW WOLFORD, et al v. HHS

9/25/1990 1:90-cv-01291-JPW CASTLE, et al v. USA

9/20/1990 1:90-vv-01100-JPW HOLOWATSCH, et al v. HHS

9/18/1990 1:90-vv-01051-JPW SKINNER, et al v. HHS

9/5/1990 1:90-vv-00883-JPW GARCIA, et al v. HHS

8/28/1990 1:90-cv-00830-JPW BARRON BANCSHARES, et al v. USA

8/27/1990 1:90-vv-00826-JPW SAUNDERS, et al v. HHS

7/23/1990 1:90-cv-00680-JPW CASE, INCORPORATED v. USA

6/11/1990 1:90-vv-00504-JPW DONNELLY, et al v. HHS

5/3/1990 1:90-cv-00381-JPW EMPIRE BLUE CROSS, et al v. USA

4/5/1990 1:90-cv-00298-JPW ARTCO CONTRACTING v. USA

3/15/1990 1:90-cv-00228-JPW MINELLI v. USA

2/23/1990 1:90-cv-00181-JPW BERGREEN, et al v. USA

2/22/1990 1:90-cv-00175-JPW SHELBY, et al v. USA

2/2/1990 1:90-cv-00108-JPW SHARMAN COMPANY v. USA

1/11/1990 1:90-cv-00035-JPW MDU RESOURCES GROUP v. USA

6/28/1989 1:89-cv-00358-JPW EMPIRE BLUE CROSS, et al v. USA

5/25/1989 1:89-cv-00298-JPW AB-TECH CONSTRUCTION v. USA

5/12/1989 1:89-cv-00278-JPW WEATHERS v. USA

3/14/1989 1:89-cv-00127-JPW EMPIRE BLUE CROSS, et al v. USA

1/25/1989 1:89-cv-00036-JPW PACIFIC GAS v. USA

7/25/1988 1:88-cv-00438-JPW C.J. BETTERS CORP. v. USA

11/2/1987 1:87-cv-00677-JPW SHORT, et al v. USA

9/16/1986 1:86-cv-00578-JPW FRED A. ARNOLD, INC. v. USA

3/17/1986 1:86-cv-00177-JPW GOLDSTEIN OIL CO., et al v. USA

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