District Judge Kenneth R. Harkins
United States Court of Federal Claims

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Type: District Judge
Status: Active

Kenneth R. Harkins has presided over the following cases:

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Space Sort Descending Date Filed Case Number Title Space
4/2/1998 1:98-cv-00309-KRH MODERN TECHNOLOGIES v. USA

9/29/1997 1:97-cv-00653-KRH TRISM EASTERN, INC. v. USA

9/23/1997 1:97-cv-00636-KRH TRI-STATE MOTOR v. USA

9/8/1997 1:97-cv-00615-KRH TRI-STATE MOTOR v. USA

8/8/1997 1:97-cv-00537-KRH TRISM EASTERN, INC. v. USA

7/25/1997 1:97-cv-00506-KRH TRI-STATE MOTOR v. USA

7/21/1997 1:97-cv-00495-KRH TRISM EASTERN, INC. v. USA

7/16/1997 1:97-cv-00483-KRH TRI-STATE MOTOR v. USA

7/2/1997 1:97-cv-00451-KRH TRISM EASTERN, INC. v. USA

5/15/1997 1:97-cv-00342-KRH TRISM EASTERN, INC. v. USA

3/26/1997 1:97-cv-00191-KRH TRI-STATE MOTOR v. USA

2/27/1997 1:97-cv-00126-KRH TRI-STATE MOTOR v. USA

1/14/1997 1:97-cv-00024-KRH TRI-STATE MOTOR v. USA

11/22/1996 1:96-cv-00745-KRH TRI-STATE MOTOR v. USA

10/29/1996 1:96-cv-00685-KRH TRISM EASTERN, INC. v. USA

10/18/1996 1:96-cv-00661-KRH TRI-STATE MOTOR v. USA

9/27/1996 1:96-cv-00609-KRH TRI-STATE MOTOR v. USA

9/11/1996 1:96-cv-00566-KRH TRISM EASTERN, INC. v. USA

8/27/1996 1:96-cv-00535-KRH TRISM EASTERN, INC. v. USA

7/11/1996 1:96-cv-00410-KRH TRISM EASTERN, INC. v. USA

6/24/1996 1:96-cv-00362-KRH TRI-STATE MOTOR v. USA

6/12/1996 1:96-cv-00343-KRH TRISM EASTERN, INC. v. USA

5/14/1996 1:96-cv-00272-KRH TRI-STATE MOTOR v. USA

5/13/1996 1:96-cv-00268-KRH TRISM EASTERN, INC. v. USA

4/16/1996 1:96-cv-00203-KRH TRI STATE MOTOR v. USA

4/12/1996 1:96-cv-00192-KRH TRISM EASTERN, INC. v. USA

3/20/1996 1:96-cv-00159-KRH LITTLE ARCH CREEK v. USA

3/4/1996 1:96-cv-00124-KRH TRISM EASTERN, INC. v. USA

10/26/1995 1:95-cv-00705-KRH TRI-STATE MOTOR v. USA

1/19/1995 1:95-cv-00049-KRH TELEPHONICS v. USA

10/12/1994 1:94-cv-00663-KRH KNOTTS v. USA

9/29/1994 1:94-cv-00639-KRH BREWER, et al v. USA

9/21/1994 1:94-cv-00619-KRH ADVANCED MATERIALS v. USA

9/14/1994 1:94-cv-00604-KRH LAC FACILITIES, INC., et al v. USA

9/6/1994 1:94-cv-00581-KRH DWORSKY ASSOCIATES v. USA

8/15/1994 1:94-cv-00540-KRH FEDERAL ENVIRONMENT v. USA

8/9/1994 1:94-cv-00515-KRH MINKIN v. USA

8/5/1994 1:94-cv-00507-KRH FOXX v. USA

8/2/1994 1:94-cv-00495-KRH ROGERS v. USA

7/12/1994 1:94-cv-00450-KRH TRI-STATE v. USA

6/30/1994 1:94-cv-00423-KRH SUNARROW v. USA

6/20/1994 1:94-cv-00399-KRH HUBBARD v. USA

6/9/1994 1:94-cv-00379-KRH LINK PLUS v. USA

6/2/1994 1:94-cv-00363-KRH MARIAH ASSOC. v. USA

5/26/1994 1:94-cv-00347-KRH TRI-STATE v. USA

5/12/1994 1:94-cv-00312-KRH THOMAS CREEK v. USA

5/5/1994 1:94-cv-00289-KRH ARENS v. USA

4/29/1994 1:94-cv-00270-KRH TIMMERMAN, et al v. USA

4/25/1994 1:94-cv-00255-KRH SHERROD v. USA

4/13/1994 1:94-cv-00238-KRH VAN OOSTERHOUT v. USA

3/29/1994 1:94-cv-00201-KRH HICKMAN v. USA

3/21/1994 1:94-cv-00191-KRH HERBERT v. USA

3/11/1994 1:94-cv-00171-KRH IRS, et al v. USA

3/10/1994 1:94-cv-00170-KRH 1425 N.Y. AVE. v. USA

2/28/1994 1:94-cv-00122-KRH SC SECURITY, INC. v. USA

2/14/1994 1:94-cv-00083-KRH DAVIS, et al v. USA

1/27/1994 1:94-cv-00051-KRH OLYMPUS CORPORATION v. USA

1/19/1994 1:94-cv-00027-KRH INTERSTATE GENERAL v. USA

12/30/1993 1:93-cv-00788-KRH INTER CONTINENTAL v. USA

12/29/1993 1:93-cv-00784-KRH MOTOYOSHI v. USA

12/20/1993 1:93-cv-00772-KRH LAND-SEA-AIR v. USA

12/13/1993 1:93-cv-00762-KRH WRIGHT v. USA

12/9/1993 1:93-cv-00751-KRH MIRZAD v. USA

12/8/1993 1:93-cv-00750-KRH KIMBLE v. USA

12/2/1993 1:93-cv-00730-KRH RAND & SON v. USA

11/29/1993 1:93-cv-00723-KRH FPL GROUP, INC. v. USA

11/4/1993 1:93-cv-00674-KRH AMERICAN SPORTS, et al v. USA

11/1/1993 1:93-cv-00684-KRH ELLENBERGER v. USA

10/1/1993 1:93-cv-00614-KRH KLEIN v. USA

9/10/1993 1:93-cv-00571-KRH READY TRANS. v. USA

9/3/1993 1:93-cv-00552-KRH ROGER A. ROBERTS INC v. USA

8/23/1993 1:93-vv-00529-KRH WALKER, III, et al v. HHS

8/16/1993 1:93-cv-00511-KRH THOMAS COMPANY, INC. v. USA

7/27/1993 1:93-cv-00464-KRH DILLARD, et al v. USA

7/19/1993 1:93-cv-00445-KRH WESTINGHOUSE ELEC v. USA

7/19/1993 1:93-cv-00446-KRH WESTINGHOUSE v. USA

7/8/1993 1:93-cv-00426-KRH THOMAS CREEK v. USA

6/29/1993 1:93-cv-00399-KRH HIGH STAR TOYS, INC. v. USA

6/17/1993 1:93-cv-00381-KRH D & H DISTRIBUTING v. USA

5/19/1993 1:93-cv-00323-KRH NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL v. USA

5/4/1993 1:93-cv-00273-KRH ONE WAY CONSTRUCTION v. USA

4/26/1993 1:93-cv-00251-KRH ARKANSAS TRANSIT v. USA

4/21/1993 1:93-cv-00237-KRH GIBBONS v. USA

3/29/1993 1:93-cv-00179-KRH BARGAIN BROOM$ v. USA

3/4/1993 1:93-cv-00128-KRH KELLY, et al v. USA

3/4/1993 1:93-cv-00136-KRH MOUNTAIN VIEW MALL, et al v. USA

3/1/1993 1:93-cv-00115-KRH NO. AMERICAN COMM. v. USA

2/11/1993 1:93-cv-00076-KRH THUL, et al v. USA

1/22/1993 1:93-cv-00037-KRH POLY-CARB, INC. v. USA

1/21/1993 1:93-cv-00034-KRH TRANSAMERICA PREMIER, et al v. USA

1/1/1993 1:93-cv-00056-KRH BRADLEY CONSTRUCTION v. USA

12/10/1992 1:92-cv-00846-KRH TELEPHONICS CORP, et al v. USA

12/2/1992 1:92-cv-00825-KRH DAVIES PRECISION v. USA

11/25/1992 1:92-cv-00810-KRH PACIFIC NATIONWIDE v. USA

11/25/1992 1:92-cv-00813-KRH CHANT LIMITED, et al v. USA

11/24/1992 1:92-cv-00809-KRH FALLINI, et al v. USA

11/4/1992 1:92-cv-00766-KRH RUBANA NO. CENTRAL, et al v. USA

10/20/1992 1:92-cv-00735-KRH BROWN COUNTY v. USA

10/9/1992 1:92-cv-00706-KRH RATKELIS, et al v. USA

10/5/1992 1:92-cv-00693-KRH CUMBERLANDER v. USA

9/1/1992 1:92-cv-00598-KRH OSTROM PAINTING v. USA

8/14/1992 1:92-cv-00554-KRH UNIVER. OF HOUSTON v. USA

7/28/1992 1:92-cv-00507-KRH MOTT v. USA

7/15/1992 1:92-cv-00482-KRH WRONA, et al v. USA

6/10/1992 1:92-cv-00390-KRH SCHWEITZER CONSTRCT v. USA

4/20/1992 1:92-cv-00292-KRH KEATING v. USA

4/20/1992 1:92-cv-00293-KRH MEYERS v. USA

4/6/1992 1:92-cv-00242-KRH SMITH v. USA

3/31/1992 1:92-cv-00225-KRH M.A. MORTENSON v. USA

3/19/1992 1:92-cv-00192-KRH CITY OF KEY WEST v. USA

2/21/1992 1:92-cv-00125-KRH BAYERLE v. USA

2/11/1992 1:92-cv-00102-KRH BROWN, et al v. USA

2/7/1992 1:92-cv-00096-KRH BLOMBERG v. USA

1/28/1992 1:92-cv-00061-KRH EASON v. USA

1/23/1992 1:92-cv-00050-KRH SWIG INVESTMENT v. USA

1/13/1992 1:92-cv-00022-KRH WELCH, USAR v. USA

1/3/1992 1:92-cv-00006-KRH M.A. MORTENSON v. USA

12/30/1991 1:91-cv-01716-KRH SIEGEL, et al v. USA

12/9/1991 1:91-vv-01677-KRH ROBERSON, et al v. HHS

12/2/1991 1:91-cv-01658-KRH GIOVANINI v. USA

11/22/1991 1:91-cv-01629-KRH ROCKWELL INTERNAT. v. USA

11/14/1991 1:91-cv-01588-KRH PALMER v. USA

11/5/1991 1:91-cv-01568-KRH GODWIN v. USA

10/24/1991 1:91-cv-01537-KRH GOULD, et al v. USA

9/12/1991 1:91-cv-01424-KRH D.C.H. CONTRACTORS v. USA

8/28/1991 1:91-cv-01393-KRH MOEHL v. USA

7/23/1991 1:91-cv-01306-KRH HEWLETT PACKARD, et al v. USA

6/12/1991 1:91-cv-01243-KRH SANTA FE TERMINAL v. USA

4/26/1991 1:91-cv-01118-KRH GULF STATES UTIL. v. USA

4/4/1991 1:91-cv-01058-KRH LOGICON, INC. v. USA

3/14/1991 1:91-cv-01017-KRH ALLEN, et al v. USA

3/7/1991 1:91-vv-00994-KRH CUCURAS, et al v. HHS

3/5/1991 1:91-cv-00989-KRH IKARD v. USA

12/12/1990 1:90-cv-04009-KRH WASHINGTON ENERGY., et al v. USA

12/11/1990 1:90-cv-04004-KRH RESERVATION RANCH, et al v. USA

11/30/1990 1:90-cv-03977-KRH CYR CONSTRUCTION v. USA

11/30/1990 1:90-cv-03978-KRH CYR CONSTRUCTION v. USA

11/16/1990 1:90-cv-03954-KRH ARKLA, INC. v. USA

11/6/1990 1:90-cv-03916-KRH BYRNE, et al v. USA

10/24/1990 1:90-cv-03872-KRH PENOBSCOT NATION v. USA

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-03217-KRH ARROWOOD, et al v. HHS

9/17/1990 1:90-cv-01003-KRH McCALL STOCK FARMS v. USA

9/14/1990 1:90-vv-00983-KRH SHARPNACK, et al v. HHS

9/11/1990 1:90-vv-00934-KRH KLAHN v. HHS

9/10/1990 1:90-vv-00915-KRH SKINNER, et al v. HHS

8/30/1990 1:90-vv-00847-KRH PERREIRA, et al v. HHS

8/23/1990 1:90-cv-00816-KRH CITY OF TACOMA v. USA

8/1/1990 1:90-vv-00711-KRH EDGAR, et al v. HHS

7/17/1990 1:90-cv-00653-KRH SANTA FE TERMINAL v. USA

6/11/1990 1:90-cv-00508-KRH BARG, et al v. USA

4/30/1990 1:90-vv-00372-KRH HELLEBRAND, et al v. HHS

12/29/1989 1:89-cv-00704-KRH HEARST CORPORATION v. USA

11/29/1989 1:89-cv-00648-KRH COMMERCIAL v. USA

11/9/1989 1:89-cv-00609-KRH SMITH, et al v. USA

10/5/1989 1:89-cv-00544-KRH ARTHUR YOUNG v. USA

9/22/1989 1:89-cv-00522-KRH CITY OF GALVESTON, et al v. USA

9/5/1989 1:89-cv-00482-KRH ASTON, et al v. USA

6/29/1989 1:89-cv-00369-KRH SANTE FE TERMINAL v. USA

6/19/1989 1:89-cv-00343-KRH DROBNY, et al v. USA

6/15/1989 1:89-cv-00337-KRH SKIP KIRCHDORFER v. USA

5/12/1989 1:89-cv-00274-KRH PAYNE, et al v. USA

5/10/1989 1:89-cv-00267-KRH JOHNSON, et al v. USA

5/2/1989 1:89-cv-00246-KRH LANE BRYANT, INC., et al v. USA

4/24/1989 1:89-cv-00223-KRH CAMBRIA ESTATES, et al v. USA

9/23/1988 1:88-cv-00561-KRH S & M ENTERPRISES v. USA

11/10/1987 1:87-cv-00700-KRH AHN, et al v. USA

7/8/1987 1:87-cv-00410-KRH BASIX CORPORATION v. USA

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