District Judge Roger B. Andewelt
United States Court of Federal Claims

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Type: District Judge
Status: Active

Roger B. Andewelt has presided over the following cases:

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Space Sort Descending Date Filed Case Number Title Space
4/12/2001 1:01-cv-00222-RBA GHEORGHIAN v. USA

10/10/2000 1:00-cv-00606-RBA JONES v. USA

8/4/2000 1:00-cv-00465-RBA RIVIELLO v. USA

5/30/2000 1:00-cv-00318-RBA LARRY ROSE CONSTRUCT v. USA

4/3/2000 1:00-cv-00174-RBA ALERCON v. USA

11/18/1999 1:99-cv-00942-RBA CAMBRIDGE TECHNOLOGY v. USA

11/12/1999 1:99-cv-00934-RBA AQUA-MARINE v. USA

8/20/1999 1:99-cv-00722-RBA TRANSCRYPT INTERNATI v. USA

7/26/1999 1:99-cv-00485-RBA KEELS v. USA

7/13/1999 1:99-cv-00449-RBA STRAVITSKIY, et al v. USA

6/14/1999 1:99-cv-00376-RBA BRAY v. USA

5/27/1999 1:99-cv-00346-RBA QUINN v. USA

5/24/1999 1:99-cv-00336-RBA TONEY v. USA

5/17/1999 1:99-cv-00311-RBA GOAD v. USA

1/20/1999 1:99-cv-00033-RBA MOORE v. USA

9/8/1998 1:98-cv-00711-RBA WALKER v. USA

6/2/1998 1:98-cv-00476-RBA FIREARMS TRAINING v. USA

5/18/1998 1:98-cv-00452-RBA STROTHERS v. USA

5/1/1998 1:98-cv-00415-RBA GADD v. USA

4/24/1998 1:98-cv-00402-RBA STRABLE v. USA

4/24/1998 1:98-cv-00403-RBA RYDER v. USA

4/20/1998 1:98-cv-00388-RBA HARR v. USA

4/13/1998 1:98-cv-00332-RBA WHITE, et al v. USA

4/6/1998 1:98-cv-00319-RBA VANSKIVER, et al v. USA

3/24/1998 1:98-cv-00199-RBA CANON COMPUTER SYSTE v. USA

3/17/1998 1:98-cv-00185-RBA MAXWELL v. USA

3/11/1998 1:98-cv-00171-RBA SEAFREIGHT AGENCIES, et al v. USA

3/6/1998 1:98-cv-00161-RBA PENDLETON, et al v. USA

2/23/1998 1:98-cv-00137-RBA DSM COPOLYMER, INC. v. USA

1/23/1998 1:98-cv-00058-RBA HORNBACK v. USA

1/14/1998 1:98-cv-00028-RBA ARCO CHEMICAL v. USA

12/11/1997 1:97-cv-00844-RBA BRICKWOOD CONTRACTOR v. USA

11/12/1997 1:97-cv-00771-RBA REAL ESTATE TRUST v. USA

11/12/1997 1:97-cv-00772-RBA MELLON BANK 361329 v. USA

11/12/1997 1:97-cv-00773-RBA MELLON BANK 361328 v. USA

11/12/1997 1:97-cv-00774-RBA MELLON BANK 360138 v. USA

11/12/1997 1:97-cv-00775-RBA MELLON BANK 361448 v. USA

11/12/1997 1:97-cv-00776-RBA MELLON BANK 361331 v. USA

11/12/1997 1:97-cv-00777-RBA MELLON BANK 361330 v. USA

11/12/1997 1:97-cv-00778-RBA MELLON BANK 360158 v. USA

11/12/1997 1:97-cv-00779-RBA MELLON BANK 360118 v. USA

11/12/1997 1:97-cv-00780-RBA MELLON BANK 360874 v. USA

10/8/1997 1:97-cv-00680-RBA WACKENHUT, et al v. USA

10/6/1997 1:97-cv-00677-RBA TONEY v. USA

7/31/1997 1:97-cv-00520-RBA AHLSTROM PUMPS, LLC, et al v. USA

7/31/1997 1:97-cv-00556-RBA MELLON BANK, N.A. v. USA

7/31/1997 1:97-cv-00557-RBA MELLON BANK, N.A. v. USA

7/31/1997 1:97-cv-00558-RBA TRUSTEE 360873 v. USA

7/29/1997 1:97-cv-00514-RBA HORTON v. USA

7/21/1997 1:97-cv-00494-RBA GORDON v. USA

7/16/1997 1:97-cv-00482-RBA MELLON BANK 360875 v. USA

6/3/1997 1:97-cv-00399-RBA DAVIS v. USA

5/30/1997 1:97-cv-00382-RBA ATA DEFENSE v. USA

5/29/1997 1:97-cv-00383-RBA ANDERSON v. USA

5/29/1997 1:97-cv-00384-RBA JOHNSON v. USA

5/21/1997 1:97-cv-00365-RBA MAY v. USA

5/20/1997 1:97-cv-00358-RBA WONCH, et al v. USA

5/19/1997 1:97-cv-00351-RBA SPEEREX LTD., et al v. USA

5/19/1997 1:97-cv-00352-RBA MAY v. USA

5/15/1997 1:97-cv-00341-RBA MAY v. USA

5/8/1997 1:97-cv-00326-RBA MAY v. USA

5/5/1997 1:97-cv-00323-RBA PARKS v. USA

4/4/1997 1:97-cv-00253-RBA MELLON BANK, N.A. v. USA

3/7/1997 1:97-cv-00151-RBA MELLON BANK 1989 361 v. USA

3/7/1997 1:97-cv-00152-RBA MELLON BANK 1989 360 v. USA

3/7/1997 1:97-cv-00153-RBA MELLON BANK 1990 360 v. USA

3/7/1997 1:97-cv-00154-RBA REAL ESTATE TRUST v. USA

3/7/1997 1:97-cv-00155-RBA MELLON BANK 1990 361 v. USA

1/27/1997 1:97-cv-00052-RBA MEANS, et al v. USA

1/17/1997 1:97-cv-00037-RBA LEVIN, et al v. USA

1/16/1997 1:97-cv-00030-RBA SURFACE TECHNOLOGIES v. USA

11/21/1996 1:96-cv-00736-RBA CITIZENS STATE BANK v. USA

11/18/1996 1:96-cv-00731-RBA U S WEST v. USA

11/1/1996 1:96-cv-00705-RBA ELLIOTT TURBOMACHINE v. USA

10/11/1996 1:96-cv-00647-RBA HORNBACK v. USA

10/2/1996 1:96-cv-00620-RBA U.S. HEALTHCARE INC. v. USA

9/18/1996 1:96-cv-00585-RBA BLACK & DECKER v. USA

8/16/1996 1:96-cv-00515-RBA ROCOVICH v. USA

7/30/1996 1:96-cv-00457-RBA SOLO CUP COMPANY v. USA

7/22/1996 1:96-cv-00436-RBA ODAKA v. USA

7/15/1996 1:96-cv-00418-RBA MARS, INCORPORATED, et al v. USA

6/28/1996 1:96-cv-00379-RBA MALOUF v. USA

6/7/1996 1:96-cv-00333-RBA MARAM v. USA

5/30/1996 1:96-cv-00307-RBA PROPELLEX CORP v. USA

5/28/1996 1:96-cv-00299-RBA ALLSTAR LIMOUSINE v. USA

3/6/1996 1:96-cv-00129-RBA CARMICHAEL, et al v. USA

2/29/1996 1:96-cv-00120-RBA BACON, et al v. USA

2/29/1996 1:96-cv-00121-RBA HORNBACK v. USA

2/22/1996 1:96-cv-00110-RBA WILKERSON v. USA

2/21/1996 1:96-cv-00105-RBA KORCZAK v. USA

2/12/1996 1:96-cv-00083-RBA PARKER v. USA

2/9/1996 1:96-cv-00076-RBA DOUCIERE, et al v. USA

2/7/1996 1:96-cv-00069-RBA MAY v. USA

2/6/1996 1:96-cv-00065-RBA MAY v. USA

1/31/1996 1:96-cv-00045-RBA ASHLAND COAL, INC. v. USA

1/3/1996 1:96-cv-00005-RBA WITTMANN v. USA

12/26/1995 1:95-cv-00850-RBA CONLEY v. USA

12/5/1995 1:95-cv-00795-RBA PANKEY v. USA

11/27/1995 1:95-cv-00770-RBA LATTIN, et al v. USA

10/11/1995 1:95-cv-00673-RBA TALMAN, et al v. USA

9/28/1995 1:95-cv-00655-RBA ROBERTS ELECTRICAL v. USA

9/20/1995 1:95-cv-00633-RBA BRICKER v. USA

9/12/1995 1:95-cv-00615-RBA SOCIETA ITALIANA v. USA

9/6/1995 1:95-cv-00599-RBA SKINNER, et al v. USA

9/1/1995 1:95-cv-00592-RBA THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

8/22/1995 1:95-cv-00567-RBA CRNKOVICH, et al v. USA

8/15/1995 1:95-cv-00557-RBA ANDREWS v. USA

7/12/1995 1:95-cv-00453-RBA JANICKI LOGGING INC. v. USA

6/27/1995 1:95-cv-00429-RBA NORTH AMERICAN v. USA

6/16/1995 1:95-cv-00404-RBA GRIMES v. USA

5/30/1995 1:95-cv-00373-RBA PRINCE v. USA

5/18/1995 1:95-cv-00351-RBA ENVIRONMENTAL v. USA

5/5/1995 1:95-cv-00326-RBA CATHY v. USA

4/6/1995 1:95-cv-00279-RBA BANKNOTE CORPORATION v. USA

3/20/1995 1:95-cv-00245-RBA L & D SERVICES, INC. v. USA

3/13/1995 1:95-cv-00225-RBA W.B. VENABLES & SONS, et al v. USA

2/14/1995 1:95-cv-00111-RBA FISHER v. USA

1/27/1995 1:95-cv-00064-RBA HART HOLDING COMPANY v. USA

1/9/1995 1:95-cv-00018-RBA GREATER WASHINGTON v. USA

1/3/1995 1:95-cv-00005-RBA CURRY-BEY v. USA

12/28/1994 1:94-cv-01097-RBA FLOYD, et al v. USA

12/20/1994 1:94-cv-01076-RBA LATECOERE INT'L, et al v. USA

12/16/1994 1:94-cv-01070-RBA RAITPORT v. USA

12/9/1994 1:94-cv-01057-RBA LEWIS v. USA

12/1/1994 1:94-cv-01042-RBA DE LOUIS v. USA

11/18/1994 1:94-cv-01013-RBA ISLAND FLYING BOATS v. USA

11/14/1994 1:94-cv-01000-RBA NORTH AMERICAN v. USA

10/26/1994 1:94-cv-00777-RBA Y.S.K. CONSTRUCTION v. USA

10/21/1994 1:94-cv-00764-RBA J. SCHOUTEN CONSTRUC v. USA

10/12/1994 1:94-cv-00745-RBA BLUE CIRCLE AMERICA, et al v. USA

9/19/1994 1:94-cv-00615-RBA EVEY, et al v. USA

9/6/1994 1:94-cv-00583-RBA JUNKER v. USA

8/15/1994 1:94-cv-00538-RBA SALCHLI, et al v. USA

8/5/1994 1:94-cv-00509-RBA TURCOTTE, et al v. USA

8/1/1994 1:94-cv-00491-RBA TRAUMA SERVICE GROUP v. USA

7/12/1994 1:94-cv-00446-RBA PHOENIX COMMERCIAL v. USA

6/24/1994 1:94-cv-00409-RBA McLEOD, et al v. USA

6/13/1994 1:94-cv-00382-RBA ZWICK ENERGY RES. v. USA

5/20/1994 1:94-cv-00334-RBA CORNELL, et al v. USA

5/5/1994 1:94-cv-00287-RBA PHOENIX GENERAL v. USA

4/26/1994 1:94-cv-00263-RBA GREEN v. USA

4/25/1994 1:94-cv-00254-RBA FERGUSON PROP. v. USA

3/18/1994 1:94-cv-00186-RBA WRANGLER v. USA

2/23/1994 1:94-cv-00111-RBA LOHEAC v. USA

2/18/1994 1:94-cv-00097-RBA INTERNATIONAL BUS., et al v. USA

1/31/1994 1:94-cv-00061-RBA MIAMI FREE v. USA

1/28/1994 1:94-cv-00054-RBA VMS HOTEL PARTNERS v. USA

1/24/1994 1:94-cv-00043-RBA FLOYD v. USA

1/11/1994 1:94-cv-00017-RBA J. SCHOUTEN v. USA

12/28/1993 1:93-cv-00782-RBA JAMISON v. USA

12/9/1993 1:93-cv-00752-RBA INT'L FIDELITY v. USA

12/7/1993 1:93-cv-00746-RBA ZINN, et al v. USA

11/10/1993 1:93-cv-00693-RBA WILLIAMS INDUS., et al v. USA

10/29/1993 1:93-cv-00666-RBA BOYER v. USA

10/19/1993 1:93-cg-00645-RBA BRAUDE, DR. BEATRICE v. USA

10/15/1993 1:93-cv-00640-RBA PERRIN v. USA

10/12/1993 1:93-cv-00632-RBA KRAUSE v. USA

10/8/1993 1:93-cv-00625-RBA FOX v. USA

10/8/1993 1:93-cv-00626-RBA DELGADO v. USA

9/16/1993 1:93-cv-00581-RBA BOYD, J.E. v. USA

9/9/1993 1:93-cv-00562-RBA EASTMAN v. USA

8/31/1993 1:93-cv-00546-RBA GRAHAM v. USA

8/17/1993 1:93-cv-00516-RBA PEAK, et al v. USA

7/28/1993 1:93-cv-00468-RBA BALDWIN, et al v. USA

6/30/1993 1:93-cv-00405-RBA FAIRCLOTH v. USA

6/30/1993 1:93-cv-00406-RBA GLAGOVSKY, et al v. USA

6/16/1993 1:93-cv-00379-RBA BANOCY, et al v. USA

5/19/1993 1:93-cv-00321-RBA K.M. PULLEY TRUCKING v. USA

5/18/1993 1:93-cv-00319-RBA MCAMIS v. USA

5/13/1993 1:93-cv-00303-RBA GUARDIAN MOVING, et al v. USA

4/26/1993 1:93-cv-00252-RBA EASLEY v. USA

4/22/1993 1:93-cv-00243-RBA AXON COMMUNICATIONS v. USA

4/15/1993 1:93-cv-00217-RBA FREEDOM ELEVATOR v. USA

4/5/1993 1:93-cv-00200-RBA PFUND v. USA

3/25/1993 1:93-cv-00171-RBA ZOLL v. USA

2/12/1993 1:93-cv-00078-RBA BINFORD v. USA

2/12/1993 1:93-vv-00081-RBA COULTAS v. HHS

2/8/1993 1:93-cv-00071-RBA SUZUKI v. USA

1/21/1993 1:93-cv-00033-RBA LEVINE v. USA

1/19/1993 1:93-cv-00026-RBA WATER ISLE HOTEL v. USA

12/28/1992 1:92-cv-00870-RBA CRISP v. USA

12/23/1992 1:92-cv-00866-RBA ZWICK ENERGY v. USA

11/30/1992 1:92-cv-00818-RBA DONAHUE v. USA

11/23/1992 1:92-cv-00806-RBA AEPA ARCHITECTS v. USA

10/20/1992 1:92-cv-00734-RBA SEKO AIR FREIGHT,INC v. USA

9/4/1992 1:92-cv-00616-RBA CARNEGIE MELLON, et al v. USA

9/1/1992 1:92-cv-00599-RBA ALVARADO CONSTR. v. USA

8/26/1992 1:92-cv-00582-RBA WELD, et al v. USA

8/26/1992 1:92-cv-00583-RBA WELD, et al v. USA

8/10/1992 1:92-cv-00542-RBA OROZCO v. USA

6/29/1992 1:92-cv-00441-RBA ACADEMY HOMES LTD. v. USA

6/26/1992 1:92-cv-00434-RBA SACKS v. USA

6/23/1992 1:92-cv-00423-RBA PEDDICORD v. USA

5/18/1992 1:92-cv-00355-RBA EBASCO SERVICES v. USA

5/1/1992 1:92-cv-00318-RBA DAVIS v. USA

4/28/1992 1:92-cv-00304-RBA BAGGETT TRANSPORT, et al v. USA

3/30/1992 1:92-cv-00212-RBA CLIFFORD, et al v. USA

3/25/1992 1:92-vv-00204-RBA GILBERT, et al v. HHS

2/27/1992 1:92-cv-00136-RBA PAPPAS v. USA

2/18/1992 1:92-cv-00114-RBA PACIFICA SERVICES v. USA

2/6/1992 1:92-cv-00093-RBA REESE v. USA

2/3/1992 1:92-cv-00084-RBA DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY, et al v. USA

1/21/1992 1:92-cv-00042-RBA THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

12/9/1991 1:91-cv-01683-RBA THOMAS CREEK LUMBER v. USA

12/3/1991 1:91-cv-01662-RBA PLANO BUILDERS CORP. v. USA

11/15/1991 1:91-cv-01589-RBA BARTON & BARTON CO. v. USA

11/4/1991 1:91-vv-01567-RBA RASPBERRY, et al v. HHS

10/31/1991 1:91-cv-01559-RBA ABN AMRO BANK N.V. v. USA

10/10/1991 1:91-cv-01506-RBA AYANIAN, et al v. USA

9/30/1991 1:91-cv-01478-RBA LAW v. USA

9/20/1991 1:91-vv-01447-RBA HER, et al v. HHS

8/19/1991 1:91-cv-01368-RBA SITE DEVELOPMENT v. USA

8/7/1991 1:91-cv-01341-RBA GITTENS ENTERPRISES, et al v. USA

7/11/1991 1:91-cv-01274-RBA WALDO v. USA

5/30/1991 1:91-cv-01181-RBA ATHENS GARDENS, LTD., et al v. USA

5/28/1991 1:91-cv-01175-RBA IBEX, LTD. v. USA

4/19/1991 1:91-cv-01103-RBA CRUZ-PAGAN v. USA

1/31/1991 1:91-vv-00505-RBA ELLIS v. HHS

1/31/1991 1:91-vv-00540-RBA BOULEY, et al v. HHS

12/12/1990 1:90-vv-04005-RBA GERSHENSON, et al v. HHS

11/26/1990 1:90-cv-03964-RBA ZERVAS, et al v. USA

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-02735-RBA SCHNEIDEWEND, et al v. HHS

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-02737-RBA HOOD, et al v. HHS

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-02797-RBA KRIVDA, et al v. HHS

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-03174-RBA DE FAZIO v. HHS

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-02545-RBA GAMACHE, et al v. HHS

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-02561-RBA QUELI, et al v. HHS

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-03318-RBA HESTON, et al v. HHS

10/1/1990 1:90-vv-03437-RBA GOLUB, et al v. HHS

9/27/1990 1:90-vv-01623-RBA THRALL v. HHS

9/25/1990 1:90-vv-01304-RBA SALCEDA, et al v. HHS

9/25/1990 1:90-vv-01407-RBA STEELE, et al v. HHS

9/18/1990 1:90-vv-01059-RBA TOMKIEWICZ, et al v. HHS

8/6/1990 1:90-cv-00732-RBA STAR FOOD PROCESSING v. USA

6/15/1990 1:90-cv-00538-RBA T.L. ROOF v. USA

5/17/1990 1:90-cv-00426-RBA BIGLER v. USA

1/22/1990 1:90-cv-00071-RBA BOYD BROTHERS TRANS v. USA

1/2/1990 1:90-cv-00006-RBA ALLISON VILLIAGE, et al v. USA

1/2/1990 1:90-cv-00009-RBA ACACIA VILLA v. USA

12/18/1989 1:89-cv-00681-RBA HODDER v. USA

10/16/1989 1:89-cv-00560-RBA SYNCSORT INC. v. USA

10/16/1989 1:89-cv-00561-RBA SYNCSORT INC., et al v. USA

8/9/1989 1:89-cv-00435-RBA SYNCSORT INC. v. USA

6/29/1989 1:89-cv-00371-RBA ROBERTS v. USA

5/22/1989 1:89-cv-00287-RBA ARNOLD v. USA

5/8/1989 1:89-cv-00257-RBA DOW CHEMICAL v. USA

3/28/1989 1:89-cv-00169-RBA FORT MOJAVE, et al v. USA

3/28/1989 1:89-cv-00170-RBA COLORADO RIVER v. USA

3/21/1989 1:89-cv-00149-RBA P. J. ENTERPRISES, et al v. USA

1/23/1989 1:89-cv-00032-RBA MANCINETTI v. USA

1/12/1989 1:89-cv-00017-RBA PENDER v. USA

12/20/1988 1:88-cv-00737-RBA METZEL v. USA

12/8/1988 1:88-cv-00701-RBA PARK VILLAGE APTS, et al v. USA

10/12/1988 1:88-cv-00592-RBA PFUND v. USA

9/12/1988 1:88-cv-00538-RBA AR-TEX PARTNERSHIP, et al v. USA

7/29/1988 1:88-cv-00447-RBA KIDDE INDUS., INC. v. USA

7/11/1988 1:88-cv-00401-RBA MATHES, BERGMAN AND, et al v. USA

3/29/1988 1:88-cv-00204-RBA ALTURAS DEL SENORIAL, et al v. USA

2/11/1988 1:88-cv-00092-RBA CONSTRUCTION EQUIP., et al v. USA

1/22/1988 1:88-cv-00053-RBA SOLAR TURBINES INC. v. USA

6/4/1987 1:87-cv-00324-RBA BRAMBLEWOOD, et al v. USA

5/14/1987 1:87-cv-00276-RBA PFUND v. USA

5/4/1987 1:87-cv-00247-RBA CHEYENNE-ARAPAHO v. USA

1/22/1987 1:87-cv-00037-RBA REDDICK & SONS v. USA

1/9/1987 1:87-cv-00006-RBA NATIONAL LEASED, et al v. USA

12/11/1986 1:86-cv-00773-RBA SCHNEIDERMAN, et al v. USA

10/23/1986 1:86-cv-00671-RBA NRG COMPANY, et al v. USA

10/23/1986 1:86-cv-00672-RBA NRG COMPANY, et al v. USA

6/26/1986 1:86-cv-00409-RBA CROW TRIBE OF MT v. USA

10/22/1982 1:82-cv-00543-RBA BERG, et al v. USA

6/18/1981 1:81-cv-00385-RBA LITTLE RIVER LUMBER v. USA

10/6/1980 1:80-cv-00541-RBA DE GRAFFENRIED v. USA

2/4/1980 1:80-cv-00057-RBA AXTON v. USA

12/21/1979 1:79-cv-00580-RBA ACKERMAN, et al v. USA

6/21/1979 1:79-cv-00266-RBA ANDREW v. USA

3/1/1979 1:79-cv-00076-RBA ALBERT v. USA

9/5/1978 1:78-cv-00399-RBA SCHAUB, et al v. USA

5/11/1978 1:78-cv-00213-RBA ACKER, et al v. USA

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