Laws and Regulations, United States Code
29 U.S.C. § 160: Title 29, Chapter 7, Sub-Chapter II, Section 160

§160. Prevention of unfair labor practices

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10/2/2015 Missouri Western District Court 5:15-cv-06133 Markham v. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

9/30/2015 Missouri Eastern District Court 4:15-cv-01499 Vaught v. Bi-State Development Agency

9/21/2015 Massachusetts District Court 1:15-cv-13395 National Labor Relations Board v. Emerald Green Building Services, LLC

9/8/2015 Arizona District Court 2:15-cv-01785 Overstreet v. Shamrock Foods Company

9/4/2015 Ohio Southern District Court 3:15-cv-00311 Lindsay v. Parallel Employment Group, Inc.

8/31/2015 Ohio Southern District Court 1:15-cv-00565 National Labor Relations Board v. Hunter

8/5/2015 Missouri Eastern District Court 4:15-cv-01199 Hubbel v. International Union of Elevator Constructors, Local 3, AFL-CIO

7/27/2015 Kentucky Eastern District Court 2:15-cv-00140 National Labor Relations Board v. Brill

7/10/2015 New Jersey District Court 3:15-cv-05447 LEACH v. ACTION CARS ON 9, LLC

6/29/2015 Puerto Rico District Court 3:15-cv-01874 National Labor Relations Board SubRegion 24 v. Del Valle

6/19/2015 Arkansas Eastern District Court 4:15-cv-00367 McKinney v. Retzer Group Inc

6/5/2015 Arizona District Court 2:15-cv-01032 Overstreet v. Bodega Latina Corporation

5/22/2015 New York Southern District Court 7:15-cv-03982-VB Ley v. Wingate of Dutchess, Inc.

5/20/2015 Connecticut District Court 3:15-cv-00768 Kreisberg v. Bozzuto's, Inc.

5/13/2015 Kentucky Eastern District Court 5:15-cv-00133 Denholm v. Wausau Paper Corp.

5/6/2015 Pennsylvania Eastern District Court 5:15-cv-02507 WALSH v. CHM CONTRACTING, LLC

4/22/2015 Illinois Northern District Court 1:15-cv-03519 Lineback v. Green Organics, Inc.

4/9/2015 New York Northern District Court 5:15-cv-00421 Ley v. Riccelli Enterprises, Inc.

4/1/2015 Ohio Southern District Court 3:15-cv-00115 Ray v. KBO, Inc.

3/20/2015 Puerto Rico District Court 3:15-cv-01267 Cohen v. International Longshoremens Association, Local 1575, AFL-CIO

2/2/2015 Alabama Northern District Court 6:14-cv-02075 Harrell v. Ridgewood Health Care Center Inc and Ridgewood Health Services Inc

1/23/2015 Illinois Central District Court 1:15-cv-01036 Lineback v. Cherry Creek Electric, Inc.

1/16/2015 Missouri Western District Court 6:15-cv-03020 Wade v. International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT)

12/19/2014 Georgia Southern District Court 6:14-cv-00127 Herrera-Velazquez et al v. Plantation Sweets, Inc. et al

12/1/2014 Ohio Northern District Court 1:14-cv-02620 Binstock v. Ace Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc.

10/27/2014 New York Southern District Court 7:14-cv-08570 Murphy v. Allways East Transportation, Inc.

9/29/2014 California Central District Court 5:14-cv-02017 National Labor Relations Board v. S.E. Clemons Inc.

9/16/2014 Indiana Northern District Court 3:14-cv-01903 Vavrek v. International Union United Automobile Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America

8/29/2014 Michigan Eastern District Court 2:14-cv-13361 Stewart v. Buchanan

7/31/2014 Indiana Northern District Court 1:14-cv-00228 Rik Lineback v. DCX-Chol Enterprises Inc, SMI Division

7/22/2014 Arizona District Court 2:14-cv-01649 Overstreet v. One Call Locators Limited

7/14/2014 Virginia Eastern District Court 1:14-cv-00877 Da Matha De Santanna v. Air Wisconsin Airlines Corporation et al

6/30/2014 Florida Northern District Court 3:14-cv-00308 NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS BOARD v. DURHAM SCHOOL SERVICES, L.P.

6/13/2014 Tennessee Western District Court 2:14-cv-02445 McKinney v. Ozburn-Hessey Logistics, LLC

6/12/2014 Indiana Northern District Court 1:14-cv-00182 National Labor Relations Board v. Heat and Frost Insulators

6/9/2014 Connecticut District Court 3:14-cv-00824 Kreisberg v. M & J Bus, Inc.

4/30/2014 Ohio Southern District Court 1:14-cv-00350 Muffley v. Davis

2/4/2014 West Virginia Southern District Court 1:14-cv-07350 Muffley, et al v. Cobalt Coal Ltd., et al

2/3/2014 Arizona District Court 4:14-cv-01323 Overstreet v. Gunderson Rail Services LLC

1/17/2014 Florida Southern District Court 1:14-cv-20197 National Labor Relations Board v. Palm Beach Metro Transportation, LLC

11/15/2013 Arizona District Court 2:13-cv-02358 Overstreet v. Farm Fresh Company Target One LLC

10/25/2013 Illinois Northern District Court 1:13-cv-07684 Ohr v. Napleton Arlington Heights Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

10/22/2013 Ohio Northern District Court 3:13-cv-02345 Calatrello v. Merit House LLC

10/3/2013 Oklahoma Northern District Court 4:13-cv-00645 United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial and Service Workers International Union, AFL-CIO v. Norris

7/17/2013 Georgia Southern District Court 4:13-cv-00177 Jenks, Sr. v. International Longshoremen's Association Local Number 1414, Savannah, Georgia

7/16/2013 Ohio Northern District Court 5:13-cv-01538 Calatrello v. DHSC, LLC

6/27/2013 New Jersey District Court 1:13-cv-03965 WALSH v. M AND B OPERATIONS, LLC

6/27/2013 Pennsylvania Eastern District Court 2:13-cv-03717 WALSH v. THOMAS JEFFERSON UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL, INC.

6/14/2013 Mississippi Southern District Court 1:13-cv-00260 Galle v. Donahoe

6/13/2013 Washington Western District Court 3:13-cv-05470-BHS Hooks v. Kitsap Tenant Support Services, Inc

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ard is empowered, as h


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