Laws and Regulations, United States Code
29 U.S.C. § 160: Title 29, Chapter 7, Sub-Chapter II, Section 160

§160. Prevention of unfair labor practices

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None Kentucky Eastern District Court 0:10-cv-00029-DLB Vallance v. Service Employees' International Union

4/5/2011 Kentucky Eastern District Court 0:11-cv-00034 Muffley v. K-VA-T Food Stores, Inc.

5/12/2016 Minnesota District Court 0:16-cv-01263 Hamilton v. Cox

8/25/2017 Minnesota District Court 0:17-cv-03978 Hadsall v. Richfield Hospitality, Inc.

7/9/1999 Kentucky Eastern District Court 0:99-cv-00123 NLRB v. PCI Inc

9/21/2000 Hawaii District Court 1:00-cv-00614-HG-LEK Norelli v. Outrigger Hotels & R

5/31/2000 New Jersey District Court 1:00-cv-02624-JAP NLRB, et al v. BRICKLAYERS & ALLIED, et al

11/15/2000 New Jersey District Court 1:00-cv-05592-JBS NLRB v. LOCAL 351, AFL-CIO

1/16/2001 Maryland District Court 1:01-cv-00138-CCB Bruce v. Local 333, et al

6/4/2001 Pennsylvania Western District Court 1:01-cv-00183-SJM ERISCO INDUSTRIES, I v. INTERNATIONAL UNION, et al

1/24/2001 Maryland District Court 1:01-cv-00212-BEL Gold v. Orthopedic & Hand

2/14/2001 Pennsylvania Middle District Court 1:01-cv-00279-YK Integrated Health Se, et al v. Service Employees In, et al

None Illinois Northern District Court 1:01-cv-00838 Kinney v. Fed Sec Inc

4/9/2001 New Jersey District Court 1:01-cv-01667-RMB VANHAREN v. NATIONAL LABOR, et al

8/3/2001 New Jersey District Court 1:01-cv-03667-JEI NATIONAL LABOR v. PENNSYLVANIA JERSEY, et al

2/6/2001 Massachusetts District Court 1:01-cv-10214 Guziejka v. US Dept. Labor, et al

1/31/2002 Ohio Southern District Court 1:02-cv-00067 Schaefer v. U S Postal Service, et al

9/27/2002 Hawaii District Court 1:02-cv-00621-DAE-LEK Miller, et al v. Cutter of Maui, Inc.

11/20/2003 Massachusetts District Court 1:03-cv-12321-GAO Fisher v. AT&T Broadband

12/19/2003 Massachusetts District Court 1:03-cv-12564-RCL Painters and Allied Trades District Council No. 35 v. KMA Drywall, Inc.

1/5/2004 Massachusetts District Court 1:04-cv-10002-PBS Brant v. U.S. Coast Guard Exchange Systems

3/3/2004 Massachusetts District Court 1:04-cv-10439-RGS Manchester et al v. Main Street Textiles, L.P. et al

6/2/2004 Massachusetts District Court 1:04-cv-11150-EFH NStar Electric and Gas Corporation v. United Steel Workers of America, Local 12004

8/3/2004 Massachusetts District Court 1:04-cv-11713-NMG Shreateh v. Fannie Mae

9/13/2004 Massachusetts District Court 1:04-cv-11986-MEL Cahill v. Verizon

11/23/2004 Massachusetts District Court 1:04-cv-12445-WGY Kovac v. Staples, Inc.

11/24/2004 Massachusetts District Court 1:04-cv-12489-WGY United Steel Workers of America, AFL-CIO/CLC v. Pliant Corporation

11/30/2004 Massachusetts District Court 1:04-cv-12518-JLT National Labor Relations Board v. Carberry's Bakery, LLC

9/16/2005 Delaware District Court 1:05-cv-00678-KAJ Moore-Duncan v. International Brotherhood of Teamsters

11/22/2005 Maryland District Court 1:05-cv-03147 Gold v. Mid-Atlantic Regional Council of Carpenters

6/9/2005 Massachusetts District Court 1:05-cv-11214-NMG Trustees of the Massachusetts State Carpenters Pension Fund v. Massachusetts Carpenters Central Collection Agency

6/17/2005 Massachusetts District Court 1:05-cv-11276-WGY Limbert v. Rex Lumber Company

2/24/2006 District Of Columbia District Court 1:06-cv-00329-CKK GOLD v. STATE PLAZA INC


12/19/2007 District Of Columbia District Court 1:07-cv-02279-RJL RAMEY v. INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF ELECTRICAL WORKERS, LOCAL 1900

11/20/2007 New York Southern District Court 1:07-cv-10501-BSJ Nederlander Producing Company of America, Inc. et al v. International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees IATSE, Local 1 et al

4/18/2008 Illinois Northern District Court 1:08-cv-02229 Barker v. Regal Health and Rehab Center, Inc. et al

5/13/2008 Illinois Northern District Court 1:08-cv-02771 Barker v. Industrial Hard Chrome Ltd. et al

4/3/2008 New York Southern District Court 1:08-cv-03332-DC Mattina v. Saigon Grill Gourmet Restaurant et al

6/11/2008 Illinois Northern District Court 1:08-cv-03371 Trustees of the Pension, Welfare and Vacation Fringe Benefit Funds of IBEW Local 701 v. Cody Electric, Inc. et al

6/13/2008 Illinois Northern District Court 1:08-cv-03412 Barker v. Laborers' International Union, Local 118, AFL-CIO-CLC

7/23/2008 New York Southern District Court 1:08-cv-06550-DLC Mattina et al v. Kingsbridge Heights Rehabilitation and Care Center

4/30/2008 Massachusetts District Court 1:08-cv-10730 Travers et al v. Jet Blue Airways Corporation

3/3/2009 New York Western District Court 1:09-cv-00189 Ley v. Empire State Weeklies, Inc.

3/12/2009 Michigan Western District Court 1:09-cv-00223 Glasser v. ADT Security Services, Inc.

2/13/2009 Pennsylvania Middle District Court 1:09-cv-00292 Gold v. Orbit Technologies, Inc.

4/13/2009 Michigan Western District Court 1:09-cv-00351 Glasser v. Lakeside Solid Surface, Inc.

1/7/2010 Hawaii District Court 1:10-cv-00014 Frankl v. HTH Corporation et al

3/16/2010 Rhode Island District Court 1:10-cv-00126 Cohen v. Bradford Printing & Finishing, LLC

6/11/2010 Michigan Western District Court 1:10-cv-00562 Boren v. Continental Linen Services, Inc.

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