Laws and Regulations, United States Code
18 U.S.C. § 2113: Title 18, Part I, Chapter 103, Section 2113

§2113. Bank robbery and incidental crimes

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9/28/2004 Arizona District Court 2:04-cr-01058-FJM United States of America v. Gamble et al

11/28/2000 Arizona District Court 2:00-cr-01167-EHC United States of America v. Ivory et al

3/11/2002 Vermont District Court 1:02-cr-00025-jgm United States of America v. LaFlam

2/21/2001 Arizona District Court 2:01-cr-00147-JAT United States of America v. Prescott

3/28/2002 Arizona District Court 2:02-cr-00279-RGS United States of America v. Scott

11/12/2002 Arizona District Court 2:02-cr-01144-ROS United States of America v. Steves et al

12/15/2003 Arizona District Court 2:03-cr-01258-PGR United States of America v. Whiterock

4/5/1995 Illinois Central District Court 1:95-cr-10027-MMM United States v. Abraham

9/24/1998 Maryland District Court 1:98-cr-00372-MJG United States v. Ambush

5/24/2001 Virginia Eastern District Court 2:01-cr-00091-HCM United States v. Anderson

9/7/2000 Ohio Southern District Court 1:00-cr-00082-SJD United States v. Ashley

6/19/2003 Oregon District Court 6:03-cr-60067-AA United States v. Babcock

10/21/2002 Colorado District Court 1:02-cr-00514-MSK United States v. Barner

7/12/2007 Illinois Central District Court 3:07-cr-30081-JES-BGC United States v. Beck

7/21/2004 Hawaii District Court 1:04-cr-00273-SOM United States v. Beckstrand

11/17/2004 Illinois Central District Court 1:04-cr-10070-JBM-JAG United States v. Berry

1/23/2002 Ohio Southern District Court 1:02-cr-00004-SAS United States v. Berry

6/2/2005 Illinois Central District Court 3:05-cr-30050-JES-BGC United States v. Bland

2/14/1997 New Jersey District Court 1:97-cr-00096-JHR United States v. BRACCIODIETA

3/8/2001 Hawaii District Court 1:01-cr-00080-SOM United States v. Breitenbucher

9/19/2007 Illinois Central District Court 4:07-cr-40082-JBM-JAG United States v. Brooks

12/14/1994 Oregon District Court 3:94-cr-00402-FR United States v. Brown

6/8/2000 Colorado District Court 1:00-cr-00239-WDM United States v. Calderon

12/13/2000 Colorado District Court 1:00-cr-00537-EWN United States v. Canada

2/26/2008 Illinois Northern District Court 1:08-cr-00156 United States v. Cantin

6/22/2004 Colorado District Court 1:04-cr-00260-EWN United States v. Carter

3/23/2006 Alaska District Court 3:06-cr-00026-JWS United States v. Charles

8/26/1998 Oregon District Court 3:98-cr-00398-MA United States v. Coleman

4/17/2002 Arizona District Court 2:02-cr-00378-SRB United States v. Crain

2/18/2003 Arizona District Court 2:03-cr-00159-SRB United States v. Crain

11/17/2004 Hawaii District Court 1:04-cr-00447-HG United States v. Cregan

1/6/2004 Colorado District Court 1:04-cr-00007-LTB United States v. Cremeans

3/7/2007 Rhode Island District Court 1:07-cr-00025-S-LDA United States v. Davidow

6/12/2008 District Of Columbia District Court 1:08-cr-00169-EGS United States v. DAVIS

9/3/2003 Oregon District Court 3:03-cr-00410-RE United States v. Dawson

1/20/2004 Oregon District Court 3:04-cr-00010-RE United States v. Dawson

2/12/1997 Oregon District Court 3:97-cr-00043-RE United States v. Dennison

6/20/2001 Ohio Southern District Court 1:01-cr-00039-SSB United States v. Depew

2/16/2008 Illinois Northern District Court 1:08-cr-00139 United States v. Eason

12/17/2007 Illinois Northern District Court 1:07-cr-00846 United States v. Ellington

7/9/2008 Illinois Northern District Court 1:08-cr-00538 United States v. Evans

11/16/2006 Alabama Middle District Court 2:06-cr-00267-WKW-SRW United States v. Evans

11/16/2007 Alabama Middle District Court 2:07-cr-00295-WKW-SRW United States v. Evans

12/20/2007 Alabama Middle District Court 2:07-cr-00323-WKW-SRW United States v. Evans

12/21/2007 Alabama Middle District Court 2:07-cr-00324-WKW-SRW United States v. Evans

5/7/2003 Hawaii District Court 1:03-cr-00222-SOM United States v. Fairman

3/6/1998 Vermont District Court 1:98-cr-00025-jgm-jjn United States v. Finley

3/14/2008 Alabama Middle District Court 2:08-cr-00054-WHA-WC United States v. Foster

9/28/2004 Arizona District Court 2:04-cr-01058-FJM United States v. Gamble

10/23/2002 Arizona District Court 2:02-cr-01075-SRB United States v. Garcia

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