Laws and Regulations, United States Code
29 U.S.C. § 160: Title 29, Chapter 7, Sub-Chapter II, Section 160

§160. Prevention of unfair labor practices

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3/3/2010 Illinois Northern District Court 1:10-cv-01422 520 South Michigan Avenue Associates, Ltd. v. Unite Here, Local 1

2/6/2008 California Southern District Court 3:08-cv-00237-JM-POR Aberra v. United Food & Commercial Workers Union Local 135 et al

10/7/2016 Nevada District Court 2:16-cv-02353 Acosta v. Wellfleet Communications

None Washington Western District Court 2:06-cv-00690-JCC Ahearn v. First Transit Inc

6/8/2010 Oregon District Court 3:10-cv-00654 Ahearn v. Leupold & Stevens, Inc.

9/9/1994 New York Western District Court 1:94-cv-00650 Ahearn v. McGuire

12/9/2011 Alaska District Court 3:11-cv-00240 Ahearn v. Remington Lodging and Hospitality, LLC

12/3/2010 New York Southern District Court 1:10-cv-09043-LTS Aldana v. The Department of Education of The City of New York

9/27/2007 Ohio Southern District Court 3:07-cv-00361 Allen v. International Truck and Engine Corporation

5/19/2016 Illinois Northern District Court 1:16-cv-05379 Ameristar Casino East Chicago LLC v. UNITE HERE Local 1

6/16/2011 Puerto Rico District Court 3:11-cv-01567 B. Fernandez & Hnos., Inc. v. International Brotherhood of Teamsters,et al

4/8/2011 Illinois Northern District Court 1:11-cv-02383 Barker v. Latino Express, Inc.

4/4/2011 Illinois Northern District Court 1:11-cv-02255 Barker v. A.D. Conner, Inc.

5/13/2008 Illinois Northern District Court 1:08-cv-02771 Barker v. Industrial Hard Chrome Ltd. et al

6/13/2008 Illinois Northern District Court 1:08-cv-03412 Barker v. Laborers' International Union, Local 118, AFL-CIO-CLC

4/18/2008 Illinois Northern District Court 1:08-cv-02229 Barker v. Regal Health and Rehab Center, Inc. et al

9/4/2003 Arizona District Court 2:03-cv-01714-FJM Barker v. Samaritan Surgicentr

None California Northern District Court 4:11-cv-02480-CW Baudler v. American Baptist Homes of the West

None California Northern District Court 3:11-cv-01943-RS Baudler v. OS Transport LLC et al

5/28/1993 Virginia Eastern District Court 2:93-cv-00552-JAM Benson v. Communications Work., et al

12/1/2014 Ohio Northern District Court 1:14-cv-02620 Binstock v. Ace Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc.

2/2/2017 Ohio Northern District Court 1:17-cv-00221 Binstock v. Affiliated Metal Industries, Inc.

12/4/2018 Ohio Northern District Court 1:18-cv-02793 Binstock v. Hercules Fire Protection & Plumbing, LLC

6/29/2010 New York Eastern District Court 1:10-cv-02975 Blyer v. Jung Sun Laundry Group Corp.

6/11/2010 Michigan Western District Court 1:10-cv-00562 Boren v. Continental Linen Services, Inc.

1/5/2004 Massachusetts District Court 1:04-cv-10002-PBS Brant v. U.S. Coast Guard Exchange Systems

1/16/2001 Maryland District Court 1:01-cv-00138-CCB Bruce v. Local 333, et al

9/13/2004 Massachusetts District Court 1:04-cv-11986-MEL Cahill v. Verizon

7/16/2013 Ohio Northern District Court 5:13-cv-01538 Calatrello v. DHSC, LLC

10/22/2013 Ohio Northern District Court 3:13-cv-02345 Calatrello v. Merit House LLC

1/27/2012 Ohio Northern District Court 3:12-cv-00208 Calatrello v. Renzenberger, Inc.

8/8/2002 Arizona District Court 2:02-cv-01511-SMM Chao v. Simon, et al

9/24/2010 Pennsylvania Western District Court 3:10-cv-00244 CHESTER v. GRANE HEALTHCARE CO. AND/OR EBENSBURG CARE CENTER, LLC

8/26/2010 Pennsylvania Western District Court 3:10-cv-00225 CHESTER v. GRANE HEALTHCARE CO. et al

9/26/2017 California Northern District Court 3:17-cv-05575 Coffman v. Queen of the Valley Medical Center

3/16/2010 Rhode Island District Court 1:10-cv-00126 Cohen v. Bradford Printing & Finishing, LLC

3/20/2015 Puerto Rico District Court 3:15-cv-01267 Cohen v. International Longshoremens Association, Local 1575, AFL-CIO

9/8/2004 Arkansas Eastern District Court 4:04-cv-00949 Cross v. UAW, et al

8/16/2011 California Central District Court 2:11-cv-06718 D Bruce Hill v. Marquez Brothers Enterprises Inc

8/19/1992 Maryland District Court 1:92-cv-02342-MJG D'Amico v. Allegany Aggregates

3/10/1994 Maryland District Court 1:94-cv-00583-JFM D'Amico v. Biederlack

11/4/1993 Maryland District Court 1:93-cv-03698-JFM D'Amico v. Cumberland Macaroni

8/21/1996 Virginia Eastern District Court 2:96-cv-00841-JAM D'Amico v. H. Which Corp., et al

5/8/1991 Maryland District Court 1:91-cv-01274-AH D'Amico v. Harvey's Grove, Inc., et al

2/27/1991 Maryland District Court 1:91-cv-00549-JCH D'Amico v. Int'l Union/Op. Eng.

7/14/2014 Virginia Eastern District Court 1:14-cv-00877 Da Matha De Santanna v. Air Wisconsin Airlines Corporation et al

11/9/2012 California Northern District Court 3:12-cv-05755-WHA Daniels v. Aeropostale West, Inc et al

6/16/2000 New Jersey District Court 2:00-cv-02943-WJM DeGUZMAN v. STATE OF NEW JERSEY, et al

9/27/1988 Oregon District Court 3:88-cv-01118-JU Delp v. Robert Half of Denve, et al

5/13/2015 Kentucky Eastern District Court 5:15-cv-00133 Denholm v. Wausau Paper Corp.

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